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How To Get An Aer Loan

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How Is Aer Funded

AER – Just Ask! – e03 – Does donating to AER increase chances of receiving a loan?

The AER is 100 per cent funded by industry and is authorized to collect funds through an administrative fee levied on energy development projects and activities. This model is used by other regulatory agencies in North America, such as the Alberta Utilities Commission and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission.

How Does Aers Child Care Assistance Program Work

Families enrolled in the Army Fee Assistance program are eligible for up to $1,500 in child care assistance in addition to the assistance provided through the Army Fee Assistance Program. Families must be enrolled in the Army Fee Assistance Program and demonstrate valid need through the completion of a budget.

Can My Spouse Obtain Aer Assistance If Im Deployed Or Tdy

Yes, a Spouse or other eligible dependent may seek AER assistance without their sponsor being present when the Soldier is unavailable.

Unavailable is defined as:

  • When the Soldier is outside the same geographic area as the dependent due to TDY, field exercise, or deployment.
  • When the Soldier is inside the same geographic area and determined by the chain of command that the Soldier will be unavailable to visit the local AER office in a timely manner to meet a valid emergency need.
  • When the Retired Soldier is working outside the local/primary area where the Family resides, hospitalized, incarcerated or otherwise unavailable for a legitimate reason that would prevent them from requesting assistance.
  • Options for requesting assistance when the Soldier is unavailable:

    • Special Power of Attorney
    • Spouses or other authorized dependent must have a valid SPOA from their Sponsor granting them authority to act as the Sponsors attorney-in-fact to establish, change, or stop allotments as required by Financial Management Regulation DoD 7000.14-R, para 400803.
    • Note:;;A general power of attorney is not acceptable to establish, change or stop and allotment.
  • Account Allotment and Authorization Form
  • Email from the Active Duty Soldiers .mil account stating they concur with the assistance, dollar amount and repayment
  • Under no circumstance can a personal email account be used to provide concurrence.
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    How To Repay Your Army Emergency Relief Loan

    AER doesn’t charge late fees for its zero interest loans, but it does require you to repay them. Your payment amounts will be determined by your AER officer. Active-duty soldiers and families can pay by paycheck allotment, which AER can set up for you. You also can pay online or through check or money order. You can view your outstanding loan on AER’s website.

    Does The Military Do Loan Forgiveness

    How To Calculate Annual Interest Rate On A Loan

    One overlooked program is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Under this program, members of the military who have been employed by the military or a qualifying public service job for the last 10 years may have their federal student loans FULLY discharged. Not all student loans are eligible for consolidation.

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    What Can You Get An Aer Loan For


    Almost all active duty soldiers and their dependents qualify for AER help, as well as military retirees, widows and orphans of soldiers who died on active duty or after retirement, medical retirees and their families and members of the Guard and reserve who have been activated for more than 30 days.

    Likewise, what is the max amount for an AER loan? As of Aug. 1, the loan’s maximum amount of assistance has been raised to $1,500 in order to accommodate the changing financial needs of Soldiers. “When the program began in 2005, the maximum amount of assistance was established at $1,000. This amount was determined based upon the average loan being around $850.

    Keeping this in view, can you have 2 AER loans?

    AER provides soldiers with interest-free loans or grants on a case-by-case basis for needs such as emergency travel, food, utilities, rent or medical expenses. There is no loan dollar cap, though soldiers are limited to two AER loans per year without command approval.

    Can you apply for AER loan online?

    ONLINE. It is safe and secure to make loan payments online. You will need your Client ID before registering to make a payment. Click here for detailed instructions on how to register and make a payment.

    What Will Army Emergency Relief Help With

    If it’s a financial emergency, AER likely can help. Those needs could include rent and mortgage; vehicle repairs; emergency travel; utilities and utility deposits; funeral expenses; medical expenses; food; paycheck problems; PCS expenses; appliance or home heating or cool repair or replacement; loss of funds; furniture replacement; car seats; and vehicle rentals.

    Over the years, AER has added things it will help with based on the needs it sees. For example, in June 2021, it added $1 million in grants to provide disaster relief assistance to help service members and others with needs ranging from preparation to evacuation.

    In 2020, AER helped parents with additional expenses from virtual schooling and child care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also now offers assistance for the transportation of pets when a family moves on military orders.

    What doesn’t AER help with? Anything that could be seen as nonessential, including vacations. It also doesn’t help pay fines or legal expenses, cover bad checks, or pay for home purchases or improvements.

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    Talk To Your Chain Of Command

    The fastest and most effective way to request financial assistance through AER is to talk to your chain of command. Your chain of command has the power to approve immediate financial assistance up to $2,000. Your chain of command can also refer you to the on-post AER officer. Your chain of command is empowered to help. Just ask!

    Can Retired Military Get An Aer Loan

    AER Update

    4.8/5AERmilitaryretirementhaveread here

    Therefore, the Government, or the Army, cannot direct AER how to distribute this money. Funds for the program are generated through voluntary contributions from active and retired Soldiers. AER is also funded through loan repayments and investments made by the AER investment program.

