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Can I Sell My Car Which Is On Loan

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Selling With Positive Equity

Sell My Car To Get Rid Of The Payment?

Positive equity means you may walk away from the sale with some money! For example, if your car is worth $10,000 and you owe $7,000, you can expect to take home the $3,000 difference.

In a sale to a private party or dealership, you could get the money in one of three ways:

  • The buyer pays the lender the full amount and then the lender pays the extra to you.
  • The buyer makes two payments, one to the lender and one to you.
  • The buyer pays you the full amount and you pay the lender the payoff amount.
  • If you trade in your car to a dealership, you could use the positive equity as a down payment on buying another vehicle instead of taking it as cash.

    Because its easier to sell a vehicle when you have the title on hand, you may consider buying the car with your savings or a personal loan before you sell it to its next owner. Unsecured personal loans have competitive rates for borrowers with good credit and as soon as you sell the car, you can pay off the loan, meaning you could pay very little in interest and have a free and clear title to show buyers. We recommend this only if you have a high credit score, are confident that the car can sell quickly and are comfortable with making the new payment for a little while in case the car doesnt sell immediately.

    Trading In Your Still

    As you can see, selling a car to an individual when you are still paying for the vehicle can be a complicated process, and that’s putting it mildly. It is much, much easier to trade in a car that’s still under a financing agreement to a dealer as opposed to selling it to a private party. When you trade your vehicle in, the dealership pays off the loan on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about that awkward period between selling the car and getting the title. The dealer also handles the paperwork, including the transfer of the car’s title, so you don’t have that hassle to deal with either.

    To trade in your still-financed car, you will need to bring a few things along with you on the day of your trade-in. Come prepared with your loan info, including your account number and the payoff amount. To transfer ownership, you’ll also need the vehicle’s registration, your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the keys and remote key fobs for the car, if any. You should also know the odometer reading on the car.

    Determine The Payoff Amount On Your Loan

    When you call your loan servicer, youâll need to ask for your payoff amount. This isnât the same as the current loan balance on your monthly statement. The payoff amount includes the interest thatâs accumulated on your loan from the statement date until the day you intend to pay off the loan, plus any extra fees from the lender. Payoff quotes always have an expiration date, which is commonly called a âgood throughâ date. If you havenât paid off the loan by the expiration date youâll have to request another payoff quote.

    Itâs ok to get a verbal payoff quote from your loan servicer over the phone as you begin thinking of selling your car. But as you get closer to the sale, youâll want to get a written payoff quote so that itâs legally binding and you know the exact amount required to close out the loan.

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    What Does Under Finance Mean

    A car “under finance” generally refers to the owner of the car buying the vehicle with the assistance of a car loan. One of the most common types of car financing is a secured car loan, where the car you’re buying is secured as an asset against the loan as collateral.

    This is the more popular type of car loan, and essentially means that the lender can take and sell the car should you fail to meet your repayments and default on the loan. The benefit of such a loan is they tend to have lower interest rates and fees than unsecured loans.

    Once you’ve fully paid off your loan, you then own it outright, and the lender can no longer sell it if they need to. Fully paying off your loan also makes it easier to sell a car, as potential buyers might not want to to buy your car if it is still under finance’.

    Short On Cash To Clear The Loan

    Can I Switch My Car Loan To Another Bank

    The above-mentioned steps are valid if you are in a need of clearing your dues with the bank. Now, lets have a look at two more scenarios through which you can sell your financed car.


    The first scenario is when you are unable to pay the pending loan on the car and you have no other way to sell it. What to do in that case? Well, you can talk to the financier/ bank to cease your car. In that case, the financier/ bank conduct an auction in order to sell it. However, you might face a couple of blocks:

    • Firstly, since the car is auctioned through the bank, it might be done for a lower value and you might not be able to earn any extra buck on it and the sum would be just enough to close the loan.
    • Secondly, it might even go for a lower value than your pending loan amount wherein, you will have to pay the remaining sum to clear the loan with the bank.


