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Does The Va Home Loan Cover Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured Homes & Va Loans

VA loan requirements if you want to buy a mobile home

Manufactured home and mobile homes are the same, although todays manufactured homes often look more modern than the traditional single- or double-wide trailers many people imagine.

Manufactured homes are entirely built in factories and must meet building codes set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development . These homes have a permanent steel chassis, axles, and wheels, on which theyre typically towed to the home site.

Manufactured homes will have a metal identification plate on the outside of the structure. You might hear this called a HUD tag or a red tag.

They also have a data plate inside the home, often on a bedroom closet wall or inside a kitchen cabinet. The data plate is a sticker with information about the house and its specifications.

Whether its brand new or existing, manufactured homes typically need to be affixed to a permanent foundation and classified as real property in order to be eligible for a 30-year VA loan. Theyll also need to conform with the VAs Minimum Property Requirements substantially.

The challenge can be finding VA lenders willing to make loans for manufactured housing. Thats because manufactured homes rarely appreciate in value over time, and theyre often susceptible to storm damage and shorter economic lifespans.

These properties also tend to have higher default rates than traditional, stick-built homes.

Veterans United does not currently lend on manufactured homes.

Whats A Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile homes and trailers, are completely constructed in the factory and built on a permanent, fixed, steel chassis. Newer manufactured homes, however, dont always look like the double-wide trailer you might be picturing they can be built with a variety of architectural styles, layouts and add-ons, like .

Manufactured homes are usually built with wheels, which are detached after towing. Unlike modular homes, manufactured homes rarely have basements. While this theoretically allows manufactured homes to be moved from place to place, you cant just put a manufactured home anywhere you please. The lot must be zoned for your particular type of manufactured home, and your home may have to meet certain local construction and set-up requirements. Manufactured homes are also subject to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Code, which requires that manufactured homes be built on a permanent chassis.

So why would you purchase a manufactured home? Well, if youre looking to own your own home, but dont have the income or funds to purchase a traditional home, then a manufactured home may be right for you. While the cost can vary greatly depending on the size, materials and features you choose, you can get a manufactured home for as little as $20,000 or as much as $120,000, according to

The Unit Must Be On A Foundation

To satisfy all requirements of the lenders you find when searching the internet for VA home loan lenders near me, the mobile home MUST be on a permanent foundation. This means you cant use the loan to finance the purchase of an RV or tiny house on a trailer unless the unit will be permanently installed on a foundation.

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Va Manufactured Home Loan Requirements

According to the VA, a manufactured home must have permanent cooking, eating, sanitary, and sleeping facilities. It also must be lived in by the family year-round. Another important requirement is that the home must classify as real property.

If you are hoping to get a VA mobile home loan, this may not be possible since most mobile homes are classified as a vehicle or personal property and require different loan types to fund. Still, its important to check this with your lender because your mobile home may in fact be a manufactured home and may still qualify you for VA manufactured home loans.

Also understand that some lenders may not be willing to fund manufactured homes. This is not a VA limitation, but a lender-based limitation, so its important to check with your lender to see whether or not they fund these homes before doing anything else.

Modular Home Vs Manufactured Home

Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loans (VA Loans)

Modular homes are also manufactured in a factory. However, they are built in sections, which are then transported to the site and fixed together on a permanent foundation. Its very rare that the home is ever moved again. These types of homes dont have to meet the same HUD standards manufactured homes do, though they have to adhere to the same federal, state and local building codes that site-built homes do.

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Va Loan Manufactured Home Permanent Foundation

So, if considering a VA loan to purchase a manufactured home, there are foundation requirements. As far as the manufactured home foundation requirements go, they mirror FHA. Thus, it means that we require a structural engineer to complete a foundation certification. VA loan manufactured home foundation requirements include:

  • Removed wheels, tongue, and axles
  • 8 thick concrete footing
  • Crawl space covered with a six-millimeter thick vapor barrier
  • Mortar joints in the piers or surewall
  • Brick underpinning with 8 footing with one foundation per 150 square foot of crawl space

Kit And Panelized Homes

Kit homes are a some-assembly-required housing option. Pieces of the house arrive to your property in a kit and then must be assembled on-site by the homeowner or a contractor, whereas a manufactured home typically arrives completed. Rocket MortgageĀ® doesnt offer financing for kit homes at this time.

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What Factors Should Be Considered In Choosing A Site

If you are placing a manufactured home on land you are buying or already own, consider how far away the utilities are and the cost of hookup. If service from a public or community water or sewage system is not available, find out if the groundwater and subsoil conditions are satisfactory for an individual well and/or sewage disposal system.

