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How To Get Business Loan Without Personal Guarantee

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How To Get A Small Business Loan Without Personal Guarantee

How to Obtain Business Credit without Personal Guarantee

Businesses are always considering getting a small business loan. But before you go off to a lender and apply, you will need to consider if you will be needing a personal guarantee to secure the loan. This article describes how you can get a small business loan without a personal guarantee.

Different Types Of Guarantees For Business Loans

While searching for a business loan with no personal guarantee, its essential to understand the different types of personal guarantees.

  • Unlimited/Unconditional Guarantee. The most common personal guarantee is the unlimited personal guarantee or unconditional guarantee. This guarantee requires the borrower to be responsible for the total amount of the loan repayment, plus any legal fees. One example is the Small Business Administrations loan program. Many SBA loans require unlimited personal guarantees from the borrowers with a 20% or more stake in a business.
  • Limited Personal Guarantee. Limited personal guarantees are more flexible and lenient. This type of guarantee limits the amount of money a lender can come after a borrower for in the event of business default. Although a limited personal guarantee sounds preferable, the limitations only apply to money. For example, failure to make payments might lead business lenders to come after other specific assets such as real estate or vehicles. There are subcategories within limited personal guarantees, such as several guarantees or joint guarantees. These types of guarantees are more common with businesses that have multiple business partners, as each partner would be required to repay a determined amount of the loan.

Key Features Of The Brex Corporate Card

The Brex Corporate Card comes in 4 different types, each with benefits specifically designed for startups, ecommerce businesses, life sciences companies and enterprise companies. For example, startups can enjoy uncapped points for travel and other categories as well as a higher-than-average credit limit. Meanwhile, life sciences companies can earn points when they purchase lab supplies.

The card comes with no annual fees and no foreign transaction fees.

There are no clear requirements for the Brex Corporate Card, but its clear that the company will only approve certain types of businesses and the program is tailored specifically for investor-backed startups.

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How Lighter Capital Can Qualify Loans With No Personal Guarantees

Personal guarantees on business loans are designed to reduce a banks risk in lending out money to business owners who may not have a proven track record of repaying loans. In order for a lender to go without personal guarantees, they must have some other way of reducing their risk as they lend to new clients.

At Lighter Capital, our ability to say no to personal guarantees is a function of the specific way we do business as a specialized, alternative lender. We reduce our risk via our thorough, data-driven vetting process for borrowers we only lend to companies that we assess to be likely to succeed. Since we lend in a particular niche early-stage SaaS companies we have a very good sense of what it takes for companies to be viable in that context.

Other lenders with different business models, priorities, and borrower profiles dont have the luxury of being as choosy in their lending as we are. So personal guarantees are how they ensure they can manage potential losses.

Borrowers should carefully weigh the potential benefits and consequences of taking on a personal guarantee on a business loan before signing on the dotted line. Or, if theyre an early-stage SaaS company, they might want to look at what Lighter Capital has to offer instead.

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What Are Unsecured Business Loans

How to Get business loan

Unsecured business loans dont require any collateral in order to secure the loan. Thus, there will be no pledge of real estate, vehicles, or other high-value assets when financing is obtained. If the business defaults on the loan, the lender must initiate a lawsuit in order to collect on the balance of the loan.

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Personal Guarantees And Credit Scores

Before you sign a personal guarantee on a business loan, youll first complete a loan application process that includes a personal credit check either hard or soft. These credit checks are usually required for all business owners who own at least 20% of your company.

A credit check can actually hurt the prospective guarantors credit since it counts as a ding on their credit score. And, if your business ultimately closes on the loan and the guarantor signs a guarantee, the loan will show up on their credit report.

If a person providing the personal guarantee doesnt have good credit, it may also impact your ability to acquire the loan the same as if your company didnt have enough collateral or didnt show strong cash flow strategies to cover the prospective payment.

No Business Collateral Strings Attached

The main advantage of unsecured business financing from a small business ownerâs perspective, is the lack of collateral required to receive the loan. In most cases, if a business owner is unable to repay an unsecured loan, the lender is not allowed to seize their business assets. This provides an extra layer of protection for small business borrowers. Additionally, since extra time and paperwork involved in securing collateral is not needed, unsecured lenders are able to extend financing much faster.