    You can also try to find a new buyer for the car who is willing to pay your pending dues with the bank and then, you can sell and transfer your car. However, this just might lead to a dilemma. Here is how:

    CARS24 Advantage:

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    Can You Sell A Car Without A Title

    A title serves as proof of ownership, and in most cases, you can’t sell a vehicle without proof of ownership. If your title was lost, damaged, or stolen, you should replace it. If the vehicle is abandoned, contact your state’s department of motor vehicles to find out how to proceed. Some old vehicles may have a bill of sale rather than a title, which can also be used to sell a vehicle.

    Negotiating When Selling Your Car

    If youre selling your car privately or to a dealer, the buyer is likely to want to haggle about the price. So, dont be caught off guard read our negotiating tips below so you know how to use to maximise your cars value without losing the sale.

    For tips on negotiating when buying a car, read the Which? website

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    Selling A Car With A Loan Can Be Easy If You Do It Right

    Selling a car you still owe money on can be intimidating, but it could be an easy and smooth transaction if you do it right.

    Its important to know your cars value, the payoff amount and whether you have negative or positive equity. In addition, maintaining an open dialogue with the lender can ensure accuracy and allow you to figure out all your options. Each lender has its own rules and regulations when it comes to selling a car with a loan, and its important you follow them, so there arent any issues that arise later on. If the bank needs the payoff amount before you can sell, there are options, too just keep in mind some of these choices can cause more debt.

    Always weigh the pros and cons before making any final decision when selling your car with a loan.

    Can I Sell A Car With Outstanding Hp Finance

    How to sell your car when you still owe money on it

    The lender is the legal owner of a car bought on Hire Purchase until all payments have been made. In order to sell the car, you will need to end the agreement early by getting a settlement quote. To get a settlement figure, you will need to contact the finance company asking for one. You should receive a settlement figure within a few working days from the finance company, and will then have a set period to pay the amount stated. Once this figure has been paid, the vehicle can be sold.

    If you have paid less than half of the total amount owed on your agreement, you could return the car to the finance company by paying the remaining instalments needed to bring yourself up to half of the remaining value this includes any interest and fees. This is due to Section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 known as voluntary termination. You can read more about this in our guide on cancelling your car finance early.

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    Selling To A Dealership When Your Car Has Negative Equity

    If you go to a dealership to trade in your current car for a new car, the dealer may offer to wrap the negative equity amount into the loan on your new car. This may be tempting but it can hurt you financially as it can put your new car loan underwater. If youâre able to, you can address the negative equity at the time of the car sale by paying off the outstanding loan balance. If this isnât possible and you donât want to risk putting your new loan underwater by rolling the negative equity into a new loan, consider buying a less expensive vehicle thatâs more affordable for your current budget.

    Take These Steps Before Selling A Financed Car

    Follow these steps before selling a car with a lien:

  • Weigh your selling options. Decide whether you want to sell to a dealership or a private party.
  • Will you use the money from the car sale, or do you have money to pay it off before the sale? Youll also have to account for any early repayment fees or other costs associated with your lender.
  • Earn your private buyers trust. Some people may be hesitant to purchase a car thats not fully paid off. Make it clear you intend to pay off the car once you make the sale. For peace of mind, offer to bring the buyer to the bank or lender and clear the debt in front of them.
  • Consider these factors before you decide to sell a financed car

    Here are three factors to think about before selling a car that has a lien on it:

    • Depreciation. The value of your car can drop considerably in a few short years, so consider depreciation and how much money you can reasonably expect to get from selling your financed car.
    • Trust. Most people are wary about buying a car with money owed on it.
    • Risk of going underwater. If youre working with a dealership and want a car worth more than the value of your current vehicle, you might roll your old balance into a new loan making it easy for your car loan to become upside down.

    Selling a car with positive vs. negative equity

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    If You Can Hold The Sale At The Bank That Holds Your Loan

    The easiest way to handle the sale of a car that has a loan on it is to hold the sale at the physical address of the lender. That will provide you with the ability to collect the funds from the buyer, pay off the loan to the bank, and transfer the title to the new owner.

    Holding the sale at the lending institution has certain other advantages. For one, it represents a neutral site to hold the sale. For another, it gives the sale a more formal tone than if you were to complete it in your driveway. Third, any documents that you may need from the lender will be immediately available. And, finally, you may be able to have the lenders staff make copies or notarize any documents necessary.