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Using your VA Home Loan Benefit: Working with a Realtor and Lender

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Is It Hard To Finance A Mobile Home

Because mobile homes depreciate in value over time, it can be more difficult to find a lender that offers manufactured home financing. But there are still plenty of options available. Just be sure to do your due diligence to find the right one for you based on your creditworthiness, financial situation, needs and preferences.

Best For Low Down Payment: Elend


For borrowers who dont have a lot of cash on hand, eLend offers mobile home loans with up to 100% financing available.

  • Low down payment requirement, up to 100% financing available

  • Low mortgage rates

  • Geographic restrictions may apply to some programs.

  • Mixed customer service reviews

eLEND is our best mobile home lender for low down payments because of its use of the government-backed loan programs that often carry zero to 3.5% down payments and its DPA program that further supplements the down payment burden for its borrowers.

eLEND is a division of American Financial Resources, Inc. Company with a lot of experience in the industry. It works to provide affordable home financing options to first-time buyers and existing homeowners. The company utilizes the latest technology and delivers educational resources to customers in an effort to simplify the mortgage process.

The company offers USDA, FHA, VA, conventional fixed, and adjustable-rate loans. If you qualify for its DPA program, you can lower your down payment expense even more. The DPA allows you to use gifted funds toward your down payment. Furthermore, if you are a community service professional, such as a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or teacher, or you work in the medical field or the military, and you are a first-time homebuyer, you can qualify for the DPA.

The underwriting process typically takes 35 to 40 days to close.

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Tips For Finding A Va Loan For Manufactured Homes

Lenders have different guidelines when offering manufactured home loans. If youre in the market for this kind of loan, here are a few things you need to remember.

  • Check the interest rates for manufactured homes
  • Whether youre using a comparison tool website, a VA mobile home loan calculator, or talking to a loan officer, you need to make sure that all the quotes you get are for a manufactured home VA financing. Mortgage rates and fees for manufactured homes are different from single-family homes. You need to inform your lenders upfront to make sure that the quote they provide is for a manufactured home.

  • Talk to your loan officer
  • Unlike a regular VA home loan where you can get a 30-year, fixed-rate option, the maximum loan term for a manufactured home or mobile home loan will depend on various factors. Thats why you need to talk to your loan officers.

  • Gather quotes on the same day
  • Interest rates change frequently. So, its best to get quotes on the same day for a more accurate comparison.

  • Ask for written confirmation of the rate lock
  • Once youve made a choice, the next thing to do is ask your lender for a written confirmation for the rate lock.

    How To Use The Usda Loan For The Site And Home

    Will VA Loans Cover Mobile Homes?

    The USDA loan should be used to purchase the home and the site if the site is not already owned. The home must also be brand new existing manufactured homes are not an allowed purchase. The proceeds of the loan can be used to develop the site, within reason. The funds cannot be used to purchase furniture or any other items for the interior of the home. All work that is to be done on the home with the funds from the USDA loan must be under one contract as well.

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    Start Looking For Financing Options

    Choose the type of loan youll use and compare different lenders offerings.

    Mobile home interest rates and fees can vary widely between lenders, so take the time to shop around. Try to find a loan that has low fees and interest rates so you can spend as little as possible over the life of the loan.

    Why its important: Doing your research and shopping around can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, as well as help you secure more favorable loan terms. In addition, searching for financing options early will help ensure there is a loan available to help you make the purchase.

    Loan Terms For Va Loans For Manufactured Homes

    A 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage is popular because it offers a stable, low monthly payment, but VA financing for manufactured homes requires shorter payoff periods. The chart below shows the longest terms available for a VA mortgage based on different scenarios.

    Manufactured home scenario
    23 years and 32 days
    Double-wide manufactured home plus land25 years and 32 days

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    Manufactured Housing Vs Other Prefab Homes

    There tends to be a lot of confusion when it comes to differentiating between various types of prefabricated housing.

    Some terms are used interchangeably when they really describe different types of houses, and while the distinctions might seem subtle, it’s essential to nail down the difference if you’re considering purchasing a manufactured home or any of these commonly confused housing options.

    Va Requirements For A Property To Be Considered A Manufactured Home

    Overview of VA home loans and how to apply |

    Does the VA finance manufactured homes? The short answer is yes, and you might be wondering how a manufactured home qualifies for a VA home loan.

    1. It has to fall within the VAs definition of a manufactured home. Its a unit constructed in permanent frames that can be moved and assembled and must have a bedroom, a dining area, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

    2. To qualify for a VA loan for manufactured homes, it should be suitable as a permanent residence, meaning that its permanently affixed to the land.

