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How To Loan Books On Kindle

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How To Lend A Book On Kindle Share Kindle Books With Your Friends

Amazon Kindle: Lend or Borrow Kindle Books

To lend a book login to your Amazon Account and follow the steps.

  • Head up to the Account & List section
  • In the menu locate and click Manage your Content & Devices
  • This will take you to the list of books which you can lend. Select the book you want to lend by as shown below.
  • If the book is available for lending, it will appear in the list.

    Loaning Kindle Books: The Product Detail Page Method

    Another popular way of sharing your favorite Kindle eBooks with friends and family is through the Product Detail Page in the Amazon Kindle Store.

    • Head on over to the Kindle Store and choose the book that you would like to share. Remember, you must have already purchased the eBook before you can loan it out to anyone else.
    • Now, check that the title is shareable. To do this, open the Product Details section, where it will tell you the status of the book.
    • Assuming its a shareable eBook, click Loan this book, found in a link at the top of the page.
    • Now, a new window should pop up, where youll be prompted to fill in the recipients name, as well as your own. Just like in the first method, you can also leave an optional message to the person youre sending the eBook to.
    • Click Send, and voila! Youve successfully loaned out your e-book. Remember to prompt your friend to check their email so they dont miss the limited time link.

    How To Find And Download Shared Kindle Books

    1. Shared books automatically appear in the Cloud, . A percentage will appear on the book showing how much is remaining. Additionally, you can filter your library at the top by selecting “Shared Books” to only display those results as opposed to “All Items.”

    2. Additionally, you can check on your full shared library in your “Manage content and devices” section on Amazon. Instead of clicking on “Preferences” to set up an account, stay on the first “Content” tab. Here you’ll find a complete list of all of your books as well as your family members’ books. A small profile photo icon will appear next to those that are shared with you.

    3. Click to view its details and see who shared it. Tap the yellow “OK” to close the window when you’re done.

    4. To manually share an item and add it to a library, click the “Manage Family Library” in the pop-up that appears after clicking the button with three dots next to left of the title.

    5. Click the yellow “Add to Library” option to complete the sharing process and download the item.

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    How To Download Kindle Books

    When you buy or lend a book via the Amazon Kindle device, it’s automatically downloaded , and that’s also the case for if you go through the process online.

    The only exception would be, if you bought a book on the Amazon website while your Kindle wasn’t connected to the internet. In that case, simply connect your Kindle to your Wi-Fi and the book will be automatically download.

    Kindles are designed for everyone to use, whether you’re tech-savvy or a technophobe, so it’s good the download process is so simple.

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    Loan A Book In Content & Devices

    Lend Your Kindle eBooks

    1) Select your name, Account & Lists from the top right and choose Content & Devices.

    2) Be sure the Content tab is selected at the top.

    3) Go to the book you want to loan in your list and click the Actions button.

    4) Choose Loan this title.

    5) Complete the details for your borrower, including email address, name, and optionally a message.

    Note: Be sure to read the details on this page for lending limitations for the book.

    6) Click Send now.

    An email will go to your recipient from Amazon, letting them know youve loaned a book to them. And if you go to your Content & Devices page, youll see Loan next to the book title.

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    Borrowing In The Age Of Kindle

    With the addition of ebooks to the mix, borrowing also now entails digital options that further widen your reading universe. This includes , which have dominated the market as the ebook readers of choice for a lot of people.

    If you own a Kindle, whether it be an E Ink reader such as the Kindle Paperwhite and base Kindle or Amazon tablets such as the Kindle Fire HD or even the Kids Edition, then borrowing Kindle ebooks is available to you. Owners of the Kindle app for other mobile devices or the PC and Mac can borrow ebooks as well. Regardless of the device, you basically have three options for borrowing books:

    If you’re still looking for options for free books after reviewing those listed above, you can also check out that offers a host of great benefits, too.

    Each method is pretty easy to use provided you have an Internet connection. Library borrowers also will need a library card and those using the Kindle Owners Lending Library must have an Amazon Prime membership. Ready to borrow those ebooks? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can borrow ebooks through each method.

    Loaning Kindle Books: The Manage Your Contact And Devices Method

    This is the easiest and most commonly used way that Kindle users share books with each other.

    • Log into your Amazon account, and head over to the Manage Your Content and Devices tab.
    • On your account page, you should see a list of every Kindle book that you have already purchased. Select the button on the left hand side of the book you would like to lend, and click on the Loan This Title button.