    This is the best way to go if your loan is from a local bank or credit union. Unfortunately, many loans written at car dealerships come from big national banks like Chase, Capital One, or the financing arms of car manufacturers . This makes selling your car with an outstanding loan balance a bit more difficultbut not impossible.

    How To Determine Your Cars Current Market Value

    How Can I Sell My Car As Quickly As Possible  My Blog

    If youre thinking about trying to get out of your car loan contract because of the possibility of it becoming upside-down, its a good idea to get an estimate of the cars current market value, before jumping to any conclusions.

    You can likely find a number of websites that will calculate the value of your car, based on certain criteria like the make, model, color, etc. However, if you can also get a basic estimate by checking the mileage, going over the cars various features and what shape its in, then look at used car classifieds and websites to see what cars similar to yours are currently going for.

    Should You Get Rid Of Your Your Car Loan?

    Once youve determined your cars market value, calculate how much you have left on your loan, making sure to factor in the interest costs. If your loan payments add up to more than the car is worth, you might want to consider getting rid of your car loan.

    Additional Reading

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    Trading A Car Versus Selling It

    When it comes to getting the most out of your used car, is it better to trade it in or should you try to sell it yourself? There are definite pros and cons to both.

    Trading it in, as you can see above, is the simplest way to get rid of the car, especially with a lender’s lien still attached. The process is much faster, and the dealership handles the paperwork. Drive your old car in and drive away with a new car. Easy, peasy.

    However, trading your car in usually equates to losing at least some money. The car dealer will never give you the true value of the car. He only makes money when he sells the car for more than he has in it. You stand to lose hundreds of dollars by trading in a vehicle instead of selling it yourself.

    Even so, the 2020 pandemic saw a surge in the demand for used cars due to more folks foregoing ridesharing and looking for affordable vehicles of their own. This ongoing uptick in car dealerships need for used car inventory may give car owners bigger bargaining power when selling used cars.

    In nearly every instance, you will get more for your car through a private party sale. Buyers are more willing to pay closer to the actual value of the vehicle than dealers since they don’t have to factor in any markup on the car.

    Choosing The Best Way To Sell Your Car

    There are a number of different options for selling your car. The best one for you depends on how much you want to get for the car, how much time youre willing to spend on it and if you want to get another car.

    Selling privately means you might get more for your car than you would from a dealer. But might be time consuming.

    If you want another car straight away, part exchanging with a dealer is might be a better option.

    This means if your car was worth £5,500 if sold privately, you might lose at least £500 by selling it to a dealer.

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    Donate Your Old Car To Charity

    If your old car isnt worth much or you havent got the time to arrange selling it, why not donate it to Charitycar

    Theyll collect it free of charge and youll have the satisfaction of knowing your cars value is going to the charity of your choice.

    You could also consider donating your car through Giveacar

    If you donate your old car, it will either be sold at auction or scrapped.

    Can I Sell A Financed Car Everything You Need To Know

    Should I Repair My Car Or Buy a New One With a Loan?

    August 24, 2021byJohn Tallodi

    Financing is a great way to get behind the wheel of a new car without having to part with a huge sum of cash in one go.

    However, until you have paid it off, the lender is the legal owner of the car making selling a car a bit trickier than a car you own outright. Looking to do exactly that, though? This guide should help.

    Oh, and once youre in a position to sell, why not sell with carwow? Just click the green button below to find out more, or go here for a valuation.

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    What To Do When The Bank Wants The Payoff Before You Sell Your Vehicle

    A bank may want the car loan payoff amount before youre able to sell it. This is very common, but it does mean youll need to do more legwork. Luckily, there are several options you can choose from, though youll need to research them to determine which might be the best for you.

    • Use your savings. This is a repeat option but, if you have extra savings, you could use it to pay off your car loan and not take on more debt. However, not everyone has extra money to use, so pulling from a savings account is not always an option.

    Can I Sell A Car Im Paying Off With A Personal Loan

    Yes. Once youve taken out the loan to pay for the car, assuming youve paid for it in full, you own it outright. Unlike with other finance options, you wont face any driving restrictions, such as limited mileage.

    And since youre the legal owner of the car, youll be able to sell it. Remember, youre still liable for the loan, so youll have to keep up with your monthly installments.

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