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Can You Pay Auto Loan With Credit Card

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Can You Pay A Car Payment With A Credit Card

Can You Pay a Car Loan with a Credit Card (Explained!)

Most lenders don’t accept credit cards for car payments. The rare lenders that do take credit cards may charge a fee for the transaction, increasing the overall cost of your loan payment. If you were hoping to earn credit card rewards on your car payment, the additional fee may offset the benefits of the rewards.

There are other ways to effectively make an auto loan payment with a credit card, but they come with costs of their own. Understanding the options can help you decide whether putting your car payment on your credit card is worth it.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Car With A Credit Card

Can you pay it off right away?

Consider the pace at which youll be able to make payments. Are you able to pay off your balance in full soon, or do you anticipate a long period of payments? Keep in mind that the longer the balance is outstanding, the more interest youll wind up paying.

Zero Percent APR

Does your credit card come with a promotional offer, such as 0% APR?. Some credit cards offer 0% on purchases for periods ranging from 12 21 months, which means youll be able to make your purchase and not have to pay any interest. If the car is relatively cheap, you can quickly pay it off in a year or two, making a 0% APR offer an enticing one. Keep in mind, however, that once the promotional period ends, the interest rate will reset to the cards regular rate.

Reward Caps

Credit card rewards programs vary. Most rewards credit cards offer cash back incentives worth between 1% and 5% of a purchase. Ensure you carefully examine the details to see the limits and the number of points that different types of purchases will net you. Bear in mind that the most generous rewards points are available to those with exceptional credit scores.

Do you have a high enough credit limit?

You should factor in your credit limit when deciding to make a credit card purchase. Consider how much credit youll need to have available to make other purchases.

Your Credit Utilization Ratio

Your Credit Score

Additional Reading

So What Should You Do Instead

In general, it doesnt make much financial sense to pay off debt with more debt. If youre looking to decrease a car loans impact on your bank account, youre probably better off re-evaluating your finances from the ground up. There is no secret to getting right side up on auto loans, and incurring more debt is not the answer.

Instead, think about establishing a budget and exceeding minimum payments. This way, you will dig yourself out of debt sooner. Also, refinancing is a good way to decrease the financial burden of interest payments. Seeking out can help you regain control of your FICO score, and once you do, you can refinance at a lower interest rate.

We are led to believe credit cards are a magic wand an inexhaustible bank account that can fix any financial issue. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so be wary of paying off loans with credit cards.

As an alternative, consider addressing the root of financial hardship and reestablish yourself through tried-and-true measures such as budgeting and credit repair rather than rolling the dice on incurring additional credit card debt.

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Generally No But There Are A Few Roads To Consider

In a crunch, you may look to your credit card to make your monthly car payment. Or, you may think of charging your car payment to earn some extra credit card rewards. There are a few options for paying your car note with your credit card, but the process isn’t as simple as regular everyday purchases. Before you try to make your car payment with your credit card, there are some caveats to consider.

What To Do When Youre In Debt

Can you Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card?

Being in debt can be extraordinarily stressful, but there are ways to manage your debts which can help reduce the stress. Its all about being savvy with your borrowing, moving your debt around or consolidating your debts so that you reduce interest rates, and putting in place a plan to clear your debts.

If you need impartial advice or youre worried about your debt, there are charity organisations that can help. Get in touch with Citizens Advice, who will be able to help you manage your finances and point you in the right direction for more tailored advice.

Always seek professional advice before you borrow money, and make sure you understand all the risks associated with each type of loan and the repayment options.

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Tips To Repay Car Loans Efficiently

Today, having a car is not a luxury, but a necessity. Imagine the independence it provides to move around anywhere as per your convenience, going on family trips or avoiding the crowded public transports on your way to work. The benefits are many.

Almost everyone wants to own a car and doing so is affordable now, thanks to Car Loans offered by several banks and financial institutions.

However, there are certain responsibilities attached when you take a loan. Besides stretching your monthly budget, you also need to ensure that the EMIs are paid on time. Lets look at effective ways to handle your Car Loan, so that there are no bumps ahead.

