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Can You Use More Than One Va Loan

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When Could I Get A Second Va Loan

Can you have more than one VA loan?

Lets suggest you currently a own a home in Pensacola, Fla., financed with a VA loan. But you just received orders for a permanent change of station to Norfolk, Va. What if you want to keep your existing home in Florida and rent it out, but also want to purchase a new home in Norfolk with a second VA loan?

With enough remaining entitlement, you may be able to secure a second VA loan with little to no money down to purchase a home in your new area.

First of all, you cant purchase a home with a VA loan with the sole intent of renting it out. However, if you purchased a home with the intent of using it as your primary residence, and then you lived in it a while, you may be able to rent it out later on.Lets suggest you borrowed $150,00 for your first home. Since the VA guarantees a quarter of your loan amount, that means you tied up $37,500 of your entitlement. As mentioned before, in most parts of the country, your total entitlement is $106,025. Simple subtraction tells you that you have $68,525 left over entitlement that you have access to. And again, multiply that by four, and you have a total of $274,100. Keep in mind, this is not the max amount you could spend on a home. You would just need to factor in a down payment for anything over this amount.

Can I Buy A Second Home With A Va Loan

You can use a second VA loan to get a second home but there are stipulations you must follow. As with the second VA loan, you have to have entitlement available, and youll have to be financially eligible for another mortgage.

On top of those requirements, you need to prove to the VA your second home provides a net tangible benefit. Essentially, this means that the loan must be in the financial interest of the veteran.

Net tangible benefits include:

  • Tapping into a shorter loan term
  • Locking in a lower interest rate or monthly payment
  • Refinancing from an ARM to a fixed-rate mortgage

At least one net tangible benefit needs to be met to be eligible for a second home.

There are plenty of ways homeowners can get a second VA loan. Once loans are paid off and entitlement is restored, theres nothing to stop VA home buyers from using the mortgage program over and over.

Using A Va Loan For A Second Home

Assuming that you can afford both mortgage payments, getting a second VA loan without selling your home is also possible.

Let’s say you buy a $200,000 home, and the VA guarantees 25% of the loan amount, or $50,000. Even with that $50,000 tied up in the first mortgage, you have $77,600 in remaining entitlement. That means you could buy a home for up to $310,400 without making a down payment.

Keep in mind you’ll need to occupy the new home as your primary residenceit’s not possible to purchase a vacation or investment property with your VA loan benefit.

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Va Home Mortgage Limits

You might be wondering exactly how much house can you buy with a VA loan. According to the VAs loan limit documentation, eligible veterans, service members, and survivors with full entitlement no longer have limits on loans.

With that being said, it is still up to your lender to determine how large of a mortgage you can borrow. Your mortgage banker will determine the size of loan you can afford by assessing your credit history, income, and any assets you may be holding.

How Long Do You Have To Wait Between Va Loans

You Can Have More Than One VA Loan (If the Price Is Right ...

There is a 210 day minimum period between the time you start making payments on your first loan and the day you can close on the second loan. The industry term for this timeout is seasoning.

Is it possible to buy a house with no money down? Its not only possible, its encouraged if you are on active service or retired from the US military. They even make it easy!

The Veterans Administration offers the VA home loan program as an opportunity to use a VA loan to buy a primary residence with no down payment. Buyers pay a VA funding fee to utilize these VA loan benefits.

This benefit isnt a one-time opportunity or one that disappears. Its a benefit that can be used over and over. You can have multiple VA loans throughout your lifetime. You can have two VA loans at the same time if you are in the process of buying one house and selling another.

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How To Restore Your Eligibility After You Sell Your Home

Its important to know how to restore your entitlement benefit if you want to use a VA loan for a second home. The restoration process is not automatic and must be initiated by the veteran. To be eligible for restoring your entitlement, you must have either sold the home you bought with a VA loan and paid off the mortgage, repaid your loan in full and still own the home or another qualified veteran assumes your loan and replaces their entitlement with yours. If one of these scenarios applies to you, you can request restoration by submitting Form 26-1880 Request for Certificate of Eligibility to a regional VA processing center

In the example above, your remaining entitlement was enough to cover the second home purchase with no down payment. However, if you wanted to purchase a home with a higher value than $310,400 without a down payment, you would need to restore full entitlement.

How To Prepare For The Va Coe Application

The VA has a comprehensive COE application page that will list out exactly which documents you will need to have present depending on your status within the military. If you are a veteran or surviving spouse, youll need a copy of you or your veteran spouses discharge or separation papers . If you are currently serving on active duty, you will need a statement of service signed by your commander or a personnel officer.

