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Which Bank Is Better For Car Loan

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What Is The Difference Between Dealer

Coastal Auto Loans – A Better Way to Bank

Banks and dealerships are willing to work with you to give you the keys to the car you want and keep the bottom line happy with their accounting department. Experian explains that dealer-financing is nothing more than the dealership sending your information out to several different loan organizations all at once and coming back to you with the best deals or lowest monthly rates. The other option available to you is what’s known as a direct loan. In a direct loan, you get the terms ahead of time at a bank or credit union before shopping at the dealership.

Better Money Habits highlights that a bank is capable of pre-approving you for an auto-loan which can be great information to have available when going through the reasonably lengthy car-buying process at a dealership. You will get a final interest rate and not expose yourself to markups and other extra expenses you may find nestled into car-dealership loan contracts.

Regardless of if you go through a bank or a dealership, buying a used car may lead you into certain lending roadblocks. Stats such as the vehicle’s age, history, or specific mileage may change your interest rate or maximum loan length. A lender won’t want to give you a long payoff period on a car that is not likely to last for the length of the loan.

How To Apply For Preapproval

Depending on the bank, you may be able to apply for preapproval online, over the phone or at a branch. Youll likely need to provide some personal information, such as your Social Security number and birthdate, as well as employment and income details. The bank may review your credit with a hard inquiry, which could ding your credit scores by a few points.

Wait to begin the preapproval process until youre serious about starting your car loan shopping. Multiple hard credit inquiries within a time frame of 14 to 45 days will only count as one, so it makes sense to do them around the same time.

Once youre preapproved and identify the loan that best fits your needs, you can head to the dealership with your preapproval documents.

Reason #: A Bank Wont Pressure You To Buy A Car

Its all too easy to head to the dealership, fall in love with a car and make an emotional decision to buy it right then and there without comparing your financing options. Dealers may even pressure you to finance through them so they can close the sale and receive compensation for arranging the financing.

Dealers may also offer a certain car price or loan terms if you finance through the dealership, or use tactics like lengthening your loan term to lower your monthly payment .

You can help take some of the pressure and emotion out of your decision by shopping around for a loan and applying for preapproval with various lenders, including banks, before you set foot in a dealership.

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Best For Tech Junkies: Carvana

Courtesy of Carvana

Carvana offers a completely online shopping experience, from financing to delivery with no minimum loan amounts and is our choice as the best for tech junkies.

  • Prequalify with a soft credit check

  • No minimum credit score requirement

  • End-to-end online shopping experience

  • Financing for Carvanas vehicles only

  • $4,000 minimum annual income required

  • Only used vehicles

It seems like every industry is cutting out go-betweens these days and the car industry is no exception. If you would rather skip the dealership and the bank altogether, Carvana is the site for you. Without ever leaving your home, you can apply for a car loan, choose your car and get it delivered. If you want to trade your old car in, you can do so while youre at it. Carvana will give you an offer and pick it up from your home.

Best of all, these loans aren’t just easy to get they are great deals for all kinds of borrowers. There is no minimum credit score, so anyone who is 18 years old, has no active bankruptcies and makes at least $4,000 per year is eligible.

Financing A Car Through The Dealership:

Assam Gramin Vikash Bank Car Loan at 7.35% Interest Rate ...

Its appealing to finance your new car right at the dealership. You find the car of your dreams, arrange to pay for it, and drive it off the lot all within a few exhilarating hours. Car dealers like it too. When they arrange your financing, their benefit is twofold: they make money on your purchase, and they make money on your financing. A dealer-arranged loan means that the dealer works with one of the lenders with whom they have a relationship and arranges for the lending on your behalf to their own financial gain via the interest you pay on the life of the loan.

There are two basic reasons that dealer-arranged financing is attractive. First, dealers often specifically market to customers with compromised credit or a poor credit history. A dealer has numerous lenders at their disposal who offer products for customers struggling to get direct financing from a traditional bank or credit union. In short, they can shop around until they find a lender who will take you on even if you are a risk. But be warned: the terms of these loans often have pitfalls, specifically higher interest rates.

To recap: If your credit history is clean as a whistle, youll get a great rate anywhere. And a dealer may be able to offer you a rebate if you finance the car through them. So, if you love the idea of one-stop shopping, then dealer financing may be an excellent option for you.

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If You Qualify For 0% Apr Financing Or Other Incentives

If you qualify for 0% APR, or annual percentage rate, financing or other incentives such as car rebates or bonus cash that some dealers offer, you might find that getting an auto loan through the dealership is the least expensive financing option. But be aware that you typically need excellent credit to qualify for these incentives, and youll likely need to get your loan through the automakers finance company.

