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How Can I Find Out My Student Loan Debt

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How Can I Reduce My Student Loan Debt

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Student Loan Forgiveness For Borrowers Who Drop Out

If youâre struggling to make student loan payments after dropping out of your degree program, itâs important to understand your options. Student loan forgiveness, deferment, forbearance, income-based repayment, and other programs can be confusing. This article offers a basic overview to help you get started.

Finding Your Loan Information

If you are unsure which agency is servicing your defaulted student loan, you may retrieve your loan information from the National Student Loan Data System . This system contains financial aid information collected from schools, agencies, and other educational institutions. You will need your Federal Student Aid ID information to access your account. Or, you may contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center .

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Private Student Loan Refinancing

Refinancing is similar to consolidation in that you bring all your loans into one manageable loan. But refinancing is only done with private lenders the federal government doesnt offer student loan refinancing. That means youll lose federal loan protections when you refinance federal loans into a private one.

You can refinance both private and federal student loans together. Youll complete an application with a lender and detail all the current student loans you want to refinance. When youre approved, youll start making one monthly payment on your new loan to your new lender.

You should refinance if you:

  • Have good or excellent credit and can secure a lower interest rate than what youre paying now.
  • Have multiple loans with many different lenders, especially private loans.
  • Can secure a lower monthly payment by stretching out your loan term.

You should avoid refinancing if you:

  • Dont have strong enough credit to get a lower interest rate.
  • Have federal loans that are eligible for an IDR plan or youre on track for PSLF.
  • Want to keep federal protections and benefits, like deferment and forbearance, in case you experience financial hardship.

Pros And Cons Of Debt Cancellation

Do you know how much your debt costs you each day? Find ...

Moody’s Investor Service predicts wiping out student debt would yield a stimulus to economic activity that is comparable to tax cuts in the near term, according to reporting by CNBC. Over the longer term, it could increase homeownership and boost the creation of small businesses. Outright debt cancellation would boost real gross domestic product by $86 billion to $108 billion per year, according to one study from Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute.

However, analysts warn of the risk of moral hazard caused by implying that the cost of your decisions will be borne by someone else. This could lead to even higher student debt burdens, as borrowers assume forgiveness will be ongoing. Another argument suggests that forgiving student loan balances will provide, at best, a weak stimulus to the economy, because the savings are realized in small amounts over a long period of time, depending on how much a borrower pays back monthly with full or partial forgiveness.

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Rehabilitate Your Canada Student Loan

If your loan is in collection, Contact the CRA to:

  • see if you qualify to have your federal student loan brought up to date
  • make payments equal to 2 regular monthly payments and choose one of the following options:
  • pay off all outstanding interest on your loan, or
  • add all unpaid interest to the balance of your loan

Once you make your payments, contact the NSLSC. You should receive a new repayment schedule within 1 month.

How To Keep Track Of Your Total Student Loan Balance

Owing multiple lenders makes tracking repayment complicated, so it’s helpful to have a comprehensive list. Your list should include:

  • The name of the lender
  • The type of loan
  • The outstanding balance due
  • The monthly payment
  • The interest rate

You can use a simple spreadsheet to record all of this information. Apps such as Mint can also help you keep track of your loan balances, but won’t always provide all of the details about every loan, such as your interest rate.

Making a list that you update each time you make a payment or if loan terms change — such as when you switch to a different federal repayment plan — will allow you to see at a glance how you’re doing on debt repayment. You can also refer to your list when deciding if you should make extra payments on any of your loans.

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Filing Bankruptcy To Deal With Your Student Loan Debt Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Everyone knows that itâs very hard to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. But that is not the same thing as saying that student loans can never be eliminated through a bankruptcy filing. Ultimately, itâs the bankruptcy court judge that makes the decision on whether someone should be able to eliminate their student loans through bankruptcy. Here are the five things you should know if youâre considering bankruptcy to deal with your student loan burden.

Finding Your Federal Student Loan Balances

How to find out if your student loan debt is being canceled by Navient

You can always access student loan information through your My Federal Student Aid account, where you can find your federal student loan balances under the National Student Loan Data System . This is the U.S. Department of Education’s central database for student aid, and it keeps track of all your federal student loans.

