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Loans For Real Estate Investors

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Experienced Direct Hard Money Lenders For Rental Properties

Best Loan for Real Estate Investors

Providing fast approvals and funding, competitive rates and excellent customer service, North Coast Financial has proven to be one of the most experienced and reliable sources of hard money investment property loans in California. We have the needed expertise, experience, and capital to quickly fund investment and rental property loans for real estate investors.

North Coast Financial is a California direct hard money lender providing fast investment property loans in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Riverside, Ventura, San Bernardino and various other areas and counties throughout the state of California. Contact North Coast Financial now and experience how fast and easy financing investment property in California can be.

Investment & Rental Property Loans For California

North Coast Financial is an experienced investment property lender providing investment property loans and rental property loans in California. We provide investment property financing to real estate investors in need of fast and reliable funding. Based in San Diego, California, North Coast Financial provides real estate investment loans throughout California and has over 40 years of experience financing investment property.

What Are The Most Common Investment Property Loans

Investors try to use a conventional mortgage to buy a property with one to four units if they can meet the banks criteria because this is where theyll find the lowest rates and fees.

To buy a home to renovate and resell or lease, investors often turn to private lenders that specialize in this process. Many banks either wont provide these loans or take too long to close for an investors preference, so private money lenders are successful here.

Private and hard money lenders are also helpful when investors want to buy commercial properties like apartment complexes, medical office buildings, or office towers for example. Their terms are more flexible than conventional mortgages and they will work with borrowers who have lower credit scores where banks and credit unions may not.

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What It Takes To Qualify For An Investment Property Loan

If youre considering an investment property loan, see what the lender you plan to work with requires in terms of eligibility.

Likely, both your personal and business credit scores will be considered to determine your creditworthiness, as well as your debt-to-income ratio. How long youve been in business may also matter to mortgage lenders.

Four Options To Finance A Real Estate Investment

You can aquire a Home Enhancement Loan from banks and banking ...

Ben Grise, Owner-operator of InvestWithBen.com, where everyday people invest in highly discounted properties and private mortgage notes.


Despite the turbulence of the pandemic-impacted economy, real estate continues to be a profitable investment. Home prices rose significantly last year, caused primarily by several factors on the demand side. The new work-from-home economy has driven increasing numbers of adults to move out of high-cost areas and work remotely.

Additionally, interest rates have held steady at record lows and, according to Fannie Mae, are expected to remain low in the future. Many experts predict that these trends will continue for the next several years, making the potential profit of real estate investment an exciting opportunity.

If these factors have convinced you to invest in real estate, then maybe youre wondering: How can I finance a real estate investment? Real estate is a great investment but can come with a steep upfront price tag. Fortunately, you have several options.

Option 1: Finance your property with cash.

First, you could pay the full price for the property upfront with cash. Of course, this requires having the resources available to do this.

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Investment Loans For Beginners In Real Estate

Real estate is a great way to make passive money and build wealth. However, you will need some form of real estate financing to launch your real estate career. Financing is usually one of the biggest challenges for beginners in real estate. Not everyone has rich parents who will lend them money and not everyone earns a lot of money, enough to buy an investment property in cash. However, anyone can get started in real estate investing with or without a lot of cash. If you are a beginner real estate investor, a lack of cash should not hold you back. So, how can you get money to get started? Well, you have the option of taking out an investment loan. Sometimes, this may be the only way to seal a real estate deal.

There are many forms of investment property loans and investment property lenders will have different criteria that youll need to meet. The type of investment loan you choose will influence your success as a beginner real estate investor. Thus, you need to make sure you select an investment loan that works for beginners. Before you approach investment property lenders, itâs important to have a good understanding of the options available and how they work.

Here are 6 investment loans for real estate beginners that you should consider:

Best For Veterans: Veterans United Home Loans

Veterans United Home Loans

Why We Chose It: We chose Veterans United Home Loans as our best investment property lender for veterans because the firm specializes in VA-backed mortgages with experts who understand this loan program better than anyone else.

  • Offers 24/7 customer service over the phone

  • Has online application and pre-qualification

  • Employs advisors from each branch of the armed forces

  • Doesn’t offer home equity loans or HELOCs

  • Information on FHA, USDA, and conventional loans is harder to find on its website

Founded in 2002, Veterans United is a full-service lender that specializes in VA loans for qualifying veterans, active service members, and their spouses. They are one of the largest VA mortgage lenders in terms of volume in the United States.

