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How Long Would It Take To Pay Off Student Loan

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Talk To Your Lender About A New Payment Plan

How long does it take to pay off Student Loans? Find out using our Loan Calculator

If you have federal student loans and are currently on an income-driven, graduated or extended repayment plan, you can switch to a different plan to pay them off faster. The standard 10-year plan is the fastest way to pay off your federal student loans. Ask your loan servicer how to switch to this plan and what your new payments would be.

If you have multiple loan servicers, make sure to switch your repayment plan with each company. If you have private student loans, the only way to switch to a new term may be to refinance your student loans, but this depends on your particular lender. Contact them and ask if you can change to a different payment plan without refinancing.

Pay More Than Required

As with all debts, it is always better to pay more than the required minimum payment when repaying your student loans. If you can increase the amount you pay every month, even slightly, you will gradually chip away at the principal balance and can pay off your student loan faster. Also, if you get a raise or some other type of windfall, paying that towards your student loan can also reduce your balance, allowing you to repay the loan sooner.

When making additional payments, make sure you speak to the servicer of the loan first. You need to make sure that the extra payment will be applied to the principal balance, and not the interest you owe or the payment for the next month.

Take Interest Rate Reductions

Effectiveness level: Low

While you can cut down on the cost of your student loans and get some big wins with the strategies above, smaller savings can add up, too. One of them is the interest deduction from signing up for automatic payments.

Many servicers offer a 0.25% interest rate deduction on federal student loans for enrolling in automatic payments. While this isnt a ton of money, its not bad to get a few bucks back.

Besides the interest savings, automatic payments can be a good idea to make life easier. By setting up automatic payments, you dont have to worry about late or missed payments when paying back student loans . Plus, you can use automatic payments in conjunction with other strategies on this list, like making payments higher than the minimum.

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Your Student Loan Repayment Term

Your loan repayment term is the number of years you have to pay it back. Federal loans generally have a standard repayment schedule of 10 years.2 For , the repayment term can range anywhere from 5-20 years, depending on the loan. You’ll be given a definite term for your loan when you apply.

Interest rates for federal and private student loans

The average interest rate will be different for federal student loans and private student loans. Federal student loans have a single, fixed interest rate, which means that your loan’s rate doesn’t change over time.

You may have noticed that there’s a range of interest rates associated with a private student loan. Private student loans are . That means the rate you’ll be offered depends on your creditworthinessand that of your cosigner, if you have onetogether with several other factors. When you apply for a loan, you’ll be given an interest rate, either , depending on which is offered and which type of rate you’ve chosen.

How much you’ll need to borrow for college

If you’re wondering for collegewhether it’s a public university or private universitythe can help. You can search for college costs and also build a customized plan based on your own situation.

Some Of The Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans Are

How Long Does It Take to Pay Off Student Loans?
  • Standard Repayment Plan: Students need to pay a fixed monthly amount for 10 years. For a direct consolidation Loan it can take up to 30 years.
  • Graduated Repayment Plan: If students chose this option for loan repayment then the payments start out on a low basis. This amount gradually increases over a period of two years with the entire loan being completed within a period of 10 years.
  • Extended Repayment Plan: Students who chose this option have to pay a fixed or graduated payments with a 25-year term.

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Pay More Than Once Per Month

Making an extra payment in addition to the minimum can go a long way toward reducing the principal of your student loan, since youll accrue less interest between payments.

If possible, try setting up payments for every two, three or four weeks instead of monthly. Even small tweaks to your schedule can add up.

How To Get Student

For those who are just starting to poke at their heap of student loans, Casey and Engen have the same tip: take a medium-heat approach, if you can.

Student loans are pretty cheap debt

Turning the flame as high as you can under your student debt pot doesnt always make sense, both Casey and Engen said, because government student loans have relatively low interest rates.

Currently, Canada Student Loans come with either a fixed rate of 8.95 per cent or a variable rate of 6.45 per cent. The interest starts accruing when you leave school, meaning that the charges begin to pile up even during the six-month grace period after graduation when you dont have to make payments.

And things are about to get even better. As of Nov. 1, interest will no longer accumulate on Canada student loans and Canada Apprentice Loans during the non-repayment period, and interest rates will be reset lower. For loans with fixed rates, the government will charge a rate equal to the Bank of Canadas prime rate plus two per cent . For variable loans, Ottawa is cutting rates to prime from prime plus 2.5 per cent.

While even the new interest rates might be higher than what youd pay on a mortgage these days, student loans are far cheaper than credit cards, which typically charge an interest of 20-per cent on purchases.