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

  • Pay extra principal Just sold some old furniture that was collecting dust at home? Or got a bonus at work? Use the windfall to pay off the principal amount. Reducing the principal will bring your interest component down, which in turn reduces what you owe on a whole.
  • Reduce extra expenses Everyone likes going out and living it up once in a while or maybe more often. However, reducing your unnecessary monthly expenses temporarily will add to your loan corpus. This saved up money will have a direct impact on your loan account if you directly use the money towards the loan. You dont need to live the life of a saint. Its about cutting down on one or two things such as eating out, impulse shopping, etc. You may be surprised to see how these little steps add up.

Working With Car Dealers Policies

Every car dealership operates a little differently from one another. Some will accept credit cards, some wont. Those that do charge you more up to 3% to cover card processing fees. Keep this in mind when youre working out the purchase price.

One strategy is to negotiate the price first, Julien says. Be sure to do some research online beforehand through or to find out what the car is worth. It will come in handy at the negotiating table.

Once the dealership has agreed to that, then you can determine forms of payment. Dealerships want to be able to sell you a car and a car loan. If you lead with your payment preference, then they may be less flexible on negotiating the price of the vehicle, Saunders says.

Wells wasnt aware of any extra fees and didnt negotiate the price of her car. She felt her dealership made it almost too easy for her to buy a car with a credit card.

I had zero funds and no alternatives, so even if they were charging me a fee for using a credit card, I didnt feel like I had a choice. I knew it was a bad idea. Thats what happens when youre in a bind. You end up having to pay more, she says.

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Heres How To Pay A Car Payment With A Credit Card:

  • Mobile payment services: One way to pay your car loan or lease with a credit card is to use a mobile payment app such as Venmo or PayPal as a middleman. These applications allow you to transfer money from user to user, and you can fund them with a credit card.

    So, for example, you could use your credit card to pay a friend or family member through the app, and they can then make your car payment for you or give you the money to do it yourself. Just make sure you really trust the person, and be careful because payments may count as purchases or cash advances, depending on the service and the credit card issuer. But either way, there are fees involved. Venmo, for example, charges 3% of the transaction amount.

  • Money transfer services: Companies like MoneyGram and Western Union allow you to directly pay a collection of participating billers, and you can fund the transaction with a credit card. However, this may be treated as a cash advance, which would mean expensive fees and interest charges would apply, in addition to the fees charged by the service. You can learn more about how this works from our explanation of how to transfer money from a credit card to a bank account.

The bottom line is that these options are far from ideal and should only be considered if youre in a real bind, or if you do the math and somehow find an opportunity to save. That could be the case if youre able to transfer part of an auto loan to a 0% balance transfer credit card, for example.

Consolidate Your Monthly Statements

Should You Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Or Auto Loan Debt?

If you have two or more vehicle accounts, complimentary Combined Billing allows you to receive one consolidated monthly statement. Your consolidated statement will begin with your next billing cycle after your enrollment is complete.

How to enroll in Combined Billing:

Complete this enrollment form and mail it to the address or fax number listed, or obtain a form by calling

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Depending On Your Lender You May Be Able To Make A Car Payment With A Credit Card But Think Twice Before You Go This Route

You could end up paying credit card interest on the transaction and get hit with a fee, making your car payment even more expensive. And, on top of the added costs, racking up debt on your credit card could lower your credit scores.

Lets take a look at some ways you might be able to make a car payment with a credit card, as well as the associated drawbacks.

Exceptions To The Rule

Of course, there are always unique situations that might warrant you paying off a car loan first. For example, say you only have $1,000 left on your car loan but carry $10,000 of credit card debt. Sometimes it’s psychologically helpful to eliminate a small debt completely before focusing on another.

However, consider how applying that $1000 you used to pay off the car loan might have boosted your credit scores and saved you money in the long run if you applied it to the credit card balance.

Another reason you might want to eliminate your auto loan is so you own your car outright, which can make it easier to sell or trade in your vehicle. You may also have access to lower auto insurance premiums because certain lenders can require costly comprehensive coverage during the duration of the loan.

But just remember, you could also be subject to prepayment penalties, which are baked into certain auto loans. Such penalties required the borrower to pay a fee, which is usually a percentage of the outstanding balance if you choose to pay off the loan before the loan period is up. So check the terms of your auto loan to avoid any additional costs.

