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How To Estimate Student Loan Payments

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When Do I Start Accruing Interest

How to Estimate Your Student Loan Payments

Student loan interest typically accrues daily, starting as soon as your loan is disbursed. In other words, student loans generally accrue interest while youre in school.

Subsidized federal loans are the exception the government pays the interest that accrues while the borrower is in school, so borrowers generally dont have to start paying interest on subsidized loans until after the six-month grace period.

What Will My Repayment Schedule Be

Your repayment term, or the amount of time it takes to pay off student loans, depends on the type of loan you took out and the payoff plan you choose. Federal student loans come with a standard repayment term of 10 years, but you can opt for a 20- or 25-year term if you choose an income-driven repayment plan, which ties monthly payments to your income. Private loans often come with terms of five, 10 or 15 years.

Convert It Into A Monthly Amount

Lastly, youll have to multiply that daily interest amount by the number of days in your billing cycle. In this case, well assume a 30-day cycle, so the amount of interest youd pay for the month is $41.10 . The total for a year would be $493.20.

Interest starts accumulating like this from the moment your loan is disbursed unless you have a subsidized federal loan. In that case, youre not charged interest until after the end of your grace period, which lasts for six months after you leave school.

With unsubsidized loans, you can choose to pay off any accrued interest while youre still in school. Otherwise, the accumulated interest is capitalized, or added to the principal amount, after graduation.

If you request and are granted a forbearancebasically, a pause on repaying your loan, usually for about 12 monthskeep in mind that even though your payments may stop while youre in forbearance, the interest will continue to accrue during that period and ultimately will be tacked onto your principal amount. If you suffer economic hardship and enter into deferment, interest continues to accrue only if you have an unsubsidized or PLUS loan from the government.

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Change Your College Budget When Needed

Beyond applying for new scholarships, an excessive amount of student loan debt can be a signal to rebudget.

Textbooks are a highly flexible expense.

A member of our told us she spent a total of $500 on books for two masters degrees because she was able to buy and then resll them on Amazon.

In comparison, school bookstores rarely pay a good buy-back price. Plus, your school could have retired that edition of the book while another school hasnt. Thus, the resale value could be better in a different locale.

Students can get budgeting help for all aspects of their budget from the student money management department or a credit union financial counselor on campus.

They may help them find ways to save on food, entertainment, or housing.

For instance, a change in meal plans can save several hundred dollars per semester.

How To Calculate Loan Payments In 3 Easy Steps

Our Student Loan Calculator

Making a big purchase, consolidating debt, or covering emergency expenses with the help of financing feels great in the moment – until that first loan payment is due. Suddenly, all that feeling of financial flexibility goes out the window as you factor a new bill into your budget. No matter the dollar amount, it’s an adjustment, but don’t panic. Maybe it’s as simple as reducing your dining out expenses or picking up a side hustle. Let’s focus on your ability to make that new payment on time and in full.

Of course, before you take out a personal loan, it’s important to know what that new payment will be, and yes, what you’ll have to do to pay your debt back. Whether you’re a math whiz or you slept through Algebra I, it’s good to have at least a basic idea of how your repayment options are calculated. Doing so will ensure that you borrow what you can afford on a month-to-month basis without surprises or penny-scrounging moments. So let’s crunch numbers and dive into the finances of your repayment options to be sure you know what you’re borrowing.

Don’t worry – we’re not just going to give you a formula and wish you well. Ahead, we’ll break down the steps you need to learn how to calculate your loan’s monthly payment with confidence.

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Should I Consolidate For A Better Rate

It depends. Loan consolidation can simply your life, but you need to do it carefully to avoid losing benefits you may currently have under the loans you are carrying. The first step is to find out if you are eligible to consolidate. You must be enrolled at less than part-time status or not in school currently making loan payments or be within the loan’s grace period not be in default and carrying at least $5,000 to $7,500 in loans.

If You Have A Plan 4 Loan And A Plan 2 Loan

You pay back 9% of your income over the Plan 4 threshold .

If your income is under the Plan 2 threshold , your repayments only go towards your Plan 4 loan.

If your income is over the Plan 2 threshold, your repayments go towards both your loans.


You have a Plan 4 loan and a Plan 2 loan.

