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How To Apply For Sba Veterans Advantage Loan

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Small 7 Veterans Advantage Loan

Veteran Business Loans : SBA Veteran Advantage Program #SBA

The small SBA 7 loan works much like the larger standard loan with the exception of the lending amount. The maximum loan amount is set at $350,000 but the guarantee rates are the same. Each applicant must fill out SBA Form 1919 and SBA Form 1920 and possible additional SBA forms. A small loan like this can still help with startup costs.

The Sbas 504 Loan Program

This program was created to give small businesses low cost funds for expansion or modernization. Typically, up to 50% of project costs are funded by a lender backed by the SBA. CDCs usually fund up to 40% of the project cost. The final 10% is a cash down payment expected to come from the small business owner.

A 504 SBA loan might be a good fit for small business owners interested in purchasing a commercial real estate property. To find your local CDC, visit the SBA website here.

Sba Loans For Established Businesses

Benefit from easier qualification, longer terms and lower down payments on fixed assets than most standard loans.

You own a for-profit business that does not generally qualify for conventional credit.

  • You own and operate a for-profit business
  • Your business is legally organized as a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or LLC
  • Your business does not generally qualify for conventional credit

Get a 1.99% interest rate for the first 6 months on qualifying Small Business conventional and SBA secured term loans. Loans from $100,000. Apply by September 30, 2021 and close by January 31, 2022.

  • Get a 1.99% interest rate for the first 6 months on qualifying Small Business conventional and SBA secured term loans. Loans from $100,000. Apply by September 30, 2021 and close by January 31, 2022.

Benefit from no upfront fees on secured loans plus no appraisal fees on your commercial real estate secured loan

  • Benefit from no upfront fees on secured loans plus no appraisal fees on your commercial real estate secured loan
  • Qualifying loans starting at $100,000. Exclusions apply

Take advantage of a 25% discount on loan administration or origination fees.Offer valid for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces on new credit facility applications submitted in Small Business.

  • Take advantage of a 25% discount on loan administration or origination fees.
  • Offer valid for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces on new credit facility applications submitted in Small Business.

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How Do Community Advantage Loans Work

Most SBA loans are handled by traditional banks. This makes them a good fit for many small businesses that want to operate in wealthy areas and for entrepreneurs who can raise a significant amount of money as their own share in the loan. However, it means that these loans often dont reach businesses in low-income or otherwise neglected communities, nor do they often work with nontraditional lenders.

The Community Advantage program tries to expand SBA lending to small businesses in underserved communities. It does this by creating loan guarantees specifically for mission-oriented lenders, primarily nonprofit financial intermediaries focused on economic development. This program tries to develop businesses in underserved communities such as rural towns and low-income urban neighborhoods by backing loans specifically from local lenders.

The SBA requires that any Community Advantage lender must make at least 60 percent of its loans in a defined underserved market. Per a guidance issued by the agency, these include:

  • Low-to-moderate income communities, emphasizing low and very-low income communities
  • Businesses where more than 50% of the full-time workforce is low-income or resides in a low-income community
  • Legally defined empowerment zones and enterprise communities

A lender also must have one of four statuses to participate in the program:

What Is A Va Sba Loan

How do I get an SBA 504 Loan for my business?

First and foremost, its important to explain what a VA SBA loan is.

In reality, the phrase VA SBA loan, is misleadingâas the VA, which stands for the Department of Veterans Affairs, does not provide loans directly to business owners. Instead, therefore, the phrase VA SBA loan is generally used to refer to SBA loans for veterans.

This being said, though, the SBA does not offer a loan program wholly for veterans. Through a number of their loan programs, however, the SBA does offer certain benefits that are unique to veteran-owned businesses, as well as provide additional resources for veterans.

With this in mind, and as well explain in greater detail below, the benefits that veterans can receive with particular SBA loans are available through whats called the Veterans Advantage program.

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What Is The Sba Veterans Advantage Program

The Small Business Administration guarantees loan products for small businesses in hopes that lenders are able to be more flexible and provide better terms for business owners. As a way of honoring small business owners who are veterans of the armed services, they go even further with the Veteran Advantage Program.

What You Need To Know About Sba Loans

You may be required to put up collateral for your SBA loan. Your business assets may be required to have a first lien placed on them to secure the loan. Not all SBA loans are created the same you may find the minimum loan amounts for some programs such as operating capital loans may be lower than loans to buy real estate for the business or purchase a business itself.

Remember, the SBA does NOT lend moneyit helps the borrower and the lender get together to do business and provides a guarantee for the loan. That guarantee makes the loan more attractive for a lender and makes the loan easier for the veteran to be approved for.

Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News.

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Sba Express Loan Program

Although the SBA Patriot Express Loan ended in late 2013, veterans and nonveterans still can participate in the SBA Express loan program.

