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Federal Employee Student Loan Forgiveness

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Federal student loan forgiveness deadline for public employees looms

Getting student loans forgiven has two basic parts: consolidating all your loans into one debt, then applying for forgiveness by filing a special application: Federal Student Aids Public Service Loan Forgiveness & Temporary Expanded PSLF Certification & Application. Remember, if you wish to apply or reapply under the temporarily looser restrictions, you must request loan consolidation and submit the application by Oct. 31, 2022.

Completing The Employment Certification Form Annually

You should submit the Employment Certification form every year, even though its not mandatory. When you submit the form, youll have multiple receipts that show you have worked at a Public Service Loan Forgiveness qualified employer during your 120 months.

Here is how to do it:

First, Download the Public Service Loan Forgiveness application. Complete the form by using black or blue ink, and get your employers certification. Usually, your employer should have an authorized official who will certify your employment. If thats not the case in your part, tick the box stating that and complete Sections one, two, and three of the form.

Second, submit the Public Service Loan Forgiveness application to the FedLoan Servicing. Lastly, wait as the FedLoan Servicing review your form. Theyll check to find out if your request is complete and if you qualify for the government employee student loan forgiveness.

After the FedLoan Servicing finish their review and confirm that your Public Service Loan Forgiveness application is correct, theyll notify you of the following:

  • The number of payments you have made working at a public service organization
  • The remainder of the number of payments you have to make before you are qualified to apply for the government employee student loan forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Requirements

Must work full-time for the government or eligible non-for-profit within a designated field, such as firefighting, teaching, government, nursing, public interest law, military, or religious work. Read about Shawna Newmans successful journey to loan forgiveness.

Make 10 years worth of payments, totaling 120 payments , for the full amount within 15 days of your monthly payment due date.

Have loans in the federal direct loan program however, you can consolidate your federal loans for one payment under PSLF.

The Department of Education is taking steps over the coming months to help alleviate student loan debt for thousands of borrowers. They have outlined details in their October 6, 2021 Press Release announcing their Public Service Loan Forgiveness Fact Sheet.

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Federal Employee Student Loan Forgiveness

As any recent college student knows, obtaining a degree requires a much bigger financial sacrifice today than it did a generation or two ago. Over the past three decades, the average cost to attend a public four-year institution has more than tripled. For most Americans, footing the bill through savings and investments simply isnt realistic. Fortunately, if youre someone whos being pressured to put off important life choices like buying a home or starting a family because youre struggling with repaying your student loans, you have debt relief options that will help your life get back on track. For help tackling your student loan debt, look no further that McCarthy Law PLC.

Eligibility Requirement For Federal Employee Student Loan Forgiveness

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Unlike some other forgiveness programs, you dont need to complete your degree to qualify. However, some agencies demand a degree to participate in the program, so check with your employer to see if you meet the programs specific requirements.

Unless your position is classified or includes policymaking, any government employee is qualified. In addition, you must maintain a strong working relationship with your company and consistently deliver acceptable results.

Lobbyists and other Schedule C employees arent eligible. Members of Congress are also ineligible, though their staff may be.

Furthermore, the money you receive from your employer is taxed as part of your gross income. So, for example, you could get a $10,000 benefit, but the agency will only pay your servicer $7,000 since you owe $3,000 in taxes.

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Find A Repayment Plan That Works For You

You might be able to choose a more reasonable payment plan if you have federal loans. In addition, some plans allow you to extend your loan beyond the regular 10-year period.

Some allow you to make lower monthly payments at first and larger monthly payments afterward, which might help you stay on track with your budget. If youre starting in the workforce, this button will open a PDF document.

Find the plan that best suits your current and projected cash flow. If youre thinking about forgiving your debt, choose one of the programs income-driven repayment options.

Loans That Are Eligible For Student Loan Forgiveness

The Education Department confirmed that nearly all government-held federal student loans, including undergraduate loans, graduate loans, and Parent PLUS loans, can qualify. Government-held loans include all federal Direct student loans, as well as some FFEL-program loans and Perkins loans held by the government. Defaulted federal student loans also qualify.

FFEL-program loans held by private, commercial lenders do not automatically qualify for student loan forgiveness under the Biden initiative. However, the Education Department confirmed that FFEL borrowers can receive this relief by consolidating these loans into the Direct Loan program.

Since Direct loan consolidation does not necessarily make sense for all borrowers, the department is also working on a fix to potentially expand access to FFEL borrowers without needing to consolidate.

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What Is The Federal Student Loan Repayment Program

The federal student loan repayment program is designed to attract top talent to serve in the public sector and encourage retention as an additional employee benefit. Federal agencies can designate funds and offer student loan repayment assistance to highly qualified candidates.

