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How To Remove Name From Home Loan

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Ways To Remove A Name From Mortgage After Separation

Remove a Name from a Mortgage Without Refinancing
  • 01/15/2020

When you head into a divorce, you have many decisions to make. Some of those involve dividing your marital property. Dividing property is rarely a cut-and-dried process, and both you and your ex must negotiate where you will draw that line.

If youve agreed that you get to keep the house, a verbal agreement isnt enough. If your ex-spouses name is on the deed and mortgage, they legally remain responsible for the mortgage repayment. Even a legal divorce does not change the terms of your loan. If you fall behind on payments, both you and your ex will face credit problems.

Also, the lender has the right to go after your ex if you default on the loan. You simply dont want to have your finances tied closely through your mortgage after a divorce. Removing a name from the mortgage after separation is the best way to resolve this potential problem. Here are four ways you can do this.

The Problem: Mismatch Between Ownership And Mortgage Liability

When couples purchase property, they usually finance it with a bank. The bank loan is secured by the property. In some states, the document that secures the property is called a mortgage. In others, it is called a deed of trust.

A mortgage or deed of trust may not match the title to the property. This can occur, for example, when both spouses are originally included in the loan documents, but only one spouse receives the property in the divorce. In this scenario, one spouse will own the property, but both spouses could remain responsible for the loan.

When an ex-spouse no longer owns the property but is still listed on the mortgage, he or she is responsible for debt on the property that he or she doesnt own. Failure to make payments could be reported to the credit bureaus and appear on that spouses credit report.

You’ll Need To Refinance Your Mortgage In Your Own Name To Get Your Spouse Off The Loan

Updated by Lina Guillen, Attorney

Whether you are legally separated, getting divorced, or already divorced, you may need to remove your ex from your mortgage and assume the loan on your own. Perhaps you want to make sure that your ex is no longer financially responsible for repaying the loan, if you have both agreed that you will keep the house. Or, you might want to make sure that your ex won’t get any of the proceeds if you sell the property .

No matter why you are removing your spouse from your mortgage, you will have to follow certain steps, intended to protect your spouse and the mortgage lender.

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What Happens When The Primary Owner Of A Co

When someone files for bankruptcy, any co-signers on their debt may or may not be protected, depending on the type of bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, co-signers are still on the hook for the debt. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, however, co-signers are at least temporarily protected during the initial stay while the bankruptcy case is examined. If the primary owner negotiates a lower debt payment, the creditor may seek to collect the rest from co-signers.

Check Fico Score Again

Four Ways to Remove an Ex From a Mortgage

After a few months, check the borrower’s credit score again to see if your efforts have made an improvement. As we mentioned, you might begin to see results in as little as a few months, although it might take up to six months to begin to see . If you don’t see much improvement, go back to the credit report to see if you’ve missed any areas that you can rectify to improve the score.

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How To Remove Ex

I purchased an apartment in 2005 and i am the only owner of the apartment, my ex-wife is not co-owner. But as per the bank loan process, I have to include wife as co-applicant. So she signed only the loan application form and the loan was sanctioned. Also bank opened a joint account and from that joint account only the loan EMI was being paid. She never paid or transferred money to that joint account. Also she doesn't claim any tax Benefits due this home loan.Got divorced in overseas court and I am out of touch with her and her relatives for the past ten years. Till date I am paying the EMI on regular basis. Recently I approached the bank for closure of the home loan. The Bank manager advised that he cant release the house document without the signature of my ex-wife as still she is the co-applicant in the loan. She never paid an EMI in first place and also I am not knowing her contact details now.I am ready to close the loan.Please suggest me a way out on this.

What If I Divorce And The Mortgage Is In My Name Only

If you divorce and the mortgage is in your name only, a lot depends on whether you are keeping the property in the divorce. If so, just be sure to get a quitclaim deed transferring the property to you. After the quitclaim deed is filed, you will own the entire property and be responsible for the entire mortgage.

If the mortgage is in your name and you are not keeping the property (i.e., if your ex is getting the property in the divorce, then your ex must either refinance or assume the loan. You will want to be very careful to ensure this is done soon after the divorce. Without it, your ex could simply walk away from the property with no liability, leaving you to either pay the mortgage on property you do not own or suffer the consequences.

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Name Change And Title Transfer Request Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee required in order to change my name on the account?