    N.B Like I mentioned earlier, not every book in the Kindle library is shareable. If the Loan This Title button doesnt appear, chances are the book isnt shareable. You can double check by visiting the product details section. If the book is shareable, but youve already loaned it out to someone else, there will be a Loan tab next to the book cover.

    • Once youve clicked Loan This Title, youll be transferred to a new page. When prompted, enter the email address of the person youd like to lend the eBook to. Youll also be asked to write your name in the From box, and youll have the option of writing a message to the recipient too.
    • Now, click send. Youre all set! Remember, the recipient has just 7 days to open the email and download the title. They then have a 14 day reading period, at the end of which the eBook is automatically returned to you.

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    How To Create An Amazon Household And Set Up A Family Library

    To set up a Family Library, you’ll have to create an , which requires two adult accounts. Household accounts can accommodate up to four teen and four child profiles.

    Teen accounts consist of users ages 13 to 17, and child accounts include those 12 years old and younger, and both adhere to the settings and payment information set by the adults in the household.

    With Family Library, you can share your previous Kindle purchases as well as future additions with members in the Amazon Household, regardless of what devices they use to access the titles. You and other members in Amazon Household can also read the same book at the same time without disrupting each other for as long as you wish.

    1. Open the on your browser of choice.

    2. Click “Account & Lists” under the greeting and your name.

    3. Click “Manage content and devices.”

    4. Click the “Preferences” tab.

    5. Scroll down to “Households and Family Libraries.”

    6. Read the section’s details and then click on “Learn more about Households” when you’re ready to begin the process.

    7. This will bring you the Amazon Household page. Click “Add Adult” to begin. You can also choose to add a teen or a child account.

    8. Amazon will give you the option to invite someone to join by entering their name and email. To add an account with someone immediately which is likely to occur if they’ve shared their information with you or if you live in the same location click “Sign up together on this device.”

    10. Click the yellow “Verify” button.

    How To Set Up Family And Share Kindle Books With Your Members

    How to Borrow Library Books on Kindle (OverDrive & Libby)
  • Head up to the Account & List section
  • In the menu locate and click Manage your Content & Devices
  • Click Preference
  • Scroll down to where it says Households & Family Library
  • Click Learn more about Households
  • Here you can create Household & Family Library by choosing to add another adult and up to child accounts.
  • The below screen will appear
  • Then you will be asked to enter the name and email address of the respective accounts.
  • You then will get the option to chose what you want to share. You can share books or apps/games or both.
  • Once, you added those, Kindle will send them an invite mail with similar questions. That person will have 14 days to accept or reject your invitation. After receiving the acceptance from person, he/she will be added to your Amazon family Household.

    This is perhaps the best way of sharing book as compared to some other techniques.

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    Borrowing Or Lending Books With Your Kindle

    Use multiple devices

    Do you own several Kindles , or do you use the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet? Just log in with your Kindle account to get a copy of your Kindle everywhere. This means that the book youre currently reading will open on the exact page you left off. The number of Kindles that you can connect to a single account is unlimited, but some books can only be opened on a limited number of devices . You can read books or documents that you have transferred to your Kindle yourself on several devices in the same way. Here the position where you left off reading will be synchronised on all your devices.

    To share a book within your family you can install the Kindle app on a tablet and log in with your account . Alternatively, you can lend the book in the same way you that lend it to a friend . Specifically for families, there is the Family Library function, which allows you to share books with one other person in your family and, optionally, with four children . You can activate this function on the Kindle itself under Settings Household and Family Library .

    Lend a book to a friend

    You can lend books that you purchased at the Kindle store to a friend for up to 14 days by surfing to Amazon and going to Manage Your Content and Devices via Your Account . Click on the three dots in front of the book, choose Loan this Title and enter the recipients e-mail address and their name, plus a message.

    How to share other e-books

    How To Loan And Borrow With Kindle

    If you’ve purchased a Kindle book, you can loan it to another Kindle user for a period of 14 days. The person borrowing the book can read it on a Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone. Not all Kindle titles are eligible for lending. The book publisher or rights holder decides whether or not lending is enabled. You’ll find the details for each book you’ve purchased, including lending eligibility, from the Amazon website.

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    How To Share Kindle Books With Your Family

    Another way you can share Kindle books is with your family. This uses Amazon’s Family Library feature, which lets two adults and four children share their Kindle books, apps, and audiobooks with one another on a Family Library-enabled device or app.