Business owners can borrow up to $350,000 through the SBA Express program, which features a turnaround time within 36 hours. These loans include an SBA guaranty fee. .

Service Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program

How does a veteran get an SBA loan

This program offers entrepreneurship training to service-disabled veterans who are looking to start or currently own a small business.

The SDVETP is funded through granteesâincluding the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University, St. Josephs University, and Dog Tag Inc.

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How To Secure Funding For Veteran

Veterans with an entrepreneurial spirit may have an advantage over others seeking to build a new business. The skills that make a military operation successful are the same as those needed to build a solid business. Creating an enterprise from scratch takes discipline, leadership, and decisive action. It also takes money. Fortunately, there are many funding options available to help veterans realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Traditional Small Business Loans

Veterans starting a new business or growing an established one may first look to their local bank for financing. What it takes to qualify for a traditional small business loan varies by institution. But most banks require a good credit score, a low debt-to-income ratio, established credit with a solid payment record, and collateral.

Yet there is a chance, that even if you meet all of those requirements, your local bank still may not offer extend credit to your business. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration offers counseling, capital, and contracting expertise to start-ups and small businesses, and it has specific programs to help veteran entrepreneurs. There are specific loan programs to help launch veteran-owned businesses, as well as finance established ones.

Veterans Advantage Loans

Veterans may have to pay a guaranty fee on loans above a certain dollar amount. But, generally, no guaranty fee is charged on small loans.

Grants Available for Veterans

How To Qualify For An Sba Veteran Loan

If youre looking to get a small business loan as a veteran or another member of the military community, it may be better to try for an SBA loan than a traditional bank loan or other option. Thats because veterans and other members of the military community who get approved for SBA loans may qualify for the Veterans Advantage program, which provides reduced loan fees.

To qualify for an SBA veteran loan, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Office Of Veterans Business Development

Part of the Small Business Administration , the mission of the OVBD is to maximize the availability, applicability and usability of all administration small business programs for

  • Veterans,
  • Reserve component members, and
  • Dependents or survivors.

It offers a wide variety of programs and resources to the military and veteran community including mentorship, training and counseling. SBA can also connect veteran small business owners with federal procurement and commercial supply chains.If you are a veteran who wants to start a business, or has already become a business owner, make sure you connect to your local SBA office to take advantage of these programs and resources. Visit

How Do You Actually Get Small Business Loans For Veterans

Best Small Business Loans for Veterans 2021

If you are still reading, we salute you, because youre now getting into the least exciting parts of learning about small business loans for veterans: how to get one, and how to pay it back . But dont worry, well try to keep this simple!

Each small business loan program for veterans will have different processes and requirements. However, all loan applications will usually require you to submit important documents and information, which includes:

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The Truth About Va Small Business Loans

While the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides veterans with many benefits and resources, including VA home loans, health care, education and vocational training, it does not offer VA business loans.

The VA supports small businesses through the implementation of federal guidelines that protect business opportunities for veterans. For instance, federal agencies must set aside a portion of government contracts for veteran-owned firms, as well as service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

Veterans Advantage loans

VA loans may also refer to the now-defunct Veterans Advantage loan program from the U.S. Small Business Administration . Neither the SBA nor its Office of Veterans Business Development loan money directly to veteran entrepreneurs. The SBA previously offered the SBA Veterans Advantage 7 loan, but it is no longer available.

However, the agency does waive guaranty fees for SBA Express loans, another type of 7 loan, for veteran business owners. Well discuss SBA loans more in the next section. Guaranty fee relief for veterans came out of a provision in the CARES Act designed to aid small business owners during the coronavirus pandemic.

Small Business Administration Loans

If youve been in business 2+ years, have a healthy credit score and strong cash flow, the SBAs low-cost loan programs can be your best option. SBA loans are known as the gold standard with low rates, long terms and very low monthly payments.

There are three types of SBA loan programs available for small business owners. The 7 loan program, the CDC/504 loan program and the microloan program are options available for existing businesses. The SBA doesnt make the loans they guarantee a portion of the funds, making SBA loans more attractive to lenders.

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How To Get A Va Sba Loan

If you are interested in getting a VA SBA loan for your business, talk to PeoplesBank today. We can walk you through the process of applying for the loan that is most appropriate for your business, whether its a Veterans Advantage SBA 7 loan or an SBA 504 loan.

To apply for an SBA loan, either under the Veterans Advantage initiative or not, there are a few pieces of paperwork youll need to complete and a few facts youll need to verify.

Va Sba Loan Requirements

VA loans and SBA business loans for veterans

Now that you have a better sense of how the SBA supports veteran-owned businessesâincluding VA SBA loans and beyondâlets break down everything you need to know to qualify for one of these loans.