    Subsequently, question is, what is the max amount for an AER loan? 1, the loan’s maximum amount of assistance has been raised to $1,500 in order to accommodate the changing financial needs of Soldiers. “When the program began in 2005, the maximum amount of assistance was established at $1,000. This amount was determined based upon the average loan being around $850.

    Simply so, how do I qualify for AER loan?

    In the absence of a local Military Aid Society, AER assistance is available by calling the American Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337, and then selecting option 3 for financial assistance.

    Can you have two AER loans?

    AER provides soldiers with interest-free loans or grants on a case-by-case basis for needs such as emergency travel, food, utilities, rent or medical expenses. There is no loan dollar cap, though soldiers are limited to two AER loans per year without command approval.

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    All Assistance Requests Are Unique And Considered On An Individual Basis

    • Emergency Travel
    • Healthcare
    • Vehicle Costs
    • Immigration & Passport Fees
    • Special Needs Medical Equipment
    • Child Care

    The following individuals are eligible for AER assistance in accordance with Army Regulation 930-4:

    • Soldiers on active duty and their eligible dependents
    • Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers activated on Title 10 orders for more than 30 days and their eligible dependents
    • Soldiers retired for longevity, medical, or upon reaching age 60 and their eligible dependents
    • Surviving spouses who have not remarried and children of Soldiers who died on active duty or died after reaching retirement eligibility

    How Do You Pay Back Aer Loans

    AER offers several methods for loanrepayment, but it doesnt accept cash, debit, credit card or payments over thephone. You can choose from one of the following payment options:

    • Allotment: Alsoknown as an automatic deduction from your paycheck.
    • Online payments: Thesecan be withdrawn from your checking or savings account. Youll have to registeron the AER website before setting up your online payment.
    • Check or money order:These can be mailed to AER. Make sure to include your name and client ID along withyour payment.

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    If Youre A Soldier Or Member Of A Military Family And Are Facing A Financial Emergency You May Qualify For A Loan Through Army Emergency Relief

    Army Emergency Relief is a nonprofitorganization that offers emergency loans to active duty soldiers, retiredsoldiers and military family members. Theres no limit for the amount you canborrow, and people who are eligible may qualify for a no-interest, no-fee loan,grant or scholarship.

    Lets review what you need to know aboutan AER loan, how to apply and other emergency financing options to consider.

    Find Your Nearest Office

    Emergency Car Repair Loans

    Step 1: Enter your zip code or name of city or installation in the map below

    Step 2: Click on the corresponding pin for contact information for your local AER officer. If no installations are found, call the American Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337, select option 1 for AER assistance

    Having trouble with the map below? Clear your browsing history and cache. If the problem persists, try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

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    Message From The Chairman

    Army Emergency Relief has always been an important tool for Commanders.; In my nearly 40 years of service, I repeatedly witnessed the impact Army Leaders had on their Soldiers lives by sending them to their AER Office for financial assistance.

    AER provided $70 million in loans and grants to 40,000 Soldiers and Families in 2019. This incredible amount of assistance was possible due to the support of our generous donors. Since our founding in 1942, this organization has relied on the comradery and generosity that exists between our men and women in uniform.

    ; Gen. John F. Campbell, Chairman, U.S Army Retired

    What Cant Aer Help With

    • Divorces
    • Education expenses
    • Purchase/lease of new or used privately owned vehicles and costs associated
    • Travel of non-command sponsored Family members from the continental United States to overseas commands
    • Ordinary leave or vacation
    • Liquidation or consolidation of outstanding debts
    • Business ventures or any similar investment
    • Funds to replace those overdrawn from a bank account
    • Civilian court fees, fines, judgments, liens, bail, legal fees, and income taxes, except to prevent immediate privation of Family members
    • Goods or items for convenience, comfort, or luxury
    • Continuing assistance
    • Abortion

    Exceptions apply. Talk to your chain of command nearest AER officer.

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    Balance Transfer Credit Card

    If youre looking for a way to make your credit card payments more manageable, you might want to consider applying for a new balance transfer credit card thats offering a lower or introductory interest rate.

    But pay attention to thebalance transfer fee. Many credit cards charge a 3% to 5% fee when you transferdebt onto the account.

    What Does Army Emergency Relief Do

    APR & AER, AQA Core Maths Level 3 (Mathmatical Studies)

    AER can provide qualifying soldiers and their families with zero interest loans or grants.

    AER also has a spouse and dependent needs-based scholarship program. Although the scholarship program for military children has an annual application deadline each spring, the spouse scholarship is awarded on a rolling basis.

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    Is Financial Counseling A Prerequisite To Receive Aer Assistance

    Army Community Services provides financial counseling with accredited financial counselors through the Financial Readiness Program .

    Although financial counseling is not a prerequisite to receiving AER assistance, many AER officers are also accredited financial counselors and can provide financial counseling or refer individuals to FRP.