    3. It must be classified and taxed as real property. Its important to note that a manufactured home can be classified as personal property, like cars. So, it has to be attached to a permanent foundation to become real property.

    4. Other VA loan requirements also indicate the following:

    • Single-wide: at least 10 feet wide and 400 square feet floor area
    • Double-wide: at least 20 feet wide and 700 square feet floor area

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    Getting A Va Loan On Manufactured Modular Or Mobile Homes

    This post may contain affiliate links. Which means we may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

    VA Home Loans are guaranteed loan benefits that service members, veterans, and their eligible surviving spouses can take advantage of to become homeowners. With VA loans, you can build, buy, repair, or renovate a home.

    Even with favorable loan terms, you may still want to be frugal about your spending, especially if you already retired from military service. Whether youre cash-strapped or penny-pinching, getting a manufactured home has probably crossed your mind. Can you get a VA loan on a manufactured home?

    A manufactured home is a housing unit produced at an assembly line offsite before its transported to a piece of property. Youve probably also heard the terms modular and mobile homes.

    In this article, when we talk about manufactured homes, its also applicable to modular and mobile homes. They look almost the same as a traditional house constructed on-site, but theyre much more affordable.

    Va Mobile Home Loans: 3 Peculiarities

    Bear in mind three things when considering mobile home financing:

  • Youre not going to get a 30-year mortgage on a mobile home. Theres a 25-year maximum for larger units and a 20-year one for smaller ones.
  • Lenders typically look for slightly better credit scores on these homes. So, if necessary, learn how to raise your credit score and invest some time and effort in doing so. It will pay you back richly.
  • Youll likely find it harder to find a lender. Many companies are unwilling to provide VA loans for manufactured houses
  • Having a loan that lasts less time has pros and cons. Your monthly payments will be higher because youll have fewer installments across which to spread the burden. However, youll also be borrowing for a shorter period, which means your overall cost of borrowing should be lower. After all, youll be paying interest for fewer years.

    Chances are, you wont need great credit to get a loan. The VA doesnt set a formal floor on your FICO credit score, but many lenders look for a minimum of 620. Thats on a scale of 300-850 and FICO categorizes that as fair. You just might find a lender wholl take you on with a slightly lower score, if you can show youre a good borrower in other respects. But dont expect miracles: the default rate on VA loans for manufactured homes has been high in the past and lenders generally have had their fingers burned.

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    The Top 6 Benefits To Using A Va Loan On Your Manufactured Or Modular Home

  • Zero Downpayment, True 100% VA Benefit Financing.

    The VA provides a true 100%, no money down, VA mortgage loan with lower interest rates, fees, and costs associated than any other program available. We work with all property types, and we specialize in VA manufactured home loans as well, which the majority of large banks will not finance up to 100%. Many small banks also will limit loans to 80% instead of going the true 100% that the VA allows. It really is up to what risk that bank wants to take, at Manufactured Nationwide, we never limit your benefits. As long as you meet the minimum score requirements, you will be able to access the full 100%.

  • NO Mortgage Insurance.

    FHA & Conventional Loans require PMI and Funding Fees that raise your monthly payment, not with VA mortgage loans. Removing MI means a lower payment or ability to afford a larger home.

  • Taxes and Insurance Escrowed.

    Including your taxes and insurance in a VA home loan payment means when renewal time comes for the homeowners insurance agent or the tax time, you wont be scrambling to find the money. Usually, these bills come at the most inopportune time, so combining them together ensures you will never be at risk for force-placed insurance or real estate property tax liens.

  • *Construction & Renovation Loans are not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or New York.

    Fha Rules For Manufactured / Modular Homes


    FHA One-Time Close construction to permanent financingWant More Information About One-Time Close Loans?

  • Send your first and last name, e-mail address, and contact telephone number.
  • Tell us the city and state of the proposed property.
  • Tell us your and/or the Co-borrowers credit profile: Excellent , Good – , Fair or Poor- . 620 is the minimum qualifying credit score for this product.
  • Are you or your spouse eligible veterans? If either of you are eligible veterans, down payments as low as $0 may be available up to the maximum amount your debt-to-income ratio per VA will allow there are no maximum loan amounts as per VA guidelines. Most lenders will go up to $750,000 and review higher loan amounts on a case by case basis. If not, the FHA down payment is 3.5% up to the maximum FHA lending limit for your county.
  • Learn About the Path to Homeownership

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