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First Federal Saving And Loan

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How A Federal Savings And Loan Works

First Federal Savings and Loan

The majority of today’s federal savings and loans are federally-chartered community-based institutions. Unlike commercial banks, they are owned and controlled by their customersnot by . As noted above, they focus on providing residential mortgages, loans, and basic banking and savings vehicleschecking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit , and othersto customers. These members pay dues that are pooled together, giving them better rates on credit and savings products.

The concept of federal savings and loans or thrifts are rooted in the building and loan associations that were prominent before the Great Depression. Many of these building and loan associations relied largely on a share-accumulation model whereby members committed to buying shares in the association and subsequently had the right to borrow against the value of those shares in order to purchase a home.

When many of these institutions began to struggle during the Depression, the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations stepped in to overhaul the industry. The government provided charters for federal savings and loans and established the Federal Home Loan Banking system to ensure that these newor, at least, rebrandedlenders had sufficient liquidity.

What Is A Federal Savings And Loan

The term federal savings and loan refers to a financial institution that focuses on providing checking and savings accounts, loans, and residential mortgages to consumers. These institutions are also referred to as thrifts and savings banks that are mutually owned by their customers. As such, many of these companies are community-based and privately owned, although some may also be publicly-traded.

The term trustee savings bank is used in the United Kingdom the same way federal savings and loan is used in the United States.

Federal Savings And Loans Vs Commercial Banks

Federal savings and loan businesses are operated in one of two ways. Under the mutual ownership model, an S& L is owned by its depositors and borrowers. An S& L can also be established by a group of shareholders who own all the shares in the thrift.

This is different from commercial banks, which are typically owned and managed by a board of directors chosen by stockholders. Commercial banks are also more diversified in terms of the offerings they provide. Much of their lending is geared toward businesses and construction projects. They also often provide a broader array of services to consumers, such as credit cards and wealth management solutions.

By contrast, S& Ls are much more focused on the residential mortgage market. By law, they can only lend up to 20% of their assets for commercial loans. In addition, to qualify for Federal Home Loan Bank lending, S& Ls must show that 65% of their assets are invested in residential mortgages and other consumer-related assets.

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As A Community Savings Bank We Serve The People Who Live And Work In Our Communities

This website contains material for informational purposes only. The transmission and receipt of information on this website does not form or constitute any formal relationship or contract with First Federal Savings. Persons receiving information contained on this web site should not act upon the information without seeking professional advice. Any links to other websites are provided only for the purpose of convenience and do not constitute a referral or endorsement of any linked site or its owner. First Federal Savings is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites.

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Put Your Equity To Work

First Federal Savings and Loan Association Minneapolis, MN Postcard

A Home Equity Loan can help pay for practically anything, from student loans and credit card debt or home improvements and repairs.

Apple Pay®, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

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Digital wallets offer an easy, secure, and private way to pay with the touch of your finger instead of using cash or cards.

Get more bank

for your business

Your financial growth is our mission. We offer a diverse array of business checking, merchant services, and business loans help you succeed.

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Steven Verhulst Chief Executive Officer:

Steve joined First Federal in early 2010. He spent the previous 13 years working with financial institutions, includingFirst Federal Savings, as an Internal Auditor, Public Accountant, and a Federal Thrift Examiner. Steve has a CertifiedPublic Accounting designation and assists Mitch with day-to-day management. Steve born, raised, and currently resides in Olathe. He has been a life long savings customer of the Bank.

Daily Money Market Account

These premium accounts offer a higher interest rate than traditional checking accounts, allowing your bottom line to grow. Because they are federally insured and require just a $1,000 opening balance, our Daily Money Market Accounts are ideal for watching your account build over months or years.


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We Are Building A Stronger Ohio

We give our all in support of our communitiesand that commitment goes far beyond banking hours. Every day, our team of experts is helping families and businesses thrive, because your success is our personal mission. And when the going gets tough, we step out and step up by giving back wherever we are needed most. At First Federal Savings, we know that we are all stronger together.