    If you have , more benefits are shared with members of your family, such as free two-day shipping, Prime Video, and more.

    Family Library is different than the above way of sharing Kindle books because the limitations in that method are non-existent here. This means the adult you’re sharing your Kindle books with isn’t limited to a 14-day borrow period, and you can both still read the same book at the same time.

    The only thing that needs to be done to share Kindle books with your family is to define another adult and the children that should have access to your account.

  • Visit .

  • Select Add Adult.

  • The second adult needs to sign in with their own credentials or make a new account if they don’t have one. They might need to verify their account by clicking a link sent to their phone.

  • Agree to the prompt that you will share payment information with each other so that you can share benefits, and then choose Create Household.

  • Decide what you’d like to share with the other adult: Apps/Games, Audiobooks, and/or eBooks, and then select Next.

  • Adding a child to your account is as easy as following Step 1 and 2 again, but this time choose Add a Teen or Add a Child.

    Only devices that support can have access to child accounts.

    Borrow Kindle Books From Kindle Owners Lending Library

    How to loan a Kindle book to a friend or family member

    If you have purchased the Amazon prime membership, Amazon will loan you free kindle books from Kindle owners lending library–KOLL. What is kindle owners lending library? kindle owners lending library is a special library which can benefit the Amazon prime members who own Kindle devices, such as Kindle Fire, Kindle E-Reader and Fire Phone. So lets explain this thing much simpler, to borrow from Kindle owners lending library, you need to be the prime member as well as have your own Kindle devices. If you meet the above two requirements, you can use this service to borrow kindle books.

    Another great thing about kindle owners lending library is that this library contains more than 800,000 titles included the current and pervious best sellers. To be mentioned, everyone can only borrow one books each month but with no due date. In comparison, books borrowed from other kindle owners which will be forced to return to the book owner after 14 days. After the brief introduction to KOLL, lets see how to borrow Kindle books from KOLL on Kindle e-Reader and Kindle fire respectively.

    Borrow Kindle books on Kindle eReader

    Step 1. Open the store at your Kindle eReader, click the shopping cart to go to the Kindle store and then tap the three dot at the top right corner, you will see Kindle Owners lending library.

    Step 4. Once this book has been borrowed successfully, you will see it on your home screen when the downloading is completed.

    Borrow Kindle books on Kindle Fire

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    Sharing Kindle Books: The Cons

    #NotAllBooks: Unfortunately, not all Kindle books are lendable. In fact, the majority of Kindle books cant be loaned. You can find out if a book is lendable by checking the product details prior to purchasing, or from your content and devices page, which Ill show below.

    One Time Only: Kindle only allows you to loan a title oncenot just once per person, but once total. After youve loaned a book out, you cant loan it out to anyone else again.

    Short Window: As mentioned before, your book can only be shared for 14 days. If your friend doesnt complete the book in that time frame, you cant share it again.

    No Simultaneous Reading: Once youve shared your book, you wont have access to it until it is returned, either manually or automatically. Dont plan to read the book at the same time as your friend, because it will be out of your handsand your Kindle library.

    Borrowing With Overdrive On A Computer

  • 1Go to . OverDrive is a free service affiliated with most US-based libraries that lets you borrow eBooks for your Kindle.XResearch source
  • You must have a library card to borrow Kindle books through OverDrive.
  • When you borrow a Kindle book from OverDrive, you can read it like any other book on your Kindle.
  • 2Click Find a library. It’s a link at the top-right corner of the OverDrive homepage. This opens a map on the screen.
  • 3Search for your local library. Enter your address, city and state, and/or zip code into the box at the top-left corner of the page to find participating libraries in your area. Press the Enter or Return key to display results on the map and in the left column.
  • If you’re borrowing from your school library, try entering your school’s name.
  • 4 This marks your library on the map and opens a small window at that location.
  • 5Click Visit library website on the map. This takes you to your library’s homepage on
  • 6Sign into your library account. This step varies by library, but you’ll generally have to enter your library card number and a password to sign in.
  • If you’re signing into a school library, you may need to use your school’s web account instead.
  • 7Search for an eBook. Click the Search icon at the top to search by title, author name, or keyword. If a book matches what you’ve entered, it will appear in the search results.
  • 8 This displays information about the book, including whether any copies are available to borrow.
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