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The Paydex Score Is Based On A Weighted Average

Perhaps the most important aspect of your paydex score is to understand that it is a weighted average score. This means that the highest dollar value invoices, bills, or payments your company makes carries the most weight in your paydex score. So, when it comes to paying off your invoices, make sure to pay of the highest values first. This will make sure your paydex score is within an acceptable range. It’s also imperative that you take an active role managing your paydex score. Take the time to speak with your creditors and work with them to make sure they know when they’ll be paid. Having a high paydex score will get your business that lower interest rate on loans, more favorable terms with customers, and ultimately, save your business money.

Helping Your Credit Score In The Meantime


After you have accomplished all of these steps, especially after you have at least ten positive trade references, you should be able to have enough to get business credit without a personal guarantor. In the meantime, however, there are ways that you can “pad” your chances of getting it by establishing a reputation as a responsible business. These include getting credit cards in your business name from businesses that don’t require a personal guarantee. These include Sam’s Club® business MasterCard®, which often waves a personal guarantor for companies with large annual revenues.

Admittedly, getting business credit without a personal guarantee isn’t easy, but it can be done. Rest assured that when you do try to get business credit and have difficulty, you are going through the same troubles that practically every business owner has gone through and succeeded. It is a very common situation for anyone who is in the process of starting a business. This process might be difficult to overcome, but it can be done, just as it has been for countless other business owners throughout the country.

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Why Do Business Lenders Require A Personal Guarantee Loan Agreement

Lending to small businesses is a risky matter. Because of this, most business lenders have minimum requirements for revenue and time in business and the addition of collateral.

However, with unsecured loans without collateral, the lender needs some form of assurance that it will get its money back if your business cannot pay your loan. That assurance comes in the form of a personal guarantee loan agreement. Personal guarantees are the basic standard for most business loans, and they are a form of protection for lenders.

A Business Line Of Credit With Access To Cash

Business cash advances can help a small business when cash flow shortages occur and will help ensure that a business has enough cash to operate. Whether you want to pay bills, purchase inventory or invest in new equipment, access to cash is vital for your business to make it through.

With a business line of credit, you can draw on the funds whenever you need them and can pay back the full amount at any time without penalty. You can take advantage of low-interest rates and very flexible payment terms on your business line of credit. And with NO personal guarantee required, you can even finance part of your purchase by taking out your loan against part of your receivable balance.

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Small Business Loans That Dont Require A Credit Check

Finding a business loan with no credit check can be a daunting task, but its not impossible. Learn about our top no credit check loan recommendations.

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Build Credit With Suppliers That Do Not Require A Paydex Score Or Personal Guarantee

Business Credit Cards Without a Personal Guarantee

A number of business suppliers, most notably office supply and industrial supply companies, do not require a paydex score or personal guarantee in order to establish credit terms with them. They may require your first orders to be prepaid, and they may start you off with a fairly low limit, but you can build higher credit limits and longer terms with them over time. If you want to establish business credit, consider using these suppliers rather than running to the local office supply or warehouse store with a company check or personal credit card. Some popular suppliers that can help you establish your business credit include:

When it comes to securing the business credit your company needs, it’s in your best interest to make sure your credit is tied into the performance of your business as a separate entity from your own personal liability. Doing this will protect you against an unfortunate bankruptcy of your business. In addition, it will provide your business with better interest rates on business loans, and better credit and terms with your own suppliers. At the end of the day, it’s about saving money, getting the most for your efforts, and doing it right the first time.

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The Benefits Of An Unsecured Business Revolving Line Of Credit

If youre comparing an unsecured business line of credit to other types of small business financing, such asinventory loans, its essential to understand the benefits of each option. An unsecured line of credit gives you:

  • Flexible financing – An unsecured business line of credit is a flexible funding solution that can cover things like payroll or unexpected maintenance. A line of credit can also help you purchase inventory, pay rent, or expand your business.
  • No Need to Reapply – Unlike traditional loans, lines of credit dont make you constantly reapply for funding. Since this is an open line of credit, you can borrow money immediately after you pay it backas long as you dont exceed your original credit limit.
  • Interest only applies to borrowed cash – Another benefit of a line of credit is that you only pay interest on the money you withdraw. This makes it an affordable source of reserve money for your business.
  • Cash is readily available – With most lines of credit, you can withdraw cash directly at no extra cost. This gives you flexibility when you need to pay bills.