Employees who are eligible for the federal student loan repayment program can receive up to $60,000 over a period of six years. So in other words, you can get up to $10,000 per year. Only federal student loans are eligible for federal employee student loan repayment, so sorry private student loan borrowers.

Good news for Parent PLUS borrowers though, who can also take advantage of this program if theyre an employee at the federal agency and took out federal loans on behalf of their child.

The important thing to note is that whether the funds are available and who the funds are available for are dependent on the federal government agency. So its not something that everyone in the public sector working full-time can get, like with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Your work has to have a program in place, and youd have to qualify with eligible loans and pass the eligibility requirements below.

Itsimportant To Avoid Pslf Scams

Public employees have until Oct. 31 to apply for federal student loan forgiveness

While Public Service Loan Forgiveness is an importantprogram that ensures people with expensive degrees can do government work,there are unfortunately some scammers out there who take advantage of peopleeager to get student debts forgiven.

You should know that you can sign up for PSLF by yourself. Some people will charge you to help you sign up for income-based plans that you can sign up for on your own. Likewise some people will charge you a fee to help you enroll in PSLF even though you can also apply for forgiveness on your own without any special help.

You do not need to pay any third-party company to help you sign up for loan forgiveness. You can sign into your account with the Department of Education, select an income-based payment plan, and make your payments over time.

Its important to be on the lookout for red flags thatsuggest a student loan forgiveness scam, including:

  • Companies that offer help with student debt inexchange for paying an up-front or monthly fee.
  • Companies trying to collect fees over the phonebefore theyve actually taken any steps to help you deal with your debtproblem.
  • Companies that promise immediate forgiveness ofyour student debt.
  • Companies that pressure you into signing up forassistance programs.
  • Companies that request you provide sensitivepersonal details right away or provide personal details over the phone oremail.

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Are There Any Other Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

For those interested in student loan forgiveness, you may want to review the other programs available.

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness: Check the American Federation of Teachers’ website to get a list of loan forgiveness and other financial assistance opportunities. Generally, you need to be a full-time teacher who has worked five complete and consecutive years in certain low-income schools. You may also receive extra credits with this limited-time waiver available until the end of October.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness : You can qualify for a PSLF loan if you’re a full-time employee of a federal, state, local or tribal government or a non-profit organization that has Direct Loans, repay using a certain income-driven repayment plan and you’ve made 120 qualifying payments.
  • Income-Driven Repayment Plans: The Department of Education is creating new rules involving income-driven repayment plans, which allow borrowers to set loan payments based on what they can afford . After a certain time or number of payments, loans may be forgiven .
  • Military Service: There are forgiveness opportunities for active military members and veterans. lists the different financial aid opportunities and assistance available.
  • Volunteer Work: Volunteer organizations such as AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps may have forgiveness offerings.

Payments Will Eventually Resume

Most federal student loan borrowers have been able to pause their monthly bills since March 2020, thanks to a pandemic-era relief policy.

Currently, those payments are expected to turn back in September, although some experts are expecting that the Biden administration will delay the restart date for more months.

Still, as the country pulls out of the pandemic, experts say borrowers should be prepared for life with a student loan bill again. In the meantime, any months during the pause count toward your qualifying payments.

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Not Sure How To Proceed

Many options are accessible to borrowers, specifically to federal loan debtors. This guide aims to draw the full picture of Government Employee Loan Forgiveness. Besides, we presented some alternative solutions to this program.Most borrowers lack financial knowledge and debt management skills. Hence, understandably, you can find the information presented challenging to interpret. If you feel lost among options and do not know which will fit you the best, you can contact Student Loans Resolved experts. In SLR, we gathered experienced debt specialists to help hundreds and thousands of borrowers deal with their debt payments. We can analyze your finances, help with the selection of the right program and lead you throughout the application process. Maximize your chance to eliminate the student debt with SLR experts.

Eligibility Requirement For Income

Student Loan Forgiveness for Federal Employees

The income-based repayment plan is more flexible in its requirements than the other four IDR plans. The IBR has two eligibility requirements.

First, your student loan monthly payments under the Income-Based Repayment plan should not equal or exceed your payments that would have been under the 10-year Standard Repayment Plan. Second, your student loans must be one of these:

  • Direct Graduate Plus Loans
  • Federal Family Educational Loans
  • Direct Loans

If you have other loans such as Parent Plus Loans and consolidation loans that include Parent Plus Loans, youll have to look into the ICR plan for a low payment.

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John R Justice Student Loan Repayment Program

The John R. Justice Program helps lawyers in the public sector. If youre a public defender, you could earn up to $10,000 per year for a maximum of $60,000.

Herbert S. Garten Loan Repayment Assistance Program

This student loan forgiveness program helps repay student loans for 100-plus attorneys each year. Youll need to work at a qualifying organization. The program uses a lottery system to pick a few lucky recipients every year.

