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Home Improvement Loans In Texas

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Home Improvement Loans Can Open Up New Possibilities For Your Property

Home Improvement Loan Program

A home improvement loan allows you to maximize the potential in your current property by financing updates and upgrades. You can use a home improvement loan to add square footage, update flooring or countertops, install energy-saving enhancements, add a pool and more.

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How To Get A Home Improvement Loan

To get a home improvement loan, first compare lender offers with other options, check your rate and monthly payments, prepare documents and apply.

Let’s break down those steps:

  • Compare options. Compare the best home improvement lenders against each other and with other financing options, like credit cards and home equity financing. You’re looking for the one that costs the least in total interest, has affordable monthly payments and fits your timeline.

  • Check your rate and monthly payments. Try to set your project’s estimated cost before this step. Many online lenders and some banks let borrowers pre-qualify to see potential personal loan offers before applying but you’ll be asked how much you want to borrow. The process involves a soft credit pull.

  • Prepare documents. Once you’ve chosen a lender, gather the documents you’ll need to apply. This can include things like W-2s, pay stubs, proof of address and financial information.

  • Apply. You may have to apply in person at smaller banks and credit unions, but larger ones and online lenders usually offer online applications. Many lenders can give you a decision within a day or two of applying. After that, expect to see the funds in your bank account in less than a week.

  • Start Your Application Online

    Its easy to apply for your CRCU loan with our online application. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment please email or call 281.420.3746.

    Our loans typically close in 25 to 45 days.

    Your annual percentage rate will be dependent upon total loan amount, term chosen, and individual financial circumstances. Rates based on an evaluation of each members credit history, loan-to-value , loan amount, loan purpose, and other factors so your rate and terms may differ. All loans are subject to credit approval. Under certain circumstances an escrow account for taxes and insurance may be required. Does not include taxes and insurance. Some restrictions may apply. CRCU membership required. Individual loan circumstances vary and actual funding may exceed stated timeframe. Check with your tax advisor for details.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Financing Home Improvements

    A home improvement loan is a loan the purpose of which is to provide funds to the borrower for the purpose of making improvements to an existing dwelling or building on the property securing the loan.

    If the legal requirements for establishing a contractor’s lien are satisfied the funds from a home improvement loan will not be subject to the 80% loan to value limitation that would exist on a home equity loan secured by a primary residence in Texas. The maximum loan amount on a home improvement loan secured by a primary residence can be as high as 95% of the appraised value of the property.

    A home improvement loan can be loan secured in a subordinate lien position in addition to an existing mortgage or it can replace an existing loan in a primary and additionally provide funds for the improvements. A home improvement in a primary lien position will have a more favorable interest rate than one in a subordinate position.

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    Home Equity Loans & Helocs

    Home Improvement Loans In Texas ~ elixdesigns

    Homeowners with equity in their homesthe homes current market value minus the remaining mortgage balancemay be able to get a home equity loan or home equity line of credit . Both let you draw against your home, which means your home secures the transaction and the lender can repossess it if you fail to repay.

    Home equity loans are disbursed as lump-sum amounts while HELOCs limit you to withdraw funds on an as-needed basis. Either way, you can use these funds to help finance your home improvement projects.

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    Navy Federal Credit Union Personal Loan

    Est. APR


    Key facts

    Navy Federals personal loans are an especially good fit for members with fair credit who want to fund a home improvement project.


    • Offers wide range of loan amounts and repayment terms.

    • Able to fund loans same-day.

    • Offers co-sign, joint and secure loan options.


    • Exclusive to credit union members.

    • No option to pre-qualify.

    • No rate discount for autopay.

    • No option to change your payment date.


    Start Bringing Your Home Improvement Projects To Life Small Remodels To Big Renovations Begin Here

    Key Features

    • Competitive rates to finance your next home improvement project
    • Use funds for nearly any home improvement need, from new rooms to remodeling
    • Repayment terms customized to fit your budget
    • Quick, local decision-making and processing
    • Attentive, friendly service from start to finish

    Consumer Complaint Process

    TexasBank is chartered under the laws of the State of Texas and by state law is subject to regulatory oversight by the Texas Department of Banking. Any consumer wishing to file a complaint against the TexasBank should contact the Texas Department of Banking through on of the means indicated below:

    In Person or U.S. Mail: 2601 N. Lamar Boulevard, Suite 210 Austin, Texas 78705-4294Telephone No: 877-276-5554 Fax No: 512-475-1313

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    Home Improvement Loans Vs Equity Financing

    A home improvement loan makes sense if you dont have enough equity in the home or dont want to use it as collateral. Equity is the difference between the homes value and the amount owed on your mortgage.

    If you have equity, you could get a lower monthly payment on a home equity loan or line of credit, but the lender may require an appraisal before approval.