Your annual income is £28,800 and you are paid a regular monthly wage. This means that each month your income is £2,400 . This is over the Plan 4 monthly threshold of £2,083 and the Plan 2 threshold of £2,274.

Your income is £317 over the Plan 4 threshold which is the lowest of both plans.

You will pay back £28 and repayments will go towards both plans.

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Will The Federal Student Loan Payment Pause Be Extended Again

Most Americans believe that the federal student loan forbearance period should be extended through the end of 2022, according to a Data for Progress poll. However, the Biden administration hasn’t announced plans to extend the pause again or to cancel student debt.

As lawmakers push for student loan cancellation, borrowers should still prepare for federal loan payments to restart in May. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona recently said that while the Biden administration is discussing “broad loan forgiveness,” borrowers should expect to resume repayment. Here are a few things you can do now to prepare for the end of forbearance:

  • Income-driven repayment plan . Borrowers may be able to reduce their monthly federal student loan payments to 10-20% of their disposable income, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements on the Federal Student Aid website.
  • Unemployment deferment. Student loan borrowers receiving unemployment benefits or who are struggling to find full-time employment may be eligible for up to three years of additional federal loan forbearance. It’s important to keep in mind that interest may accrue during deferment.
  • Economic hardship deferment. Similar to unemployment deferment, you may be eligible to pause your payments for a limited time if you receive a means-tested benefit like welfare. It may also be possible to qualify if you work full-time but are earning below 150% of the poverty guideline for your state and family size.

Fixed Vs Floating Interest Rates

How To Calculate Your Student Loan Payment

You can request to have a fixed interest rate. You can only make this change once. Contact the NSLSC or the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre for more information.

CIBC prime rate plus 2%

Prime rate of Canadian banks plus 2%

To compare the cost of choosing floating and fixed rates, use the Government of Canadas loan repayment estimator.

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Start Your Loan Repayment

Six months after you leave school, youll start repaying your loans. Your monthly payment is automatically calculated. Your repayment schedule depends on:

  • Your loan balance
  • Your interest rate
  • Your repayment term
  • Repayment term for Alberta loans

    Repayment term for Canada loans

    $0 – $3000

    Learn more about adjusting repayment details.

    Estimate Your Student Loan Payment

    Estimate your student loan payments under a standard repayment plan using the calculator below.

    • This is only an estimate! Your actual payment amount is determined by your loan holder based on the amount that you borrowed. However, most student loan programs require at least a $50 payment each month, no matter how small your loan amount.
    • Your interest rate depends on your loan type and when you received the loan. for a chart with Direct Loan interest rates.
    • The calculator is preset to 120 months and an interest rate of 6.8 percent. You may adjust these.
    • It is recommended that your student loan payment be less than 8 percent of your gross income. The minimum salary field is based on this recommendation.
    • If you have not made payments while in school or during your grace period, you may have capitalized interest Accrued interest that is added to the principal of your loan that will be added to the principal amount of your loan. This amount should be included in the principal amount in the calculator below in order to give a more accurate estimate of the loan repayment information.

    Enter your Principal Amount of Loan, Simple Interest Rate, and Number of Monthly Payments.

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    How Can I Get A Lower Student Loan Interest Rate When Taking Out The Loan

    Federal student loan interest rates are set by Congress, so they can impose rates that are as high or low as lawmakers see fit. Rates on federal student loans for new borrowers are determined each May. But once you take out a federal student loan, your rate will be set for life .

    Private student loan rates, on the other hand, vary by lender. If you want to get a lower interest rate on private student loans, you should make sure you have good credit or get a creditworthy cosigner.

    If youre still in search of the right student loan for your situation, youve come to the right place. Credible makes it easy for you to compare private student loans, so you can find the right fit. Just fill out a single form and you can see prequalified rates from all of our partner lenders below in just a few minutes.


    Executing The Pmt Function

    How to Calculate Monthly Loan Payments in Excel

    The formula now reads:

    Once you’ve entered all of the data points, you can press enter to execute the function. This will tell you your monthly payment amount:

    As you can see above, the monthly principal and interest payment for this mortgage comes out to $1,342.05. This is shown as a negative figure because it represents monthly money being spent.

    If this calculator isnt the right fit for you, you can try to determine how rates, terms, and loan amounts impact your payment.