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Can You Have Multiple Va Loans

The VA Home Loan benefit that Veterans earn is not a one time benefit. You can use your benefits again after you get your first VA loan on your primary residence. You may qualify to have two or even three or more VA loans at the same time. Some lenders dont know how to do these kinds of loans. Some lenders will only give you a VA loan if you have full entitlement but thats not how the VA government agency loan program works. These loans require careful calculations of your remaining entitlement, VA eligibility and debt to income ratio. If others have said no, dont give up! It is possible to get multiple VA loans for the same Veteran.

Va Loan Entitlement: What Is It

Question 3: Can You Use Your VA Loan on More Than One Home at a Time?

What is VA loan entitlement?

VA entitlement is the dollar amount the VA will repay a mortgage lender if the qualified borrower defaults or fails to pay their mortgage, said Sam Atapour, the branch manager for Embrace Home Loans in Ashburn, Virginia.

Typically, the entitlement guaranteed by the VA to cover any losses equates to 25% of the total loan amount. Basic primary entitlement is $36,000, although Atapour said most lenders will permit a loan up to four times that amountâ$144,000. A VA bonus entitlement provides the ability to borrow more than this amount.

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Can I Take Out Another Va Loan

Yes: VA loan benefits can be used again and again, provided that you meet the qualifications for reuse. Here is a closer look at 3 common scenarios may help some veterans get another VA loan.

Does one of these apply to you regarding your previous VA loan?

  • Paid in full and house sold
  • Assumed by another veteran
  • Balance on mortgage and still own the home

Restoring Va Mortgage Entitlement

  • If you’ve used your VA mortgage benefit, you can restore your entitlement by meeting certain conditions. For example, you can obtain another VA mortgage if the property you bought with your loan has been sold and the loan paid in full. A one-time-only restoration of VA mortgage entitlement is available in cases where you want to keep your home after paying its VA loan in full. If another military veteran buys your home and assumes your VA mortgage, your entitlement may also be restored.

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    Can Va Loans Be Used More Than Once

    There are dozens of first-time home buyer programs out there. This is great news when youre buying your first home, but what happens when you outgrow your space? Youre not able to use those first-time home buyer programs ever again. This fact has created a lot of confusion around the way people can use VA home loans, especially if youre wondering how to apply for a VA home loan to finance that home upgrade.

    Pay Off The Loan And Sell The Property

    Can I Have More Than One Va Loan

    The first option, selling the property and paying off the loan in full, is relatively straightforward. After you sell your first property and pay off your initial loan, you will have to let the VA know so they can update your Certificate of Eligibility . You can do this by filling out VA form 26-1880.

    Ensure to keep all the paperwork surrounding the sale and closing of the property, in case the VA requests documentation. Once your application is approved, you will be able to apply for another VA loan with your full entitlement.

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    How Much Entitlement Does The Va Provide

    Entitlement can be confusing for even the most experienced mortgage professionals. But it really just involves a bit of math. In most areas of the country, basic entitlement is $36,000. Additionally, secondary entitlement is $70,025. Adding those together gives you a total of $106,024 for eligible veterans. In higher cost areas, it may be even more.Additionally, the VA insures a quarter of the loan amount for loans over $144,000. Therefore, you can multiply that entitlement amount, $106,024, by four for a maximum loan amount of $424,100. Thats the total amount qualified buyers could borrow before having to factor in a down payment.

    Using A Remaining Entitlement

  • The VA guarantees a certain percentage of a mortgage’s loan amount and the veteran doesn’t have to use the entire entitlement at once. Even if you’re unable to restore your VA mortgage entitlement, you can still use up any remaining guaranty you have. For example, if you have $15,000 of your VA mortgage entitlement remaining after foreclosure, you can apply it to a new mortgage loan. Your remaining VA-backed mortgage guaranty may just be enough to convince a lender to approve your mortgage application.

  • References

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    Contact Your Lender To Get Started On Your Va Home Loan Application

    As a VA lender since 2011, Capital Bank has over a decade of experience with helping members of our armed forces buy their dream home. Our lenders can answer any of your questions and guide you through the VA loan process. Our own process is transparent and intuitive to provide you with the smoothest path to closing your home and getting the keys!

    What Is A Va Loan

    VA Wednesday: Can You Use Your VA Mortgage/VA Loan More Than Once? Buying a Home With Your VA Loan ð?¡

    A VA loan is a low or zero-down payment mortgage option offered to eligible veterans and active duty service members and their families. VA loans are partially backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and are issued by private lenders. Capital Bank Home Loans has been a VA lender since 2011, has closed thousands of VA loans and has some of the top ranking VA Mortgage Bankers in the business.