You’ll need a Federal Student Aid ID username and password to log in to the site. The ID serves as your legal signature, and you can’t have someonewhether an employer, family member, or third partycreate an account for you, nor can you create an account for someone else. The NSLDS stores information so you can quickly check it whenever you need to, and it will tell you which loans are subsidized or unsubsidized, which is important because it can determine how much you end up paying after graduation.

If your loans are subsidized, the U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while you’re enrolled in school interest accrues during that time with unsubsidized loans. To qualify for a subsidized loan, you must be an undergraduate student who has demonstrated financial need. Unsubsidized loans are available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students, and there are no financial qualifications in place.

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Can You File Bankruptcy

If youre struggling to make your payments, a student loan lawyer might be able to help. While in most cases student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, an experienced lawyer can help you find the best solution for your debt and loan problems. At Stiberman Law, we have helped hundreds of student loan clients throughout Florida, and we have worked with almost all of the major student loan lenders, servicers, and private collection agencies in Florida.

What Happens If You Default On Student Loans

A student loan default can affect you in many ways. Penalties of default include the following.

To collect on federal student loans, your loan holder can garnish your wages and withhold your tax refunds and other government payments, like Social Security checks.

Private student loan holders cant take your tax refunds or Social Security payments, but they can take you to court. If they receive a judgment in their favor, they can garnish money from your paychecks or even your bank accounts to pay your defaulted loan.

A student loan default and the late payments that preceded it can remain on your credit report for seven years. This negative mark can make borrowing for a car, home or additional schooling more expensive or potentially impossible. Default can also hurt your ability to rent an apartment, sign up for a new cell phone plan or even get a job.

Late fees and interest will continue to build on your debt, increasing the amount you owe. You can also be charged costs for the collection of your defaulted loan. These collection costs may be as much as 25% of your loan’s balance.

For example, lets say you owe $30,000 at the time of default. You could have to pay as much as $7,500 in collection costs on top of that $30,000 balance to pay off your loan.

If you have a student loan default, you cant take on additional student loans or receive other federal aid to return to school.

» MORE:How to go back to school with defaulted loans

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What Is Total And Permanent Disability Discharge & How Do I Qualify

Living with a chronic illness or serious injury is hard enough without having to worry about making payments on your student loans. Luckily, the federal government provides the option of canceling a student loan borrowerâs federal student loan debt if the borrower is too sick to work. If you become disabled due to illness or injury, you may be eligible for the Total and Permanent Disability discharge of your federal student loan debt.

Student Debt And The Class Of 2020

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Student Loan Debt

Our sixteenth annual report on debt for bachelors degree graduates of public and nonprofit colleges finds vast variation in debt levels across states as well as colleges.

Average student debt at graduation in 2020 ranged from $18,350 in Utah to $39,950 in New Hampshire, and new graduates likelihood of having debt varied from 39 percent in Utah to 73 percent in South Dakota. In nineteen states, average debt was more than $30,000, and it was over $35,000 in six states.

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Q Are Student Loan Burdens Economically Handicapping An Entire Generation

A. More adults between 18 and 35 are living at home, and fewer of them own homes than was the case for their counterparts a decade or two ago. But these trends are mostly due to these folks entering the work force during the Great Recession rather than due to their student loans. Federal Reserve researchers estimate that 20% of the decline in homeownership can be attributed to their increased student loan debt the bulk of the decline reflects other factors.

Find Out How Much You Owe In Student Loans

When you took out your student loans, you agreed to borrow a set amount and to repay it with interest. Your interest rate can cause your loan balance to grow over time, so you could end up owing thousands more than you originally borrowed.

To make things even more confusing, your loans can sometimes change hands. Some lenders will sell your loans or transfer them to other loan servicers, so who you originally had as a loan servicer may no longer be the right one. Your loan servicer is who you make payments to and go to for questions, so its important to figure out who your current servicer is to repay your debt.

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How Much Student Loan Debt Do I Have

When youre ready to focus on your finances and gather information about your debts, one question that may come up is, how much do I owe in student loans?

If youve received student loan funds, you may have an idea of what you owe, but that does not give a full picture of your total debt. In most cases, interest accrues on the loan from the date you received the funds. Therefore, the total student loan balance is often higher due to interest being added.