I tend to want to tackle the highest interest rate first, Engen said.

If you have more expensive debt, focus on that, while still making minimum payments on your student loans, he added.

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Limit Student Loan Borrowing

The easiest way to pay off student loans quicker is to take out less in student loans.

Before you choose a school, consider the cost of the university you plan to attend. In many cases, the cost difference between attending an in-state public college and a private college can make a huge difference in reducing your student loan burden.

On average, it will take 7.25 years for an undergraduate with an associates degree earning $46,100 a year to repay $30,100 in student loans.

Keep your student loan debt to a minimum while youre still in college by getting a work-study job. Look for gift aid like federal Pell Grants or private scholarships to cover some of your college costs, too. Lastly, consider paying accruing interest on your student loans while still in school.

How Long Will It Take Me To Pay Off My Student Loan: Usa

How to pay off student loans 4-5X faster!

In the US, a student loan is treated more like a traditional bank loan. It requires regular repayments, whatever the circumstances. It will not be written off after a certain amount of time, so small repayments can feel stressful for the borrower, who is aware that the interest is constantly growing.

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Ten Year Repayment Period

Federal Family Education and Federal Direct Loan borrowers are included in the standard amortization schedule. This plan has a ten-year payment term and payments are a minimum of $50 a month. The Standard payment plan is perfect for paying off loans quickly and keeping your interest rate low. Following this plan will save you money on interest over time.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Pay Off Student Loans For Doctors

This answer varies a lot. Many doctors make enough to pay back their loans within just a few years of work, but that would require them to live very modestly during that time. Also consider that a doctor may start medical school at 25, graduate at 29, finish residency at 34, begin a two-year fellowship, and only earn their first real paycheck at 36. Many doctors do not pay off their loans by age 40.

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Apply For Loan Forgiveness

Sometimes, repaying your student loan is simply not possible and when that is the case, you should look into many of the student loan forgiveness programs that are available today. Some employers offer student loan forgiveness options, military student loans are often eligible for a certain amount of forgiveness, and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is another option available for many. If you have chosen an income-driven repayment plan, you may also qualify for the remainder of your loan to be forgiven after you have made payments for 20 to 25 years. Certain volunteer programs also offer student loan forgiveness for those who serve with them.

It is important to research any student loan forgiveness program you are considering. These programs typically have eligibility requirements depending on the number of payments you will make towards your student loan while in the program, the field you work in, and the timeliness of your loan payments.

Apply ‘found Money’ To Loan Balances

How long did it take to pay off your student loans?

Found money doesn’t necessarily mean the change you find between your couch cushions. But it does include money that isn’t budgeted for as part of your monthly income. Using found money is another way to gain traction with student loan repayment. This includes:

  • Income earned from a side job
  • Cash gifts you receive for birthdays or holidays

You can apply these amounts to your loan principal to take out a chunk of your debt in one go. Other opportunities to use found money to pay down loans quickly include inheriting money from relatives or receiving a settlement as part of a lawsuit.

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Consider Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

If refinancing isnt for you, then federal student loan forgiveness may help you pay off your student loan balance faster. Of course, student loan forgiveness programs come with their own set of rules, guidelines, and regulations. Still, a student loan forgiveness program is one way to get a portion of your student debt forgiven .

The most common student loan forgiveness program offered by the U.S. Department of Education is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which is made for both government and non-profit workers. If you qualify for this forgiveness program, you can get a portion of your federal student loans forgiven there are often strict requirements and only apply to qualifying employers, though.

Even so, the potential reduction in your interest rate, monthly payment, or term could allow you to pay down the balance faster than ever before.

Use The Grace Period To Your Advantage

Whether you have a grace period and how long it lasts with private student loans depends on the lender. The grace period is the time frame in which you aren’t required to make payments on your loans.

With federal student loans, the grace period typically lasts for the first six months after you leave school. With private loans and unsubsidized federal loans, keep in mind that interest is still charged during your grace period and will be capitalizedadded to the total amount you oweafter the grace period ends.

One way to make the grace period work for you is to make advance payments against your loans. Paying down some of the principal means less interest that accrues later. At the very least, try to make interest-only monthly payments in the grace period to cut down on what you owe.

Note that interest on student loans from federal agencies was temporarily suspended until May 1, 2022, which should help reduce the total amount you owe when you graduate. As of March 30, 2021, this relief was also extended to loans in the Federal Family Education Loan program. Even with federal loans, it still makes sense to try to pay down federal loan principal during this period.