Answer: No, a fee isnt required in order to change your name on the account.

How long does it take for my name to be changed on the account?

Answer: Your name will be changed on the account within three business days after receiving the required documentation.

Can the title be transferred to an unrelated third party?

Answer: No, the title generally cannot be transferred to an unrelated third party.

Can the title be transferred to an LLC, corporation or partnership?

Answer: No, the title cannot be transferred to an LLC, corporation or partnership.

Can the title be transferred to a direct family member?

Answer: Under certain circumstances, a title transfer to a direct family member can be made as long as certain conditions are met.

Can the title be transferred to a living trust?

Answer: Yes, the title can be transferred to a living trust if the borrower is the beneficiary and occupies the property.

How long does it take to get a decision on a title transfer request?

Answer: You will be sent a notice of the banks decision within three business days of receiving your request.

What is required in order to gain access to an account in the case of death?
What if Ive already transferred title and its not approved by the bank?
Where do I send correspondence to change my name on the account, request access as the successor, or request consent to transfer title?

Getting Your Name Off The Loan On Jointly

How to Remove a Name From a Mortgage

There are countless reasons to co-sign on a mortgage with a romantic partner, friend, family member, or business partner when buying a property in California together. The ideas of co-ownership or helping someone qualify for a mortgage may seem like a good idea at first, but can lead to issues down the road if you decide to remove yourself from the mortgage or want to end the co-ownership relationship. The relationship may deteriorate over time or you may be worried about your co-borrowers financial means to pay off the loan. You may want to invest in your own property, but cant get a loan for a second property since youre already liable for the debt on the first property. You may want to access the equity in your valuable California home, but your co-borrower refuses to sell. Your credit report might show defaults or your credit score is lower than it would otherwise be because your co-borrower wont timely pay the mortgage.

Whatever your reasoning, ending a lopsided co-borrower, co-ownership relationship by removing yourself from a joint mortgage in California is possible through various means.

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Is It Possible To Remove Your Name From A Mortgage

When two or more people buy a home together, they will all be named as owners on the deed. If they borrow money to buy the home, they will all sign the mortgage. A mortgage gives the bank an interest in the home as collateral for the loan. The mortgage alone does not create a debt. Although all of the people who are named on the deed must sign the mortgage, they do not all have to sign the note.

The note is the document that states the terms of the loan. The note is the promise to pay the money back. It is possible to be one of the home buyers named on the deed, but not be one of the borrowers listed on the note. The note is the document that determines if the mortgage will be reported on a homeowners credit report.

Sometimes things dont work out between co-owners.

Clients ask me, Can I take my name off the mortgage?

It is helpful to review the clients closing papers. First I must know who is on the deed. The deed tells me who owns the property.

Mortgage companies generally do not release one party from the note under any circumstances, unless one party files bankruptcy.

If a co-owner quit claims the property and receives a Chapter 7 discharge, then they will have no ownership in the home and no obligation on the mortgage.

Their name will still be written on the mortgage document, but it will have no further effect.

So in summary, there are three ways to remove your name from the obligation of a mortgage debt.

Timothy M. Pletter

Removing A Name From The Deed

Regardless of which method you use to take your exs name off the mortgage, youll also need to get their name off the deed.

You usually dothis by filing a quitclaim deed, in which your ex-spouse gives up allrights to the property.

Your ex should sign thequitclaim deed in front of a notary. One this document is notarized, you fileit with the county. This publicly removes the former partners name from theproperty deed and the mortgage.

If you refinance to removethe borrower, the title company will remove the spouses name from the deed foryou.

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How To Transfer A Mortgage To Another Person

Aug 11, 2021 Contact your lender and ask if they will remove you from the mortgage .

If your lender wont agree to a release of liability, you can remove one borrowers name from the mortgage by refinancing the loan. To obtain a refinance,

If you want to remove someone from your mortgage and replace them with someone else a family member, friend or a new partner you can do this with a transfer

How Can An Attorney Help You

Sample Letter to Collection Agency to Remove From Credit ...