Investors benefit from flexible qualification guidelines, lower rates, and monthly payments, no down payments, and no private mortgage insurance. Veterans United has VA loans for as little as 0% down, and they understand how to make the VA loan work for an investor and still remain within the programs guidelines.

Among the products offered are fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, jumbo loans, refinance loans, and cash-out loans. Loan rates range from 4.625% to 5.5%withAPRs between 4.991% and 6.117% depending on the loan product.

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What Is Creative Financing

Creative financing refers to unique methods and strategies for securing funds and capital to purchase real-estate investments. Traditional financing options are normally provided by financial institutions, banks and mortgage lenders. With creative financing, an investor can access funding in a variety of creative ways.

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Private Money Investment Property Loans

Loan Options for Real Estate Investors (Setting Up More Deals)

For some investors, conventional mortgages are not enough. What a conventional loan for property exhibits in convenience, it lacks in flexibility. As a result, a property investor may want to borrow a loan from a private individual, such as friends, family, or other real estate investors. The most defining feature of a private money mortgage loan for investment property is its flexibility. The borrower and lender are free to negotiate many of the investment property loan requirements. The investment property loan rates, duration, and much more can be agreed upon by the two parties. However, there is a considerable downside to these real estate investment loans. Typically, if the borrower does not pay off the loan on time, the investment property lenders still reserve the right to foreclose the rental property.

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What You Need To Know About Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate loans are complicated and require a significant amount of understanding, so it is critical to understand the various types of loans and their credit requirements. Most lenders require borrowers with a credit score of 660 or higher to qualify for a mortgage, but there are some exceptions. A DSCR loan, for example, is available from a number of lenders and has lower credit requirements, making it a viable option for borrowers with poor credit histories. It is critical to understand the various types of commercial real estate loans and their credit requirements before applying for one.

What Is Required To Be Approved For Investment Property Financing

Each lender and type of financing will have varying requirements. Private lenders may simply require a relationship with the borrower. Hard money lenders may only require a hot real estate market and a good estimated after-repair value . Home equity loan, home equity line of credit , and conventional loan lenders will have the strictest requirements on income and credit scores.

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As An Investor You Might Be Interested In The Following Grants:

  • Restore Real Estate: In an effort to ensure properties are structurally sound, grants may be available to those who want to restore the piece of real estate.
  • Help with Purchase Investment Property: Requirements vary by agency, but qualifying for an investment property grant can go a long way in making your dream come true.

Each grant that you apply for has specific functions and purposes. By searching an online grant directory, you can quickly identify the grant programs that are currently providing funding and see how much you qualify to receive. Each program has different eligibility requirements, and all of the details on how to submit an application correctly is provided with your access to the grant database.

When filling out an application, be sure to fill it out accurately and dont forget any necessary fields. Before applying, also be sure that the grant will meet your specific needs. There may be a waiting period while the program decides if you qualify and how much money you can receive. Keep in mind that you can apply for more than one grant to increase the odds of receiving money.

The first step is to review the database to identify those programs, and then submit your application to see how much you can obtain. The funds that are awarded to approved applicants are provided tax-free and interest-free with no repayment terms. Access an up-to-date grant directory to see what funds are currently available for individuals. Grants can often be used for:

Grants For Real Estate

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors

Federal and select private funding opportunities afford communities, townships, state and local governments and in rare specific cases, individuals to either reclaim, build or rebuild, or expand lands, dwellings and businesses serving the greater public need in the form of real estate grants.

Good old Uncle Sam, the federal government invests more money in this arena than do private foundations. The federal government supplies millions upon millions of dollars earmarked as grants for real estate, which are made available to all qualified townships, organizations, businesses and in some rare cases, individuals. Over twenty billion dollars total funding has been made available under the American Recovery Act proclamation and qualified entities and individuals are eligible to receive federal government real estate grants to fund:

While less frequent, there are some private foundations which offer real estate grants. Some of the more prolific awarding foundations are:

  • The Mitte Foundation. The Mitte Foundation offers small-sum real estate grants for 501-C-3 organizations and select qualified individuals within a geographicconstraint in the state of Texas.
  • The Sobrato family Foundation. The Sobrato Family Foundation provides unrestricted general operating support, in-kind office and meeting space real estate grants, and affordable housing loans.

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Buy And Hold Frequently Asked Questions

We currently lend in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.

Repairs should be already completed, and properties should be ready for lease and/or already leased.