The Credit Union Difference

Its easy to see why obtaining an auto loan from your local credit union just makes sense!

Membership is typically based on a specialized requirement such as your job, veteran status, location, or membership in other organizations or educational institutions. To determine whether or not a credit union is right for you, look into the most popular credit unions in your area that you may be eligible for, and compare offers from different financial institutions.

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What Affects Loan Interest Rates

The rates above are average APRs based on information reported to the NCUA. You may find different rates based on a number of factors, including:

  • A low score will require a higher interest rate, and vice versa. Credit score is perhaps the single most important factor lenders use to determine rates.
  • Loan term: Shorter terms have lower interest rates. Consider making higher monthly payments to get a shorter-term loan with a lower overall cost.
  • Lenders look at your entire credit report, so two people with the exact same score can find different rates based on how their score is calculated.
  • Income: Lenders can have minimum income requirements for borrowers to qualify and also to secure the best auto loan rates.
  • Down payment: A higher down payment not only reduces the total amount of the loan, but it shows that you are committed to purchasing the vehicle, and this can also reduce your interest rate.
  • Interview process: If you impress a loan officer with professionalism and supporting documentation in discussing your financial situation, you may have a better chance of getting the best auto loan rates for your situation.
  • Negotiation: If you get multiple pre-qualification offers, you can use those when negotiating interest rates from lenders.
  • Autopay: Many lenders offer discounts for making automatic payments. Credit unions can also offer a discount if you pay for the loan with an account at that same credit union.

What Is An Auto Loan

Banks vs Credit Unions – Car Loans

An auto loan is taken out for the specific purpose of buying a car, and the loan itself is secured by the vehicle. This means that if you fail to repay the loan, the lender can repossess your car.

This adds some risk on your end, but it typically comes with the benefit of better interest rates, lower fees and more lenient credit requirements. Because the lender has a backup plan, they can afford to provide more generous loan terms.

Auto loans can be obtained through online lenders, banks, credit unions and directly from the auto dealer. Interest rates range from 0% APR promotional financing provided by the dealer to double-digit rates, depending on your creditworthiness.

Loan terms depend on your credit score, your down payment, the type of car being purchased and the amount youre borrowing. If your credit score is lacking, learn how to get a car loan with bad credit.

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A Bank Loan Is A Popular Way Of Funding A Car But Does It Trump Car Manufacturer And Dealer Finance Packages

There are lots of options if you want to buy a car on finance, many of which are offered by car makers and dealers, including personal contract purchase , hire purchase and personal contract hire . Theyre all slightly different and may or may not suit you depending on your circumstances.

However, it’s possible to bypass the manufacturer/dealer finance model altogether with a personal loan from a bank or other provider. That’s quite a different option to the alternatives listed above, but it might be more appropriate for some buyers.

Dont Want Either Consider These Other Options

  • Paying in cash. If you have the money upfront, you dont need to finance your vehicle at all.
  • Crowdfunding. You might be able to raise the funds from your friends and family especially if you have a compelling story to tell about why you need the car.
  • Home equity loans. Borrowing against the amount you own in your home could be a cheaper way to fund a car loan though you risk losing your home if you default.
  • 401 loans. Some employers might let you borrow from your 401. While the loan is essentially interest-free, it comes with some significant risks.
  • New credit cards. If youve got a new card with a 0% promotional period, you might be able to put some or all of your car loan on plastic. Try to pay as much off as possible before that period is over to avoid those high credit card APRs.

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Best For Used Cars: Chase Auto


Chase Auto offers the security of a stable financial institution with competitive rates, high loan amounts, and a concierge car-buying program that makes it easy to get the best rates and financing options for a used car.

  • Pre-qualify with a soft credit pull

  • Car-buying and car-management services

  • 0.25% discount for Chase Private Clients

  • Must finance from a Chase network dealer

  • New application needed when switching dealers

Chase Auto is the car financing arm of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the largest bank by assets in the U.S., and allows users to shop for, finance, and manage their vehicle all from one account.

Although Chase Auto doesnt list rates online, it has a calculator that will allow you to get an idea of your potential rate. Chase also offers generous loan amounts ranging from $4,000 to $600,000 and 24 to 72 months flexible repayment terms.

Chase Auto doesnt require you to make a down payment for a loan, though putting money down can reduce the total amount you need to borrow and your monthly payments. You can also get a 0.25% interest rate discount as a Chase Private Client, which requires you to have a minimum average daily balance of $150,000 in qualifying personal, business, and investment accounts or a Chase Platinum Business Checking account.