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    How To Apply For A Federal Student Loan

    In order to get the ball rolling you will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form as soon as possible in the prior academic year. When you have committed to attend college you will want to submit your FAFSA at the earliest possible date to allow the federal government to consider your case. The FAFSA forms are available 1 October each year and you will need to submit it before the deadline for your state.

    Besides the calculation from the schools financial aid staff, the Department of Education will need to know your parents economic situation and your dependency status. If you need help filling out the form, the governments Federal Student Aid website provides a guide.

    How To Fill Out A W

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    Heres what you need to know about the form, starting with how it affects your paycheck and taxes:

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    Can You Claim Student Loans On Taxes

    If you made payments toward interest on your student loans, you might be able to claim the student loan interest tax deduction. You can deduct $2,500 or the amount of interest you paid during the tax year, whichever is less.


    If you decide to refinance, remember to research and compare as many lenders as possible. This way, you can find a loan that best suits your needs. Credible makes this easy you can compare your prequalified rates from multiple lenders in two minutes.

    Kat Tretina is a freelance writer who covers everything from student loans to personal loans to mortgages. Her work has appeared in publications like the Huffington Post, Money Magazine, MarketWatch, Business Insider, and more.

    How Borrowers Get A Student Loan For Their College Education:

    USDA & how they calculate Student Loan Payments in the DTI
    • Apply to colleges they’re interested in attending and get an idea of the tuition cost. Borrowers should determine how much they have in their savings account to go toward their education. The balance will be how much they need to get in student loans.
    • Gather documents needed to apply for a federal student loan. This includes bank statements, tax returns and W-2 forms.
    • Complete a student loan application from the federal government. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be accessed online. Prospective students can apply via their computers or even mobile devices by downloading the app. Itll take about 45 minutes.
    • After federal loans kick in, and theres still a balance, they should compare interest rates and apply for a private student loan from a bank, credit union or lending institution. Private lenders will base the interest rate on their credit score and any income they may have.

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    What Is My Loan Payment Formula

    Now that you have identified the type of loan you have, the second step is plugging numbers into a loan payment formula based on your loan type.

    If you have an amortized loan, calculating your loan payment can get a little hairy and potentially bring back not-so-fond memories of high school math, but stick with us and we’ll help you with the numbers.

    Here’s an example: let’s say you get an auto loan for $10,000 at a 7.5% annual interest rate for 5 years after making a $1,000 down payment. To solve the equation, you’ll need to find the numbers for these values:

    • A = Payment amount per period

    • P = Initial principal or loan amount

    • r = Interest rate per period

    • n = Total number of payments or periods

    The formula for calculating your monthly payment is:

    A = P ^n) / ^n -1 )

    When you plug in your numbers, it would shake out as this:

    • P = $10,000

    • r = 7.5% per year / 12 months = 0.625% per period

    • n = 5 years x 12 months = 60 total periods

    So, when we follow through on the arithmetic you find your monthly payment:

    10,000 / – 1)

    10,000 /


    10,000 = $200.38

    In this case, your monthly payment for your cars loan term would be $200.38.

    If you have an interest-only loan, calculating the monthly payment is exponentially easier . Here is the formula the lender uses to calculate your monthly payment:

    loan payment = loan balance x

    In this case, your monthly interest-only payment for the loan above would be $62.50.

    How To Get The Best Deal On A Loan

    This one is simple: get a loan that helps you manage your monthly payments.

    Now that you know how to calculate your monthly payment, and understand how much loan you can afford, it’s crucial you have a game plan for paying off your loan. Making an extra payment on your loan is the best way to save on interest . But it can be scary to do that. What if unexpected costs come up like car repairs or vet visits?

    The Kasasa Loans® is the only loan available that lets you pay ahead and access those funds if you need them later, with a feature called Take-BacksTM. They also make managing repayments easy with a mobile-ready, personalized dashboard. Ask your local, community financial institution or credit union if they offer Kasasa Loans®.

    Taking out a loan can feel overwhelming given all the facts and figures , but being armed with useful information and a clear handle on your monthly payment options can ease you into the process. In fact, many of the big-ticket items like homes or cars just wouldn’t be possible to purchase without the flexibility of a monthly loanpayment. As long as you budget carefully and understand what you’re getting into, this credit-building undertaking isn’t hard to manage – or calculate – especially if you keep a calculator handy.

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