    Are Scholarships Subject To Taxes

    Your scholarship may or may not be taxable. Generally speaking, a scholarship or fellowship is tax-free if you are a degree candidate and the award is used to pay for tuition and required fees, books, supplies, and equipment. However, there are some scholarship and fellowship opportunities that are not tax-exempt. Any amounts used to pay for room and board and a stipend for living expenses is taxable. There are also a variety of coordination restrictions that are intended to ensure that you dont double-dip when taking advantage of the Education Tax Benefits. Tax forms will be provided to you by your college if they are required.

    Relevant IRS Publications include:

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    How Many Aer Loans Can I Have

    There is no loan dollar cap, though soldiers are limited to two AER loans per year without command approval. Troops, regardless of rank, can also go through their commander for an immediate loan approval of up to $1,500. Loans are generally repaid by paycheck allotment, which cannot be turned off by the soldier.

    Who Is Eligible For Assistance

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    Active Duty Soldiers, single or married, and their eligible Dependents.

    Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers on continuous Active Duty for more than 30 consecutive days and their eligible Dependents.

    Soldiers Retired for Active Duty for longevity or physical disability, and their eligible Dependents.

    Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers who retired and are receiving DFAS Retired Pay, and their eligible Dependents.

    Surviving Spouse and Orphans of Soldiers who died while on Active Duty or after they retired.

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    What If I Don’t Live Near An Army Emergency Relief Office

    If you’re stationed on the base of a different military service, that service’s aid society can help you access AER help. Don’t live near a base at all? AER works with the American Red Cross to help those who don’t live near an AER location. Call 1-877-272-7337, then select option 1 for financial assistance.

    Who Is Eligible For Aer Scholarships

    Spouses and Children of Soldiers in the following statuses are eligible to apply for our scholarship programs:;

    Active Duty, Deceased Active, Retired, Deceased Retired, Medically Retired, Grey Area Retiree,;AGR and ARNG / USAR on Title 10 Orders;for the entire;Academic Year;for which they are applying.;;

    Applicants must be listed as dependents of their Soldier Sponsor in DEERS.;

    Applicants for the MG James;Ursano;Childrens Scholarship Program must be under the age of 24.;

    Recipients must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree at a college or university listed in the US Department of Educations accreditation database.;Trade schools are acceptable as well. You may visit;The US Department of Educations Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs;to determine if your school is listed.;

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    How To Get Army Emergency Relief Help

    To receive AER help, you must fill out the program’s forms, demonstrate the help you need with documentation, and present your identification. If applying without your service member, present your special power of attorney. You can find a list of needed documentation and IDs on the AER website.

    The site lets you fill out all of the forms online so you’re ready to apply when you arrive at the AER office.

    Notify Chain Of Command


    Active duty soldiers should notify their chain of command that COVID-19 has caused financial hardship and work with them to submit a request for Assistance via EFT. If you do not hear back from your chain of command, continue with the process outlined below and submit your request while making further attempts to notify your chain of command.

    Retired Soldiers and Survivors should follow the Assistance via EFT process;to submit their applications directly to the AER Section without chain of command notification.

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    What Are My Options If I Dont Qualify For An Aer Loan

    The loans issued by AER can cover a variety of emergency-related needs. But certain uses like debt consolidation and legal expenses dont qualify.

    Members of other military branches may qualify for interest-free loans from organizations similar to AER, such as the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society or the Air Force Aid Society. Just beware of lenders that offer high-interest loans. But thanks to the Military Lending Act, lenders typically cant charge active military service members or their eligible family members more than 36% Military Annual Percentage Rate, or MAPR.

    If you need to look elsewhere for a loan,consider the interest rates and fees as you shop around. Here are somealternatives to consider if an AER loan doesnt make sense for your situation.

    How Do I Get An Emergency Soldier Home

    If you are experiencing an immediate life-threatening emergency, call 911. To speak to a Red Cross Emergency Communications Specialist call 1-877-272-7337. You can initiate a request for Red Cross emergency assistance for members of the military currently serving on active duty by using the online self-service tool.

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    Army Emergency Relief Supports Soldiers And Their Families

    Greetings from the Association of the U.S. Army, our Armys association for education and professional development, and a major supporter of the Armys Soldier for Life efforts.

    The mission of Army Emergency Relief , unchanged for the last seven decades, is to help relieve financial distress on soldiers and their families, an issue that is directly tied to the readiness of the force.

    The Army will conduct its annual AER fund campaign from March 1 through May 15. This years campaign theme is Its What We Do.

    The goal is to ensure 100 percent of the force is educated and informed about AER, and to provide the opportunity to follow in the legacy of the generations of soldiers who have helped their fellow teammates.

    Leave No Comrade Behind is as important on the battlefield as it is at home station.

    AER is proactively engaging corporations, foundations and the patriotic American public to raise funds outside the gate to support soldiers and their families in their time of need.

    In 2018, AER provided assistance to 36,335 soldiers and their families with $58,661,357 in financial aid. On average, AER annually provides more than $61 million in financial help to more than 40,000 soldiers and their families.

    In 2018, the board approved additional categories of assistance and enhanced others.

    Four existing categories have been changed:

    Two new categories of assistance have been added:

    Who is eligible for assistance?

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