Benefits Of Getting Preapproved For A Car Loan

How To Refinance Car Loan With Same Bank

Being preapproved can give you a leg up at the dealership in a few ways. First, you can shop like a cash buyer at the dealership. Let the salesperson know youre looking into financing elsewhere this way, you can avoid any discussion about it and instead focus on negotiating the price of the car you want to buy.

The dealer may end up trying to beat your preapproval offer to win your business. If they do, going with dealer-arranged financing may be your best option. But youll never know if you dont do the homework first by gathering estimated loan offers from various lenders and comparing them.

In addition, knowing how much youre preapproved for can help you avoid spending more than you planned. The preapproval amount is the maximum you can spend . You can use this maximum to walk away if the dealer wont negotiate with you, or to say no to upsells.

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How To Calculate Car Loan Emi

The Equated Monthly Installments that you will pay will depend on a few key factors.

  • The size of the loan
  • The interest rate that is applicable to the loan
  • The tenure of the loan
  • The processing fees

The higher the loan amount, the higher your EMI will be. Similarly, the shorter the loan tenure the higher the EMI. To find the best compromise between an affordable EMI and duration you should check out our car loan EMI calculator.

What Is The Difference Between An Auto Loan And A Personal Loan

It’s possible to use a personal loan or an auto loan to finance a vehicle, but the two differ in some important ways:

  • Purpose: Personal loans are unsecured or secured and can be used for many different purposes, including to finance a vehicle, pay for a vacation, or make improvements to a home. Car loans, however, are strictly to finance a vehicle and are secured against the vehicle you purchase. The vehicle serves as collateral.
  • Interest rates: Because auto loans are secured, rates on car loans are generally lower than personal loans.
  • Availability: Auto loans are typically easier to obtain than personal loans, especially for those with a poor credit history.

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Financing Through The Dealer

Dealer-arranged financing works the same way as bank financingthe only difference is that the dealer is doing the work on your behalf.

After you choose your vehicle, the dealer will have you fill out a credit application, which they’ll submit to multiple lenders. This allows you to compare rates and terms to choose the best option for you.

In some cases, however, a dealer may negotiate a higher interest rate with you than what the lender offers and take the difference as compensation for handling the financing. In other words, you might not be getting all the information you need to make the best decision.

In general, you can usually get lower interest rates on a new car through a dealer than on a used car. In fact, some dealers may offer promotional financing on brand-new models, including rates as low as 0% APR to those who qualify.

Another form of dealer financing occurs when the dealership provides in-house financing. These buy here, pay here dealerships specialize in working with people with bad or no credit. But the costs and down payment requirements on these loans are high, and there’s also a higher chance of repossession.

How To Find A Great Auto Deal

Auto loan financing: Bank or Credit union which is better?!

The most difficult part of buying a new or used car is finding the right deal. You need to know what youre looking for and research vehicles in your price range. If you dont want to spend hours combing through different auto dealerships, start with Fico Auto Loan. They provide a list of cars in your price range that theyve already researched and already approved. The only downside is that they will accept only specific makes and models, so if you have other preferences, youll have to find another place.

The first and most important step you need to take is finding a great auto deal. You should start by looking at the dealers website because they will usually give you the best offers. If you are buying a new car, then there are several websites that offer guaranteed auto loans. You should also contact your bank to see if they can find you an auto loan with lower interest rates. The final step is comparing prices between dealers in order to find the best deal possible.

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Best For Bad Credit: Oportun


  • Capped at 35.99%
  • Minimum loan amount: $300

Opportun is our choice as the best for bad credit since it offers personal loans with limited credit score requirements and an easy online application, and funds available within two hours.

  • No minimum credit score required to apply

  • Easy online application with instant approval

  • Pre-qualify with a soft credit check

  • Only available in 24 states

  • High interest rates

Having less-than-perfect credit shouldnt keep you from getting the car you need. While you shouldnt expect the low rates that those with great credit have, you can avoid overpaying with Oportun. Through this online lender, you can get a loan for a car that you purchase from an auto dealer or a private party. Since buying through a private party can be cheaper, this can save you big bucks over dealerships. If you have a great car and you want a better loan to match, you can use Oportun’s refinancing options.

Oportun will lend to people with limited or no credit history. You should have proof of income to apply. Loan amounts can range from $300 to $10,000, so you can get the car you want. Best of all, Oportun does not require a hard credit check when prequalifying and checking rates. So, looking around wont hurt the score youre trying to fix. The application takes only a few minutes, is completely online, and results in an instant decision. If you live in one of the states where Oportun is available, this is an excellent choice.

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