Removing your ex-spouses name from a mortgage after divorce is an important step that can come with both legal and financial benefits and responsibilities. It can be difficult, however, to successfully remove your exs name from the loan while still protecting your interests. A family law attorney in Denver can help guide you through the process or enforce your orders to make sure only your name is on the houses mortgage. Ultimately, you will need to choose which process works for you to remove your spouse from the financing on the marital home. Your lawyer can help you through complex legal and financial processes involved in a divorce for a better chance of a successful outcome.

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How To Remove A Suit

If you have defaulted on your loan, your bank or financial institution will file a complaint to a court, which leads to a lawsuit. This is so the bank or FI you have borrowed from seeks economic relief. If you have crossed the Rs.1 crore threshold or wilfully crossed the Rs.25 lakh threshold, your data will reflect in the public database.

So, how do you tackle a suit-filed account that has been reported to CIBIL?

Reach out to your lender and request them to consider an out-of-court settlement, where you pay the entire amount due. If your lender does consider this option, they will have to report this to the court and withdraw the lawsuit filed against you. However, the case will be withdrawn only once youve settled your loan. Your bank is also required to report this to CIBIL so they can update their records.

This may seem convenient and a little too easy, but there is something you should be aware of. If you have received a concession in payment of your dues, your CIBIL report will reflect a settled account, even if the lawsuit is dropped. It will remain on your report for 7 years. This can cause issues for you in the future, as potential lenders will refrain from approving your loan or credit applications.

In case you cannot pay the amount you owe your lender, you can always justify your reasons in court. The bank may then offer a settlement amount, which you will have to pay, no questions asked.

Do You Need A Separation Agreement

If you and your ex-partner were married, then a conveyancer can type up a basic agreement and then stamp the transfer as exempt from duty.

A contract of sale is generally not required.

If you and your ex-partner were in a de-facto relationship then you may need to see a solicitor to get a separation agreement completed, otherwise you may be required to pay stamp duty.

An application for an exemption from stamp duty will need to be assessed by the state government.

It must be fully completed and have all supporting documents attached.

A transfer is a document that is lodged with the government to register the change of ownership and needs to be signed by both parties.

There are a variety of agreement types that can be drawn up between the parties to initiate the transfer process. These range from a Separation Agreement or Consent Order to a Financial Agreement.

You can complete your own agreement if you and your ex-partner choose to do so. This agreement can be found in the Separation Kit that is on the Family Law website.

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Procedure To Remove Minor Daughter’s Name As Co Applicant In Home Loan

In Banking / Finance Law

Dear Client,Who has signed on behalf of your Daughter? Further , You can do amendment deed and get the name of your daughter removed from the said document. The reason why bank is objecting is because, recovery would be difficult from your daughter, in the event you fail to pay the loan back.Better have the amendment agreement registered and things will work on.Expert Jurist LLP

Disclaimer: The above query and its response is NOT a legal opinion in any way whatsoever as this is based on the information shared by the person posting the query at and has been responded by one of the Banking / Finance Lawyers at to address the specific facts and details. You may post your specific query based on your facts and details to get a response from one of the Lawyers at or contact a Lawyer of your choice to address your query in detail.

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Can A Cosigner Be Removed From A Lease

How To Remove Spouse from Mortgage or Title – Divorce

In the case of a lease for an apartment or home, the process is a bit different.

To remove a cosigner, you will need to qualify for the lease on your own. Youll be asked to show proof of income that demonstrates you can pay the full rent. Many landlords require that tenants show income levels at approximately 3x the monthly rent.

Some landlords will allow a cosigner to be removed, often through a lease addendum. Essentially, the landlord will draft a modification to the original lease, which allows the cosigner to be released of responsibility .

Other landlords will ask you to sign a new lease in which case you’ll need to apply for the apartment again. You may even have to pay an application fee, as the landlord will pull your credit report and other details.

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The Complexity Of Home Loans

When you buy a house, especially a first home, it is very probable you will need to borrow money to help pay for it. This is especially true in popular urban areas where an average house carries a price tag of over $1 million dollars, like in San Francisco. You may scrape together the down payment, but you’ll need a loan to cover the balance.

In order to get the loan, you must have good credit and income that the lender considers sufficiently high for you to make the monthly loan payments. If your income falls short, you can get a co-borrower such as a partner or spouse who intends to live in the house with you, or a friend or family member with good credit who is willing to do you a favor and co-sign the loan.

But if you divorce or the co-signer wants her name off the loan to free her up to make other investments, how do you go about removing her name?

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