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Personal Loan Calculator With Interest

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What Can I Use A Personal Loan For

Personal Loan EMI Calculator | Loan EMI & Interest Calculation Method with Excel Formula Examples

Personal loans are very flexible. Common reasons to apply for a personal loan include consolidating multiple debts into one paying for home improvements or a major life event, like a move or covering emergency expenses.

While its possible to use a personal loan to finance nearly any purchase, student loan and auto loan interest rates are typically lower than personal loan rates. So college costs and car financing may not be wise uses for a personal loan.

What Are Personal Loans

Personal loans are loans with fixed amounts, interest rates, and monthly payback amounts over defined periods of time. Typical personal loans range from $5,000 to $35,000 with terms of 3 or 5 years in the U.S. They are not backed by collateral as is typical for secured loans. Instead, lenders use the credit score, income, debt level, and many other factors to determine whether to grant the personal loan and at what interest rate. Due to their unsecured nature, personal loans are usually packaged at relatively higher interest rates to reflect the higher risk the lender takes on.

Secured Personal Loans

Although uncommon, secured personal loans do exist. They are usually offered at banks and credit unions backed by a car, personal savings, or certificates of deposits as collateral. Like all other secured loans such as mortgages and auto loans, borrowers risk losing the collateral if timely repayments are not made. Generally, the maximum loan limit is based on the collateral the borrower is willing to put up. Most online lenders only offer unsecured personal loans. While the Personal Loan Calculator is mainly intended for unsecured personal loans, it can be used for secured personal loans as long as the inputs correctly reflect the loan conditions.

Traditional Personal Loans

Personal Loans from P2P Lenders

What Are The Requirements I Need To Secure For My Application

The following are the common requirements that lenders look for:

  • Income and employment-related documents
  • Bank statements

Lenders will want to make sure that applicants are capable of fulfilling their obligations, and one way to reduce the risk of non-payment & fraud is to ensure of this is by securing documents that show proof of income/employment.

Some kinds of loans such as mortgages and auto loans are secured by the title on the property. Lenders can also use other assets to secure financing, lowering their risk & giving consumers lower rates.

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Alternatives To Personal Loans

If you decide that a personal loan is not for you or if you get turned down for a personal loan, there are some alternatives, although the alternatives generally involve borrowing against something that you already have. The disadvantage of this is that if you are unable to pay back the loan, your investment or valuable is in jeopardy.

If you have a fixed deposit in the bank, you can borrow up to 90 percent of the fixed deposit at 1 percent above the interest rate of the fixed deposit. You have until the fixed deposit matures to repay the loan.

Loans against gold are loans that banks and other companies are giving against gold valuables like jewelry, coins, and gold bars. You can get a loan up to 80 percent of the value of your gold. The interest rates vary, with some being as high as personal loans. Loans against gold are one of the quickest ways to get money.

You can also get a loan against any property that you own. Banks are willing to loan between 60 and 80 percent of the property value. Loans against property tend to be good if you have a need for a larger loan.

Some employers offer personal loans at low-interest rates to employees, especially if employees have been with the company for a long time. Some companies also offer help during times of hardship. Ask your human resources department or your supervisor. The worst that can happen is they’ll say no.

The Consumer’s Guide To Personal Loans

Loan Repayment calculator

Applying for a personal loan is probably one of the easiest ways to secure additional cash on-hand, making it ideal for paying off credit card debt & consolidating other high-interest debt.

Application can be a bit time-consuming, which is why it is important to prepare all of the necessary documents beforehand to speed up the approval process.

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What Are The Standard Interest Rates For Personal Loans

Actual interest rates will vary depending on an applicants credit score, repayment history, income sources and the lenders own standards. Interest rates also vary with market conditions, but for 2019 the interest rates for personal credit ranges from about 6% to 36%.

If we compare the average interest rate of personal loans to other forms of financing, we can see they have rates below that of a credit card, though charge a bit more than most secured forms of financing. The big benefits of personal loans for those who take them is they are unsecured and the approval type is typically faster than other forms of financing.

Financing Type

How To Calculate Personal Loan Emi With Icici Bank Emi Calculator

The mathematical formula for calculating EMI is as follows:EMI = /

Where,P stands for Principal Loan Amount,R stands for Rate of Interest or annual ROI divided by 12N stands for Loan Tenure

However, the EMI amount may vary at the time of loan disbursement depending upon the date of disbursal and period between the disbursal date and the first EMI date.