While an unsecured line of credit may be the solution to your immediate cash needs, a secured line of credit offers you a wider range of lending options. Youre also able to borrow a larger amount with a secured line of credit.

Can I Get An Unsecured Business Loan With No Personal Guarantee

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6 min read. by Joe Camberato

Can I get an unsecured business loan with no personal guarantee?

Going through your options for business financing, youve probably asked yourself this question at least once, stumbling across a number of terms that are not always as clear as they sound. In this article, we will answer this question so you dont have to research any further.

Unsecured business loans are loans that dont have collateral requirements. In other words, you wont need to pledge your personal or business assets in exchange for financing. This can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

For starters, you may not have access to the kind of high-value assets like real estate or equipment that can be used as collateral. Second, unsecured financing greatly diminishes the risk of you losing your assets in case of a default. Its no wonder why unsecured business loans are highly sought-after.

However, personal guarantee requirements can complicate things a bit. Although it is possible to get an unsecured business loan with no personal guarantee, it isnt always easy.

Heres everything you need to know about getting an unsecured business loan with no personal guarantee.

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What Does No Personal Guarantee Mean

Many small business loans, particularly unsecured loans, require the business owner to personally guarantee the loan amount so that if the payments cant be met by the business, the loan company can get their money back. Should the business fail, your house, car, and other assets may be at risk, depending on the terms of the guarantee.

If you are the sole owner of the business, you will likely have to sign an unlimited personal guarantee. This makes you wholly liable for the entire amount, principal plus interest, should the worst happen. In the case of multiple owners, it is more likely that each will have to sign a limited personal guarantee. Each partner in the business is allotted a percentage of the loan amount, and your liability is restricted to that share.

For many, this is an uncomfortable burden to bear. The idea that you may lose your home because the business gets into financial difficulties can become a constant worry and prevents many from ever borrowing money for growth.

A loan that doesnt require a personal guarantee may be more difficult to find than normal and may cost more, but the peace of mind is often worth those extra dollars. No personal guarantee business loans, where you are not liable for repayment problems, may sound like an impossible dream, but they are out there.

Save Some Of The Profits From The Unsecured Business Loan For Your Business

How To Get A Business Loan Without A Personal Guarantee (No Credit Checks) – 5 Incredible Options

As soon as you get the loan, set apart twenty to thirty percent of the loan amount as a buffer to ensure that your loan payments are on time. The IRS considers these accumulated or retained earnings, and are taxed however, keeping these monies aside to ascertain that your loan payments are made on time is worth tax. Not to mention the building of your business repayment history. Use this money to pay back your loan. It will also establish your business credit for the next three to five years.

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Business Loan Options Without Personal Guarantee

Lenders will typically require a personal guarantee when providing unsecured small business loans. However, you can consider several business loan options if you are not ready to put up your personal assets as collateral. These loans tend to have higher interest rates than those backs by collateral but will help spare you the anxiety.

Why Merchant Cash Advances Are So Expensive

Merchant cash advance companies quote their prices in factor rates, usually ranging from 1.18 to 1.48. Multiply that factor rate by your loan amount to figure out the total amount youll owe.

After that, convert your factor rate to APR. When you do the math, youâll find that APRs on merchant cash advances can skyrocketâreaching the triple digits in the worst cases.

The bottom line on merchant cash advances is this:

As a small business owner who needs startup capital and canât offer a lender collateral, a merchant cash advance can be easy to qualify for. But while they may fit the âstartup business loans with no collateralâ bill, they should always be a last resort for your business financing.

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The Purpose Of A Personal Guarantee

Small business loans are very risky for lenders. Therefore, lenders require minimum revenue and time in business. They also require collateral which can be difficult to provide. If your business does not meet these standards, the lender will require a personal guarantee as security.

It is more likely that a business will default on a loan than an individual. Therefore, if the business cannot make payments, the guarantee is legally liable to make the payments. And if the personal guarantee is unable to make repayments, the lender has the right to claim the personal assets of the personal guarantee. Such as the home, car, or investments for repayment.

Can I Get A Startup Business Loan With Bad Credit And No Collateral

How To Get a Business Loan Without a Personal Guarantee

You may be able to qualify for a business loan with bad credit. However, since your financial situation poses more risk for lenders, you may find yourself with higher interest rates compared to businesses with strong credit and financial history. Your best options may include equipment financing, term loans from alternative lenders, secured loans and cosigned loans.

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