600 minimum credit score.

No, we only provide loans for non owner-occupied properties.

We allow real estate investors to purchase properties as a business entity.

Yes, there is a 1% increase in interest rate for not having a lease on the rental property being financed.

Our loan amounts have no minimum and can go up to $1MM .

Resources for Real Estate Investors

Is It Harder To Get A Mortgage For An Investment Property Than A Home

Your home buying experience may be limited to the homes youve taken a mortgage on to live in, and youre wondering if youd even qualify for an investment property loan.

Just like with personal mortgages, youll need good credit to qualify for the best rates. But even if you dont have great credit, there will be financing options for you.

If youre new to investment properties, be sure to consider what your monthly repayment cost will be and make sure you can afford it. If youre trying to flip a home, youre not guaranteed to sell it before that payment comes due, so if you cant cover it, you risk foreclosing on the property.

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How To Find Hard Money Lenders

Do a quick Google search for hard money lenders in your area and see what pops up.

Also, go to local Real Estate Investors Association meetings and network. Ask for recommendations from the members there.

Once youâve found a hard money lender, donât forget to make sure that lender is reputable. We recommend you do this by asking the lender for references and then following up on them.

You should also see if any complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against your potential lender.

At least one person associated with the hard money lender must have their Real Estate Broker license.

You should confirm that their license is valid and check to see whether or not any complaints have been filed against it.

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Conventional Mortgage For Investment Property

The SECRET to Getting Approved for Real Estate & Investment Loans! (GET Mortgage Pre-Approvals Now!)

Of all the rental property loans, conventional mortgages are the most common. These are loans that mortgage brokers or banks offer to real estate investors. They follow guidelines set by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and are not backed by the federal government.

One advantage of these loans is their lower interest rates. However, they usually have strict guidelines that must be met for one to qualify. You will be required to have a certain percentage of the investment propertyâs purchase price as down payment, a good credit score and credit history, and other terms, depending on your location and specific lender. These requirements will determine whether you will get approved for the loan and the mortgage rates applied. As a result, some beginner investors who arenât able to meet these requirements may not qualify for a mortgage loan for investment property or theyll end up with higher interest rates.

Conventional mortgages are typically used for the buy-and-hold investment strategy and not for short-term financing. The fact that the mortgage payments are done monthly, however, makes them easier to budget for.

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Is It Hard To Get A Loan For An Investment Property

Qualifying for an investment property loan is more challenging because lenders view investment properties as a greater risk. Lenders will want to make sure that you earn enough to afford monthly mortgage payments in the worst-case scenario, such as your tenant stops making their payments.

Compared to loans for your personal residence where you may qualify for a 0% or 3% down program, lenders want to see a larger down payment on investment properties, often between 20% to 35%.

To get the best rates and terms, youll want to get a traditional mortgage, which is why most of our winners here have come from that sector. However, you can max out at four conventional loans for investment properties. If you want to keep going, youll need to convert to private and hard money lenders

What Are The Housing Market Trends

You want to choose a property that rises in value over time. But how can you tell which areas will become the next best places to invest in real estate? The only way is to watch an areas housing market indicators and rental trends over time and compare the direction of previous property prices and taxes to where they are now. A home purchase is a major investment, so dont be afraid to take plenty of time to do your research and to analyze market trends to find the perfect area before you dive into a loan.

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Real Estate Investor Loans Private Money Loans

Direct Private Lender: Oftentimes, the terms hard money lender and direct private real estate lender get used interchangeably due to the similarities both possess. Both will lend based on the hard asset or the property/collateral itself, but private money lenders take into account additional factors beyond just the property such as the borrowers credit history, available cash, and income.

Private Money Loans are provided to investors for their non-owner occupied property investments. For Fix & Flip properties, these loans are usually short-term, with the expectation to be paid off within one year. For rental properties, private real estate loans can include a 30 year Fixed-Rate Loan, as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgages .

When does it make sense use Private Money Loans and what type of properties?

Applying for a Private Money Loan is a great option for real estate investors because of the flexibility at which they can work with borrowers. They provide the speed investors will appreciate when trying to close a loan, especially for a fix and flip, faster than the lengthy time frame banks typically take to complete a loan.

Depending on the private lender, they can loan on commercial or residential transactions. For the residential side of investing, private lenders can work with investors on either single-family properties, condos, duplex, triplex, 4plex, townhomes or multi-family deals.

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