To find out how much you owe in student loans, its good to know whether you have federal or private student loans. If you are unsure which you have, or you have both types, determining your student loan total will take a little more effort.

Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

Can I Buy A House With $138,000 Of Student Loan Debt?

It is without a doubt that nurse practitioners, among other healthcare professionals, have the most expensive education. According to research, students take out from $20,000 and above to get a degree as nurse practitioners, hence the nurse corps LRP.

Unlike the NHSCLRP, the NCLR program was made only for registered nurses with direct loans.

In comparison to the public service loan forgiveness program, the NCLR program requires nurses to make Zero payments to qualify for the

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If Youre Having Trouble Repaying

If you need help with repaying your Canada Student Loan, you may qualify for the Repayment Assistance Plan .

If youre having trouble repaying a provincial student loan, contact your student aid office. For repayment assistance with a loan or line of credit provided by your financial institution, contact your branch to determine what your options are.

Understand that by making your payments smaller, it will take you longer to pay back your loan. Youll end up paying more interest on your loan.

If you consider refinancing or consolidating your student loan, note that there are important disadvantages.

If you transfer your federal or provincial student loan to a private lender, you will lose any tax deductions on your student loan interest. You wont qualify for the interest free period while you’re in school and will end up paying more interest over time.

Questions About Qualifying For Loan Forgiveness

Do postal workers qualify for loan forgiveness? USPS workers qualify for the PSLF Program, the temporary waiver, and income-based repayment forgiveness.

How many college classes do I need to teach to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness? College professors qualify for PSLF if they work full-time at a private, nonprofit school, or state school. Adjunct professors typically can qualify if they teach at least 12 hours per semester. Check your schoolâs handbook to see how many hours they give you per credit hour you teach.

I am an independent contractor for disabled children. Do I qualify for student loan forgiveness? Independent contractors for disabled children can qualify for PSLF if they work full-time for a government or nonprofit employer. If their employer is a for-profit organization, they still qualify for forgiveness after making 240 to 300 qualifying payments under an IDR plan.

I own a non-profit organization. Do I qualify for a student loan forgiveness program? A borrower who works full-time for a nonprofit organization that they own can qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Youâre eligible for PSLF if:

  • Your nonprofit is registered with the IRS as a 501 or provides a qualifying public service.
  • You work full-time and receive a salary from a nonprofit entity.

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Getting Financial Aid During And After A Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy does not prevent you from getting federal student loans or other types of federal financial aid. While some federal loans do require that you have good credit , others donât depend on creditworthiness. Instead, they look at your financial need based on your current financial situation.

How To Find Student Loan Balance For Private Loans

I want nothing more than to pay off my student loan debt ...

To find your private student loan balance, you may have to do a little more work since theres no centralized system for private loan information.

The first thing to check is your credit report. You can obtain a free credit report once every twelve months. The report will contain information about your loan providers, loan balance and payment history for loans.

This should provide a good start to determine the balances, although credit reports do have mistakes sometimes. If something seems inaccurate, try finding your original loan contracts, then follow up with the loan provider directly.

You can also check with your schools financial aid office for any information they have on loans you received.

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My Student Loan Debt Is More Than 20 Years Old

Dear Steve,

I have an awwwwful lot of student loan debt following me from college. Unfortunately I have not been able to pay any of it back. Long story short, I ended up footing the entire bill for college because my parents were not in the picture and I had no guidance except “take out loans and pay them back later!”

I had to file bankruptcy once when I first left college to erase as many as I could but some were not old enough to be discharged..although included in the filing.

So now I have the remainder and it accrues daily …I think its at approx 60grand! I work like a madman but I have tax debt as well that I am trying to deal with…is there any way to reduce the amount I owe them …who do I speak to…any advice would be greatly appreciated!

How can I reduce the amount of my student loans so that i can at least begin to make payments…or is there a way to discharge at least some of them…the loans are about twenty years old now…


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Dear David,

Since you didn’t say if these loans were private or government backed student loans I’m going to give you a bit of advice for both. But also feel free to read my guide on how to deal with student loans you can’t afford.

Private Student Loans

Private student loans are a bit tricky in that the lenders have no obligation or requirement to offer any adjusted payment programs.

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