Local People Local Service

Third Federal Savings and Loan

Our business is customer service. And we are good at it. Its pretty simple we treat you just like we would like to be treated. With friendly personal service aimed at meeting your unique needs and goals. Whether you need information about purchasing a home or the best savings plan for you, we are here to help. Local people. Local service. We invite you to browse our site and to come in to talk with us one on one.

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Because Youre Not Just Choosing A Place To Put Your Money

We are a team of contenders that sees potential even when others cant. In the toughest times and the greatest times, we are a community that rolls up its sleeves and makes things happen. For over 88 years, weve never wavered in our loyalty to bringing your future to life. Because our strength isnt just ours. Its yours.

Serving You For More Than 118 Years

At First Federal, we are here to help you obtain products that are right for you. We offer various loans, multiple deposit accounts, and mobile banking tools to help make banking easy for you!

When it comes to a business loan for buying a building, new equipment, or even a line of credit, were ready to lend you money.

We offer several options that are simple and easy to understand because we know that everyones business needs are different.

Are you looking to buy a new home or want to refinance? First Federal Savings Bank provides a variety of mortgages and home loans that you can choose from.

Its quick and easy to check your balances, view your transaction history and transfer funds with Online Banking.

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Welcome To A Bank That Knows Your Name

First Federal Savings is a Kansas State Chartered Bank. Established in 1923, we were located in downtown Olathe, Kansas, for 87 years. In 2010 the company moved to its current location at 700 East Sante Fe Road in Olathe.

Our institution offers savings accounts, certificates of deposits and mortgages.

First Federal Savings prides itself on being a true community bank where personal service is our top priority. We keep and service our loans we do not sell them off to large impersonal financial institutions.

Our team enjoys getting to know each of our customers and helping them with their financial needs. We are proud to have served several generations of families in our community and to call Olathe our home.

We have a small but expert staff, so there are no concerns about getting transferred from department to department when you have a question or an issue to discuss. You will know us all by name when you do business with First Federal Savings.

Weve Made Switching Banks Easy Download Our Switchkit Today

First Federal Savings &  Loan, Centerburg Ohio ()

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  • $25 minimum balance to open
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  • No monthly service charge with direct deposit

Maximize your cash without having to commit funds for a specified term.

  • $10,000 minimum balance to open
  • FREE debit card

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Whatever Happened To First Federal

First Federal was a local financial institution that started with humble roots and grew to become one of the largest savings and loan associations in the country.

The company built a still-standing downtown office tower with a revolutionary revolving restaurant that added to its legacy. First Federal launched a first-of-its-kind housing project in conjunction with the city of Rochester and perhaps was best remembered for its cartoon-like Hard Working Dollar, or H.W.D., advertising campaign.

During the housing-and-loan crisis of the 1980s, First Federal was reported to be the first such institution to become a ward of the federal government. The business survived and then thrived unlike many of its contemporaries but lasted only another decade or so before being bought out during its centennial year.

The company was founded in 1896 by working-class folks in the Dutchtown area of northwest Rochester who wanted to start a savings and loan association. The group met on the second floor of a grocery store at Campbell and Whitney streets and initially collected $97.50. State officials authorized the establishment of the 20th Ward Cooperative Savings and Loan Association, the name by which the company went for nearly 40 years.

First Federals history is well-chronicled in the book, 100 Years of the Hard-Working Dollar/The History of First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Rochester, by Richard O. Reisem. As the book recounts, the first business day was brisk.


Nothing Gets In The Way Of Our Investment In You

Ive never worked with a bank that was so helpful! Everyone that we have worked with at First Federal Savings has been very nice. We couldnt find a plumber, and they all went to work trying to help us find a reasonable one. They also helped us with ways to get our brand out in the community. First Federal Savings definitely cares about their customers.

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