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    Option : Use Remaining Entitlement To Use The Va Loan Twice

    In the section on VA loan entitlement above, we explained that eligible veterans have enough VA loan entitlement to borrow up to a $510,400 loan with no down payment. So, what happens if a veterans first VA loan is for less than $510,400? This scenario creates the next major option for using your VA loan twice: using up your remaining entitlement.

    When a veteran uses the VA loan, a portion of his or her entitlement becomes tied up in the mortgage. Recalling that the VA guarantees 25% of the loan amount, this means that, if a veteran purchases a $200,000 home, $50,000 of entitlement is committed . But, as we discussed, total entitlement is $127,600 . In this scenario:

    • Total guaranteed entitlement: $127,600
    • Minus 1st loan entitlement: -$50,000
    • Equals remaining entitlement: $77,600

    Next, veterans need to multiply their remaining entitlement by four to determine the loan amount they can still borrow without needing a down payment. For the above scenario, $77,600 x 4 = $310,400, which means that this veteran could use the VA loan a second time to purchase a $310,400 home without a down payment.

    However, veterans need to note that, just because they have entitlement remaining does not mean that they will actually qualify for a second VA loan. They still need to meet the credit, income, and asset requirements necessary to qualify for a loan.

    What Is My Basic Loan Entitlement

    According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA loan entitlement for each eligible Veteran is 25 percent of the loan amount. VA lenders typically loan up to 4 times the available entitlement without a down payment. This 25 percent rule is true in all parts of the country. A Veterans income and credit must qualify and the property must appraise for the sale price. You can use your basic entitlement to buy an existing home or purchase a new construction home.

    Can I Get A VA Loan Without A Down Payment?

    Yes, it is possible as a Veteran to get a VA loan without a down payment. But, you need to find a lender that is willing to do VA loans with no down payment. HomePromise is a unique VA lender able to finance low down payment VA loans. In some cases you can even purchase a home with the seller paying the closing costs so you have very little out of pocket cash required. So, if the other requirements are met then you can buy a home with minimal expense as long as you can comfortably make your mortgage payments.

    Will I Be Approved With Bad Credit?
    VA Lending With HomePromise

    A couple quick questions and youre on your way to getting a free quote. Done before your cup of coffee is.


    We will NEVER share or sell your information. All submissions are encrypted for your security and peace of mind.


    Let our team of experts help you find the best loan at a great rate. Dont hesitate to contact us today!

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    Can You Have A Co

    If a mortgage lender tells you that you need a co-signer for a VA loan application, it means they will not provide financing based solely on your own income and credit history.

    The lender may want another person on the loan who will promise to repay the mortgage loan if you cannot.

    Thats where a co-signer comes in handy. This person can help you qualify for the mortgage if your personal finances dont quite meet a lenders requirements.

    Who can co-sign a VA loan?

    Fortunately, you are permitted to have a co-signer on a VA home loan. But this person must occupy the home with you. And, they must either be:

    • Your spouse or
    • A veteran or active-duty service member

    With VA mortgages, the co-signer must also be qualified for the loan, explains Michael Adam Perlman, assistant vice president of Silver Fin Capital Group.

    The co-signer, in general, is a responsible party to the loan being repaid. This person will be required to pay back the loan on behalf of you, the primary loan borrower, should you default and fail to pay back the loan as scheduled.

    Perlman notes that a co-signers credit, like yours, will be negatively affected if the VA loan goes past due or in default.

    That means co-signing is serious business. Both parties should fully understand the implications of co-signing a VA loan as well as the benefits.

    Va Restoration Of Entitlement

    Can You Use a VA Loan More Than Once?

    Qualified borrowers applying for a VA loan for a new home may need to restore their entitlement through what is called a one-time restoration of entitlement.

    These entitlement benefits may need to be restored if the veteran does not want to sell his or her home but is looking to pay off their first loan, for instance, said Jason Gelios, a Realtor in southeast Michigan who specializes in VA loan offers.

    To restore your VA entitlement, complete VA Form 26-1880 and provide the Department of Veterans Affairs with a copy of your final executed closing disclosure from the sale of your home that involves a VA loan. The VA will then process the full restoration of your entitlement.

    However, say you are looking to sell a home financed by a VA loan and purchase another property using a VA loan at the same time,â Killinger said. âIn this scenario, your lender can work with you and document the fact that your full entitlement is in place by requesting a copy of the executed closing disclosure from the sale of your previous home and placing it in the new loan file.â

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