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    How To Apply For Home Improvement Loans In Texas

    Financing Home Improvements


    Fill out easy online form to check for pre-qualified offers with no impact to your credit score

    2 Select offer

    Compare terms and payment options to select offer thats best for you

    3Finish application

    Complete application process on your selected lenders website

    4Receive funding

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    Compare Rates From Top Lenders

    The process couldnt have been any easier. I filled out a short form that took me less than 2 minutes and within seconds I got multiple offers from lenders.

    – Mike T.

    It was important to me that I could review my offers without any impact to my credit score, before deciding on the best loan option.

    – Carol R

    I like the easy online and 100% paperless experience of Acorn Finance. I received my money two days after completing my application.

    Who Provide Grants For Home Repairs In Texas

    There are 3 main sources of financial assistance for home improvement in Texas:

  • 1- : HUD is the Federal housing agency providing programs and funds to the State, Counties and cities.
  • 2- : Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is a state agency offering programs and funds to Counties and cities in Texas.
  • 3- : The main organizations offering funds and programs to help Texans with home repair, rehabilitation and improvement are at your county and city level.
  • You can review the Federal and the State of Texas home repair grants but ultimately your county and city are the one you need to contact and where you apply for funding.

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    Texas Home Improvement Loans

    We offer loans from $20,000 to $200,000 designed to finance large or small home improvement projects with fast processing*. Whether you plan to remodel, add a pool, install siding, purchase new windows, or build a new room, deck or patio, well help you improve your home while saving you money.

    If youve got questions, email our experts at or call us at 512.469.7177. Our real estate department is available M-F 9a-5p.

    Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry Member Notice

    In accordance with the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008, Velocity Credit Unions Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Identification Number is NMLS ID: 657886.Velocity Credit Union is in partnership with SWBC to provide mortgage services to credit union members. SWBC Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Identification Number is 9741.Individual Mortgage Loan Officer Identification Numbers may be obtained at the following website:

    *Your annual percentage rate will be based on your individual credit rating score obtained from a credit reporting agency. Your interest rate, term and payment will be determined when we process your loan application. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

    Earn Cash Rewards As Big As Texas

    Texas Home Improvement Loans

    Ask for free Kasasa® checking. Monthly rewards plus ATM refunds*.

    Make that much needed remodeling or repair a reality with the help of a Texas First Bank home improvement loan. Our friendly lenders have been helping hard-working Texans meet their funding needs for over 55 years. Give us a try!

    • Complete any addition or remodel project
    • Improve your curb appeal with a landscape makeover
    • Competitive rates
    • Flexible terms and affordable payments
    • Expert lenders to guide you
    • Detailed, Texas-friendly service from start to finish

    Deposit and loan products are offered by Texas First Bank. Member FDIC. Credit subject to approval. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

    Securities offered through SWBC Investment Services, LLC, a registered broker/dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through Rust, Ewing, Watt, & Haney, Inc., a licensed insurance agency and wholly owned subsidiary of Texas Independent Bancshares.

    Investment and insurance products are:
    • not insured by any Federal Government Agency
    • not guaranteed by the bank
    • not a condition of any banking service or activity

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    Tips For Comparing Home Improvement Loans

    Consider these tips when comparing home improvement loans:

    • Consider how much money you need. Different home improvement loans offer various loan limits. Before applying for a loan, review your project and identify how much it is going to cost. Based on that information, compare loan options that can provide a sufficient amount of funds.
    • Where possible, prequalify. Many personal loan providers offer prospective borrowers the ability to prequalify for a loan with only a soft credit inquiry, so it wont ding your credit score. This means the applicant can submit details about their financing needs, income, housing situation and other relevant information to find out what kind of loan amounts, rates and repayment terms they are likely to qualify for.
    • Keep an eye out for additional fees. Some lenders offer fee-free home improvement loans that help borrowers avoid origination fees, late payment fees, prepayment penalties and other common loan costs. However, this is more the exception than the rule, so its important to ask about fees when shopping for the best loan terms.
    • Evaluate the lenders customer support options. While customer support may not seem like a big deal in the honeymoon phase of your loan, it can make a huge difference if you encounter issues with payments or face a financial hardship during your repayment period. Review the lenders customer service resources and read reviews from past and current borrowers to make sure its a good fit.

    What Types Of Home Improvement Help Is In Texas

    Home repair programs comes in many form but they are usually in the 5 types:

    Home Repair Grants & Home Improvement Grants: Typically grants dont need to be repaid. The organization providing the funding covers the cost of the work and you dont pay anything back.

    Volunteers and charities home repairs: Some organizations rely on volunteers to repair your home so theres no cost to you.

    Home improvement loans: These are traditional loans where you have to repay a fix amount monthly but they are usually with a lower than normal interest rate.

    Home improvement loans paid at term: Its a traditional loan paid back in full only when you leave or sell your home. This mean you have nothing to pay monthly. The organization offering these loans usually take a lien on your home to be certain to be paid in the future.