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Average Time To Repay Undergraduate Loans

Although the standard loan term is ten years, many people take much longer than that to repay student loans. The average time it takes to repay student loans depends on what degree you obtained, mainly because of the amount of loans taken out. However, it also depends on the income you are earning. If you work in a job that is in your degree field, you may be earning the average income in the sector and be able to pay off your loans in the average amount of time. However, if you are not working in your degree field and your salary is lower than the average salary for that degree, it may take more time to pay off.

  • The average amount of student loan debt for a person who finished some college, but did not obtain a degree is $10,000. The average amount of time it takes to repay the loans is just over 17 years.
  • For a person who obtained an Associate degree, the average amount of debt is $19,600 and on average it will take just over 18 years to pay off the loans.
  • For college graduates that earned a Bachelors degree they will repay an average of $29,900 in student loan debt and will take approximately 19 years and 7 months to repay the loans.

What To Consider Before Refinancing

$60K in Student Loans Paid Off in 18 Months | How To Quickly Pay Off Student Loans

As youre thinking about how long to pay off your student loans and using refinancing to shorten or lengthen your repayment plan, here are a few things to consider before you pull the trigger:

  • Youll need a solid credit history: Unlike the federal government with most loans, private student lenders will run a credit check when you apply. If your credit and income arent in good shape, you may not qualify for a low enough interest rate to make refinancing worth it, and you may not even qualify at all.
  • You may be able to apply with a cosigner: If your creditworthiness isnt strong enough on its own, you may be able to apply and get approved with a cosigner. Just keep in mind that cosigners are equally responsible for paying off your loans, so it could damage your relationship if you cant afford your payments down the road.
  • Private lenders dont offer federal benefits: The Department of Education offers income-driven repayment plans, access to loan forgiveness programs and generous deferment and forbearance policies. If you think you may want to take advantage of any of those, avoid refinancing your federal loans with a private lender.

As you consider whether refinancing is the right path for you, shop around using Purefys rate comparison tool to make sure you get the best terms that you qualify for. Also, consider looking at more than one repayment term to find the right fit for your budget and desire to be debt-free.

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Enrolling In Deferment Or Forbearance

Both deferments and forbearances let you pause student loan payments when youre unemployed, having health problems, serving in the U.S. Armed Forces or struggling financially. But enrolling in one of these programs will delay the final due date. It may also add the unpaid interest to your student loan balance, which will increase the total interest paid over the life of the loan.

Top Tips For Paying Off Your Student Loans Faster

With some specifics of federal and private student loan repayment plans made clearer, its worth discussing a few ways that borrowers like you can pay off their student loans faster than the maximum number of months in the repayment term.

Because the average person ends up making student loan payments for 20 years, it can be stressful trying to figure out a repayment schedule that works for you and doesnt leave you making payments for five times longer than you were even in school to begin with. For this reason, its worth finding a way to pay off your student loans faster.

Some of the ways to bring down your total loan balance and reduce the total amount of accrued interest you face include:

  • Exploring student loan refinancing options
  • Considering student loan forgiveness programs
  • Making extra payments whenever possible

With each of these tips, you can potentially shorten your total repayment period and pay off your student loans faster. Lets discuss each of these tips in detail so that you can know what works best for you.

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Average Time To Repay Student Loans By Loan Balance

If you combine your government student loans into a federal direct consolidation loan, your repayment term will automatically be extended to as long as 30 years.

The chart above shows that if you combine your loans into a federal direct consolidation loan, what your repayment term in the standard repayment plan will be.

  • If you owe less than $7,500: 10 years
  • If you owe $7,500 to $9,999: 12 years
  • If you owe $10,000 to $19,999: 15 years
  • If you owe $20,000 to $39,000: 20 years
  • If you owe $40,000 to $59,999: 25 years
  • If you owe $60,000 or more: 30 years

With the rise of income-driven repayment plans that provide loan forgiveness after 20 or 25 years of payments, few borrowers today would choose to take 30 years to pay off their loans.

Although IDR plans can make your monthly payments more affordable, the bad news is that you dont get an interest rate reduction. So taking longer to pay off your loans can add thousands in interest costs. Another approach to lowering your monthly payment or to pay your loans off faster is to refinance into a loan with a lower interest rate.

The good news is that borrowers who stick it out and get their degree are more likely to pay their loans off on the standard 10-year timetable, as long as they keep their overall borrowing in line with their annual earnings.

  • Bachelors degree: 19.7 years
  • Graduate degree: 23 years
  • Bachelors degree: 31.6%
  • Dropped out : 18.7%
  • Bachelors degree: 50%

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