State and university-sponsored LRAPs

Like teachers and doctors, lawyers might also qualify for state or local repayment assistance programs. The Florida Bar Foundation, for instance, awards forgivable loans of up to $5,000 to lawyers in Florida.

In addition, some universities help their alumni pay back their loans. The University of Virginia School of Law, for instance, will cover up to 100% of student debt for graduates who make less than $65,000 per year. This program encourages its students to work in public service.

See if your state offers loan repayment assistance. Since theres no central database of schools and employers that offer repayment help, talk to your alma mater or employer about how to get repayment help.

Loan Forgiveness For Military

Each branch of the military has programs that help qualified members pay off their student loans, but the loan amounts forgiven and the requirements that must be met vary dramatically.

Visit the Complete Guide to Military Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment and find the program that best suits your situation and branch of the military.

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Student Loan Forgiveness Faqs

After Mr. Biden’s student loan forgiveness announcement searches on Google spiked and the Federal Student Aid received an overwhelming volume of traffic that caused some site delays. So, here are some frequently asked questions related to the news.

Important Limited Pslf Waiver

Verify | Federal student loan forgiveness, pauses and what that means

On October 6, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid announced a temporary period during which borrowers mayreceive credit for payments that previously did not qualify for PSLF or TEPSLF. This change will apply to student loan borrowers with Direct Loans,those who have already consolidated into the Direct Loan Program, and those who consolidate into the Direct Loan Program by October 31, 2022.For more information on the limited PSLF waiver,

Key Points: Summary of Changes Under the Limited PSLF Waiver

The qualifying employment requirement has not changed.

Learn more about how this limited PSLF waiver may impact your loans.Act soon the waiver ends October 31, 2022.You can also contact us with questions.

Note: Servicing for the PSLF Program is managed by another federal student loan servicer.If you enroll in PSLF, your eligible loans will be transferred from Great Lakes to the PSLF servicer.If your loans have already been transferred to the PSLF servicer, you can log in to their borrower portal to track your PSLF payment counts.

Also note: if you received Teacher Loan Forgiveness, under the limited PSLF waiver, the period of service that led to your eligibility will count toward PSLF. Refer to’s Limited PSLF Waiver page and contact us to discuss whether you may be eligible to receive PSLF under the temporary waiver. Act soon the waiver ends October 31, 2022.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Your Student Loans Forgiven

It varies significantly by program. Most federal loan forgiveness programs take years to dispense relief, and it could be as long as a decade, at least in the case of PSLF. Other non-federal forgiveness programs might award borrowers relief after two to three years of working in an underserved area or field. In addition, employers may offer to match or help make your monthly loan payments, in which case relief would be felt immediately and frequently.

Reconsideration For Pslf Applications

Beginning April 2022, borrowers whose applications were rejected for PSLF and Temporary Expanded PSLF can request a reconsideration online at Anyone who thinks their application should be reconsidered can submit a request.

You’ll be able to submit one or more reconsideration requests of your application to certify employment or payment determinations. You won’t need to provide more documentation with your request, but you might have to provide more information following its review. There was no deadline provided.

You still must meet payment and employment requirements under the law, which includes the current waiver that would count previously ineligible payments.

To figure out if you need a reconsideration of your employer, you can use the PSLF Help Tool. If your employer isnt eligible, consider supplying documentation as to why the not-for-profit organization you work for should qualify.

Federal Student Aid did not indicate how long it would take to review each submission. Make sure your account has the most up-to-date contact information so you can receive correspondence. More information about reconsideration of payment counts and employer qualifications are available on the student aid site.

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How Does The Federal Employee Student Loan Forgiveness Work

The federal employee student loan forgiveness is intended to attract and retain outstanding employees in the public sector. In addition, highly qualified individuals may be eligible for federal subsidies and aid with student loan repayment.

Employees who qualify for the federal employee loan forgiveness are eligible for up to $60,000 over six years. In other words, you could earn up to $10,000 annually. Private student loan borrowers should be aware that only federal student loans qualify for repayment by federal employees.

On the other hand, Parent PLUS borrowers can benefit from this program if they work for the federal government and take out federal loans on their childs behalf.

A Perform Volunteer Work

Student Loan Forgiveness for Federal Employees

These volunteer groups offer loan forgiveness:

  • AmeriCorps. Serve for 12 months and get up to $7,400 in stipends plus $4,725 to be used towards your loan.
  • Peace Corps. Volunteers may apply for deferment of Stafford, Perkins and Consolidation loans and partial repeal of Perkins Loans . Volunteers help real people with two years of service in more than 70 developing countries.
  • Volunteers in Service to America . Volunteer with private, non-profit groups that help wipe out hunger, homelessness, poverty and illiteracy. Provide 1700 hours of service and receive $4,725.

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