    Forgivable home improvement loans: Its a traditional loans but you do have to pay it back monthly. Instead after a few years the organization forgive your loan.

    Note: In some rare case you may find yourself with a mix of the types above. In all cases the important is you get help to fix your home and keep it secured and a place for you to live in a safe and healthy home.

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    How Does A Home Improvement Loan Work

    When you get a personal home improvement loan, youll receive a lump-sum payment from your lender. Repayment starts as soon as the funds are disbursed, and youll make fixed monthly payments. Youll pay interest on the full loan amount, which varies depending on your lender and creditworthiness. Some lenders also charge origination fees that typically range from 1% to 8% of the loan amount, although some loans are fee-free.

    You can use your funds to finance your improvement expenses, such as redoing your kitchen or upgrading the electrical in your house. Unlike a credit card, which has a limit you can reuse as you repay your balance, you cannot reuse your loan funds. Once you use your funds, and if you need additional financing, you would need to apply for a second home improvement loan. Be cautious opening a second loan, though, because another hard inquiry can damage your credit.

    When Should You Take A Home Improvement Loan

    SNN: Home improvement loans

    Unless you save up enough money to pay for your home improvement project in cash or have a robust home emergency fund, you may be on the hunt for financing to help with a project or repair. Just like any other type of personal loan, though, you should only use a home improvement loan when you know you can afford the repayment. If you have inconsistent income or a new monthly payment doesnt fit into your budget, you may set yourself up for a debt trap by getting a home improvement loan.

    Before applying for a home improvement loan, outline the scope of your project to understand how much money you need to borrow and estimate your monthly payments. Compare this estimate with your current budget to determine if its a debt obligation you can take on safely. If you cant afford the loan, take time to save up the necessary money or consider alternatives like a family loan.

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    What Is A Home Improvement Loan

    A home improvement loan is an unsecured personal loan that you use to cover the costs of upgrades or repairs. Lenders provide these loans for up to $100,000. A home improvement loan comes in a lump sum, and you repay it in monthly installments, usually over one to 12 years.

    Because you dont use the house as collateral for this type of loan, the interest rate is based on information like your credit and income. If you cant repay a home improvement loan, your credit will take a hit.

    Can A Home Improvement Loan Increase My Home’s Value

    Doing home improvement projects makes it less likely that youll have to pay for expensive repairs down the road. When you replace your roof and gutters, for example, you protect your home from water damage. Some projects add more value to your home than others.

    Some home improvement projects are expensive but add little value to your property. Comparing the cost of the project to its value can help you determine your asking price when its time to sell.

    The remodeling projects that recoup the most cost, according to Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report, include the following:

  • Garage door replacement .
  • New manufactured stone veneer .
  • Minor kitchen remodel with midrange finishes .
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    Ready For Your Next Home Improvement Project

    With low, fixed rates and terms up to 15 years, a home improvement loan can be very cost-effective option.

    * Annual Percentage Rate . Final rate and terms offered will be determined by your credit history and underwriting guidelines. Subject to credit approval. Must work with a contractor on improvements for owner-occupied property in Texas. Amplify membership required additional restrictions, limitations, and exclusions may apply please contact an Amplify loan specialist for further details. All Amplify loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Effective as of 02/20/2020.

    Home Equity Line Of Credit

    designbyorissa: Bank Of Texas Home Improvement Loan

    A HELOC is an open credit line that you draw on as needed during a renovation and only pay interest on what you borrow. This is a variable-rate option that works best if you dont mind a fluctuating monthly payment and need more borrowing flexibility.

    Compare to personal loans: A HELOC lets you borrow at any time over a period of about 10 years, which can be ideal for long-term projects or unexpected expenses. A personal loan offers a one-time cash influx.

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    Which Home Improvement & Repair Are Usually Covered

    In general in Texas all repair and improvement help with:

    • Ensure your home does not harm the residents health.
    • Ensure your home structure is sound and may not hurt its resident.
    • Help seniors and disabled residents stay in their homes longer and safer.

    More precisely the following work and repair are usually covered by home improvement grants programs:

    • Roof: Grants for roof placement or repair to fix leaks or change your roof.
    • Windows & doors: Windows replacement grants and exterior doors.
    • Foundations: Foundation repair grants and programs usually covers home foundation repairs.
    • Electrical & plumbing : Grants for electrical repair and plumbing assistance repairs are covered as long as they bring your home electrical and plumbing up to the local code.
    • Heating & cooling: Some States and Counties have heating grants and cooling programs to bring your system up to living standards.
    • Lead paints & pipes plus asbestos: Most programs cover the removal and change of lead and asbestos materials dangerous to your health.
    • Sewers and water line: Most home improvement grant programs cover funds to have your home connected to your town water and sewer system and in other cases to your well or septic tank.
    • Home structure: In some cases, if your home structure is no longer safe, programs will help with fixing the home structural problems. Note: in some cases the cost may be too high to fix and another program can help get a new one.

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