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Loan Interest Vs Annual Percentage Rate

How to Calculate Personal Loan EMI? Personal Loan EMI Calculation | HDFC Bank

Usually, the rate a lender quotes is actually the annual percentage rate , which is a combination of interest, fees and other costs. Your APR is an annual percentage of your loan principal that you pay each year to borrow that money.

Functionally, your APR might be the only number you care about, so be aware that there is a difference between it and your actual interest rate. To calculate how much youll pay using the APR, you can use the same formula but substitute your APR for the interest rate.

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Computing Total Interest Using The Simple Interest Formula

  • 1Understand how to calculate total interest. The vast majority of car loans use simple interest. In order to calculate the amount of simple interest you will pay, youll first have to calculate your monthly payment using this formula: M }-1}}} XResearch source
  • M represents your monthly payment. This is what the formula will be calculating.
  • P represents your principal. As previously discussed, this is what you will pay for your car after rebates, trade-ins, and your down payment.
  • n represents the total number of monthly payments over the life of the loan. So, if you have a standard, 6-year loan, this would be 6 six years * 12 months per year, or 72.
  • i represents your monthly interest rate. This is your stated interest rate, usually listed as your APR, divided by 12. So, if your stated interest rate is 6%, your monthly interest rate would be 6%/12, or 0.5%.
  • For the purpose of calculation, this number will have to be represented as a decimal instead of as a percentage. To get this number, simply divide your monthly percent interest by 100. In the example, this would be 0.5%/100, or 0.005.
  • 2Input your variables into the equation. Even if you dont already have concrete terms for your loan, you can use estimates here and get a good idea of what various different loans would cost you.
  • For example, we can use the terms discussed previously. That is, a loan with $10,000 principal, 6% APR , over 6 years.
  • Our inputs would then be 10,000 for P, 0.005 for i, and 72 for n.
  • How Long Does The Approval Process Usually Take

    The length of the approval process will depend on the lender type. For credit unions and banks, the approval process can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. Banks normally have stricter loan processes and higher approval standards than nonbank lenders.

    If applicants opt to lend from peer-to-peer lenders, loans can get approved within a few minutes up to a few business days. Approvals tend to be faster if the applicant has already prepared all of the needed documents and other information beforehand. Repeat borrowers are likely to be approved quickly if they repaid on time during previous loans.

    Online direct lenders tend to have the fastest processing periods. The application process usually takes a few minutes, and if applicants submit all of the needed documents, financing can be approved almost immediately.

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    Personal Loan Emi Calculator Calculate Your Personal Loan Emi Online

    Personal loan is the most commonly availed loan product in the Indian debt industry. Over 78% of all credits availed in India fall under this category. The unsecured nature of these loans makes them a popular choice among prospective borrowers.

    Individuals planning to avail such credits must be familiar with certain aspects before they finalise their decision. The first and primary loan feature a prospective borrower must decide is the EMI amount they will pay towards the repayment of the loan. The best way to calculate and determine EMIs is by using a personal loan EMI calculator.

    Formula To Determine Personal Loan Emi

    Free Interest

    Determining the personal loan EMI amount requires the use of a specific formula which is standard across all calculators available online. Growws personal loan calculator for EMI uses the same standardised method to accurately calculate the exact amount youd need to pay as EMI against your loan.

    The formula

    EMI = /

    N Tenure

    This personal loan EMI calculator formulacan be used to obtain the EMI for any loan amount.

    For example, suppose Mr. X plans to avail a loan amount of Rs. 15 Lakh for a tenure of 5 years at an annual interest rate of 12%. He can calculate his payable EMI using the above mentioned formula.

    As you can see, it is quite a complicated equation and can take a lot of time for an average person to solve. A personal loan EMI calculator online can provide one with the answer in a matter of seconds.

    In this example, the EMI amount payable is Rs. 33,367.

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    Advantages Of Using Groww Personal Loan Calculator For Emi

    The personal loan interest rates EMI calculator available at Groww is a simple tool that benefits a user in multiple ways.