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The Best Way To Pay Off Your Car Loan With A Credit Card

Paying off your car loan with a credit card is called a transference of debt, but the best way to do it with a credit card is to make use of the 0% introductory annual percentage rate , which will effectively save you money on interest. When you pay your car loan with your credit card, you are essentially closing one debt and taking on another. And if you fail to pay the credit dues within the APR window, you could end up paying more than you would have if you had continued with the car loan.

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Can you pay a car loan payment with a credit card?

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How To Check Your Credit Score & Report In Canada

Many people think if you pull your credit report from the two major credit bureaus TransUnion or Equifax, that it will contain your credit score also. This is not always the case. But its still essential to check your credit report for errors and correct reporting, to ensure your credit score is always accurate. Your credit reporting agency will provide you with a monthly copy for free. Requesting this report on a monthly basis will not affect your credit score.

Requesting your credit score is often separate from your credit report. Both may charge a fee for your request. Its also important to note that each credit reporting agency uses its own bespoke scoring algorithm, which may differ from each other. Learn more about why your credit score may vary depending on where you check here.Its important to note, you can often check your credit score for free through your bank, financial institution or any significant financial technology website such as .

Whats The Ideal Credit Score For A Car Loan

Auto-loan lenders look for a borrower with a credit score in the mid-600s in Canada. A credit score between 630 and 650 is generally what lenders want to see.With this, there is some leeway around your credit score requirements when looking to obtain a car loan. Dependent on your lender or bank, sometimes they will be stricter and look for higher credit scores. At the same time, alternative lenders are often willing to accept lower credit scores. Some dealerships can also help borrowers find financing to meet their specific credit needs.

If your credit score is below 630, dont stress! You can still obtain a car loan. When youre shopping around, its important to keep your mind open to the idea your loan may cost a little more. It can take some time to find a lender that will work your low score. Find out more on obtaining a loan with bad credit here.

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Can You Buy A Card With A Credit Card

While its technically possible for you to buy a car with a credit card, car dealerships may be hesitant to accept this method of payment.

As buyers, we often forget that it costs businesses money to accept purchases made with credit cards. Dealerships are no different they can wind up paying 3% or more in processing fees, which adversely affects their profit margins. Unsurprisingly, they may be hesitant to allow credit card purchases.

Find out when you should use a .

Most dealerships will allow you to use your credit card to pay for a portion of the price, usually up to $5,000. Others will downright disallow using a credit card or severely restrict how much credit you can use. If there is a specific dealership youre targeting, its wise to give them a call beforehand to garner details concerning their credit card policy.

Alternatives For Buyers With Bad Credit

How to pay off debt: Personal Loans or Credit Cards?

If your credit score is so low that your interest rate is unmanageable or you feel the only vehicle you can afford is unsafe, wait a few months or a year to see if you can improve your score and qualify for something better than a subprime loan. In the meantime, look for reliable, temporary alternatives to get you through the waiting period, including:

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Refinance Your Auto Loan

If youre looking to drop your monthly payment, get out of debt faster, pay less in interest for your car, and/or remove a cosigner from your loan, you should look into refinancing. Refinancing help you achieve all four of these things.

Even if you decide that you should focus on paying off credit card debt first, you can still refinance your auto loan in the meantime. This may even allow you to double down the efforts.

In fact, a recent RateGenius survey found that 24% of customers planned to use their auto refinance savings to pay off credit card debt. This route effectively kills two birds with one stone, locking in better terms for your auto loan while freeing up extra funds that help clear your credit card debt even sooner.

Do’s & Don’ts When Shopping For An Auto Loan


  • Contact numerous lenders. Not every lender reacts the same way to the same credit score and history.
  • Make all your payments on time.
  • Consider finding a cheap vehicle you can pay for in cash. It may be more of a clunker, but you can drive it from A to B while you work on improving your credit score.
  • Pull your credit report and dispute anything you think is a mistake.
  • Look into buying a car privately off Craigslist or from a friend instead of a dealer. You may be able to get a better price through a private deal and can even inquire about informal payment plans instead of getting a formal auto loan.
  • Work with the dealership, bank or credit union to negotiate the best loan terms and rate.


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