Overall, the VA SBA loan requirements that youll need to meet will vary based on a number of factorsânamely, the type of loan youre applying for and the lender youre working with.

This being said, however, there are specific requirements youll need to meet if you want to qualify for the Veterans Advantage Program, as well as general SBA loan requirements that will be worth considering if youre looking to apply for one of these VA SBA loans.

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Added Benefit: Veterans Advantage

Knowing how to get a VA business loan lets you access a special benefit the SBA provides to veteran-connected businesses. Under the Veterans Advantage program, veteran-owned small businesses get reduced fees on SBA loans. To be eligible for this financial break, the business must be at least 51% owned and controlled by someone who fits one of the following categories:

  • Honorably discharged veteran
  • Active duty military service member who is eligible for the militarys Transition Assistance Program
  • Service-disabled veteran
  • Reservist and/or active National Guard member
  • Current spouse of any veteran, active duty service member, Reservist, National Guard member, or the widowed spouse of a service member who died while in service or as a result of a service-connected disability

Understanding how to get a VA business loan will help you take advantage of these SBA-administered financial assistance programs and grow your business. In addition to these government-backed loan programs, some banks and credit unions also offer special military rates on business loans made directly to veterans. Be sure to explore both government and private loan opportunities as you look to finance your business growth.

Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan

The MREIDL program falls under the SBAs Disaster Loan program. It provides a working capital loan of up to $2 million to help the eligible small business meet its ordinary and necessary operating expenses that it could have met, but it is unable to meet, because an essential employee was called-up to active duty in their role as a military reservist. MREIDLs are loans, not grants, and they carry low interest rates and repayment periods of up to 30 years.

There are some important guidelines to know. Collateral is required for loans above $50,000 and borrowers will need to pledge available collateral, including home equity in some circumstances. Borrowers will be required to have appropriate insurance as well. The business must not be able to get similar funding elsewhere . Dont let that discourage you from applying, though the SBA finds that over 90% of disaster loan applicants dont have the resources to recover without this help.

Unlike most SBA loans, MREIDLs are not available through lenders. Instead, you apply for one of these loans through the SBAs Disaster Assistance portal.

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Replacing The Sba Patriot Express Program

The Patriot Express shut down in 2013, but since then there have been similar veteran-specific Small Business Administration Loan programs launched. The SBA Patriot Express ran under the 7 Loan Program like the programs available today.

While intended applicants, terms, and conditions vary between 7 programs, veterans will find several resources among these types of loan offerings.

SBA participating lenders may choose to offer one or more of the following SBA Small Business Loan programs in the 7 category:

  • Standard 7
  • Veterans Advantage
  • CAPLines

Of these programs, Veterans Advantage is the loan veterans turn to most for a loan similar to the SBA Patriot Express and the one explored first.

Not all the options listed above are specifically aimed at veterans, but Veterans Advantage may be the closest option to the old Patriot Express loan.

How Do I Apply For Va Loans

â Veterans Advantage Program Sba

VA loans make business ownership possible for many veterans and military spouses with the SBA veterans advantage program, you can qualify for funding you couldn’t otherwise get on your own. The SBA backs a variety of small business loans for American entrepreneurs through their Lender Match program. SBA Form 1919 and 1920 are commonly needed when applying for a small business loan. The SBA and lenders may also require the filing of additional forms, especially documents proving your veteran classification.

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How Much Do You Need

Min. Credit Score

Pros & Cons

Product Details


  • Cash can be available within the same business day.
  • Requires low minimum credit score.
  • Less paperwork than most lenders.


  • Fixed-fee structure means early repayment will not save interest.
  • Requires frequent repayments.
  • Requires business lien and personal guarantee.
  • Minimum time in business: 1 year.
  • Minimum annual revenue: $100,000.


  • Available as a term loan or line of credit.
  • Interest rates are capped.
  • Faster processing time compared to other government loans.


  • Lower borrowing maximum than other government loans.
  • Shorter repayment term for line of credit than 7 loans.
  • Be a for-profit U.S. business.
  • Must first use alternative financial resources, including personal assets.
  • Financial qualifications determined by individual lender.

Our pick for

Min. Credit Score


  • Cash can be available within 12 to 24 hours.
  • Multiple term lengths for different financing needs.


  • Short repayment term results in higher payment amounts.
  • Requires personal guarantee.
  • Minimum time in business: 6 months.
  • Minimum annual revenue: $120,000.
  • Minimum time in business: 6 months.
  • Minimum annual revenue: $120,000.
Min. Credit Score

Pros & Cons

Product Details


  • Available as a term loan or line of credit.
  • Interest rates are capped.
  • Be a for-profit U.S. business.
  • Must first use alternative financial resources, including personal assets.
  • Financial qualifications determined by individual lender.
Min. Credit Score



Our pick for


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