    • It intimates prospective borrowers about the exact EMI amount they are liable to pay for a particular loan amount. Borrowers can use this information to plan how much loan they can safely obtain without risking their financial health. In the financial circles, it is highly advised that the debt to income ratio doesnt exceed 50%. Preferably, it should be below 30%.
    • You can use this calculator as many times as you need free of any charges. You can check the EMI for various loan amounts and avail one that suits your financial situation.
    • This calculator is precise to the last digit. There is no place for any ambiguity anywhere.

    Looking to invest? Open an account with Groww and start investing in direct Mutual Funds for free

    Simple Interest Rate Calculation Formula On Loan

    The Simple Interest method is an easy method that is sometimes used by the loan provided. It is also sometimes applied to short-term loans. As this formula is easy to use, with the right details on your hand, you can also calculate the interest charged on your loan amount. You can check the formula right below:

    Principal Loan Amount x Interest Rate x Repayment Tenure = Interest

    So, if your principal loan amount is INR 20000, Interest Rate is 5 percent, and the repayment tenure is 3 years, then you can calculate it as follows:

    20000 x .05 x 3 = INR 3000

    Here, INR 3000 will be the Interest cost that you will have to pay as an extra amount in addition to your loan amount over a period of 3 years.

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    Upstart $5000 Loan 60 Months

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    How To Use Our Personal Loan Calculator

    Calculating Interest on Debt | The Add-On Method | Personal Finance Series

    We built our calculator to help make the decision to apply for a loan much easier. Whether you need a loan for debt consolidation, medical expenses, home improvement projects, a move, or even a wedding, here are some questions it can help you answer: What is the maximum loan amount I can afford? How do I compare my existing loan to others? How can I pay off my loan early? If I increase my monthly payments how much money will I save in interest? How much interest will I pay on my loan?

    Wont affect your credit score¹

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    How To Calculate Total Interest Paid On A Car Loan

    This article was co-authored by Michael R. Lewis. Michael R. Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas. He has over 40 years of experience in business and finance, including as a Vice President for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. He has a BBA in Industrial Management from the University of Texas at Austin. This article has been viewed 372,081 times.

    There are several components that are used to compute interest on your car loan. You need to know the principal amount owed, the term of the loan, and the interest rate. Most car loans use an amortization schedule to calculate interest. The formula to compute amortization is complicated, even with a calculator. Car buyers can find amortization calculators on the web. If your car loan uses simple interest, you can use the calculator to determine your monthly payment amount.

    How Much Interest Will I Pay On My Car Loan Loan Interest Calculator Example

    When shopping for a car, you can use this calculator to determine how much interest you will pay on an auto loan. In the example below, well look at a five-year car loan for $30,000, with a fixed interest rate of 6.0%.

  • Total Loan Amount: $30,000

  • Loan Term : Five years

  • Interest Rate: 6.0%

  • After 5 years, you will pay a total of $4,799.04 in interest on your car loan. If you are able to shop around for a better car loan rate, you can save some money. Lets say you find an auto loan with a 4.0% interest rate, the total interest paid on a five-year loan would be $3,149.74. That is over $1,500 in savings by simply finding a better rate.

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    Bond: Predetermined Lump Sum Paid At Loan Maturity

    This kind of loan is rarely made except in the form of bonds. Technically, bonds operate differently from more conventional loans in that borrowers make a predetermined payment at maturity. The face, or par value of a bond, is the amount paid by the issuer when the bond matures, assuming the borrower doesnt default. Face value denotes the amount received at maturity.

    Two common bond types are coupon and zero-coupon bonds. With coupon bonds, lenders base coupon interest payments on a percentage of the face value. Coupon interest payments occur at predetermined intervals, usually annually or semi-annually. Zero-coupon bonds do not pay interest directly. Instead, borrowers sell bonds at a deep discount to their face value, then pay the face value when the bond matures. Users should note that the calculator above runs calculations for zero-coupon bonds.

    After a borrower issues a bond, its value will fluctuate based on interest rates, market forces, and many other factors. While this does not change the bonds value at maturity, a bonds market price can still vary during its lifetime.

    How Do I Determine The Applicable Roi

    Auto Loan Calculator

    The Personal Loan EMI Calculator will give you an option to select ROI ranging between 10.75% p.a. to 19% p.a. However, the applicable ROI is dependent on multiple factors, including the loan amount requested.

    You can fill in the application form here to check the applicable ROI and your personal loan eligibility. You can also click here to check your eligibility for the pre-approved Personal Loan and avail of the loan amount instantly.

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