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Can I Use My Va Home Loan To Buy Land

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Q& A: Can I purchase land with a VA loan?

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How Do Va Loans Work

The VA doesnt make loans, so borrowers must find a private lender that is part of the VA loan program and willing to offer affordable financing.

Different lenders have different qualifying criteria. But the VA encourages lenders to make VA loans available to all qualified veterans that apply. The government guarantees a portion of the loan to pave the way to easier approval. In most of the U.S., the government guarantees loans of up to $510,400 as of 2020 the guarantee means that if you dont pay, lenders are unlikely to lose money.

But that government guarantee doesnt protect you, the borrower, if you dont pay your mortgage. You can still lose your home to foreclosure if you dont repay your loan. If you do run into trouble as a VA mortgage holder, theres a dedicated VA staff to help.

Va Loans Can Not Be Used For Investment Properties Or Vacation Homes

The VA Loan is intended for personal use as a primary residence. It is not intended to be used to fund an investment property purchase. So you cant use the VA Loan to buy a home to immediately rent out to someone else. And you cannot use it to buy a vacation home, summer home, beach house, lake house, or second home.

You can, however, use your VA Loan eligibility to purchase a multi-family home up to 4 units in size, provided you intend to live in one of the units. So in a way, you can use the VA Loan to fund a multi-family investment property, as long as you also use it as your primary residence for at least one year.

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Can I Use A Va Loan To Purchase A New Primary Residence

The answer here is yes, but the home you purchase must be the home that you plan to use as your primary residence.

Fortunately, VA loans are not a one and done type of eligibility thanks to bonus/second-tier entitlement. One such use involves retaining one property while buying a new primary residence.

Additionally, a VA buyer could plan to rent their departing residence and use up to 100% of the rental income to qualify for the new purchase, even with no prior rental experience.

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Va Loan Property Requirements

VA requires whatever home you purchase with a VA-backed loan to be a primary residence. This means you cant use the loan to buy a vacation home or an investment property. However, home doesnt just mean single-family homes. It can also mean condo units, multi-unit houses , and manufactured housing.

The home will need to undergo an appraisal and inspection by a VA-approved contractor before closing. Jones says VA appraisals tend to be strict and similar to FHA appraisals. These are intended to review the buildings safety and stability.

Modular Homes & Va Loans

Modular homes are a different ballgame.

Generally, sections of a modular home are built in a factory and then shipped to a home site. From there, the pieces are assembled by professional contractors, much like a traditional, stick-built home. Modular homes need to meet local or state building codes rather than federal guidelines.

Depending on the look, its sometimes tough to tell a modular home from a traditional single-family residence.

Veterans looking to purchase an existing modular home encounter the same lending process as those buying a stick-built home.

Things can get more complicated if you want to buy a new modular home and install it on a piece of land.

Lenders will often consider this new construction, which changes the complexion when youre talking about VA home loans. Its tough to find VA lenders out there willing to do a true $0 down construction loan.

Often, borrowers need to obtain a construction loan from a builder or a local lender, then look to refinance that short-term loan into a permanent VA mortgage once the home is ready. This is a common pathway for both stick-built and modular-new constructions.

Like most lenders, Veterans United doesnt offer a VA construction loan. But we do handle the permanent financing for many veterans who get construction loans from builders or local lenders.

Talk with a Veterans United loan specialist at 855-259-6455 to learn more about building a home with a VA loan.

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The Bottom Line: Yes You Can Buy Two Homes With A Va Loan

VA loans are intended to help eligible clients get primary properties that serve as their principal residence. As such, buying a home with a VA loan for the purpose of making it a second home or investment property is allowed, but you can convert the property after youve lived there. You can also make rental income by living in one unit and renting out the others.

If you do plan to buy a second home with remaining VA entitlement. Its very important to make sure you understand how your remaining entitlement and local conforming loan limits interact. If you have any doubt, you can always speak to us.

If youre ready to get started, you can apply online or give us a call at 326-6018. You can also check out more information on VA mortgage rates.

Get approved to refinance.

Va Mobile Home Mortgage Lenders

Can You Use VA Home Loan To Buy a Foreclosure or Distressed Property??

Unfortunately, lenders that offer VA loans for manufactured homes arent that common. However, in our research, we found some companies offering the program .

Its worth noting that a couple of these are wholesale lenders. As the name implies, that means they supply loans to other retail companies that deal with the general public. So they dont deal directly with consumers. You could, however, try asking them for a list of retail lenders and brokers close to you just as you might ask a manufacturer for a list of stockists.

Mortgage brokers can be very useful when youre looking for a hard-to-find specialist loan, including VA mobile home loans. Ask around among friends, families, and colleagues to find one with a good reputation. Make sure you know upfront whos going to pay your brokers fees. It may be the lender but sometimes its you.

Overall, engaging in good research early on can help to ensure you find a VA mobile home loan that suits your personal circumstances. To get started, take a look at the list of potential lenders below.

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How Does An Interest Only Construction Loan Work With Gifted Land

7. Purchase Land, If Applicable. 8. Expect Ongoing Inspections. Construction Loan Pros and Cons. The Bottom Line. Thats why many homeowners opt to build their homes. Many homeowners cant afford a newly built house without a loan. Construction loans help cover the costs of many expenses of home construction.

Challenges To Obtaining A Va Loan For A Mobile Home

Obtaining a VA loan for a manufactured home wont be easy. Historically, homeowners with mobile homes were more likely to default on their loans. Additionally, most manufactured homes depreciate in value as time goes on, which is the opposite of most homes. Those are two major reasons why many lenders avoid issuing VA loans for manufactured homes.

As of the last few years, almost no VA lenders offer home loans for manufactured homes. If you cant find a willing lender, you may have to opt for a private loan or a loan through the manufacturer. Otherwise, you may be better off buying a regular home if you want a VA mortgage.

Even if you can find someone whos open to giving you a loan, it may only be a short-term construction loan. If that happens, youll have to go through the process of refinancing and applying for a VA home loan once your home has been constructed.

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Can I Use My Va Home Loan To Buy Land

The Department of Veterans Affairs allows borrowers to use a VA home loan to buy land and construct a new home on a piece of property as an alternative to buying a pre-built home.

There are restrictions placed on the way the funds can be allocated. VA loans must be used for eligible purchases, which allows the Veteran to purchase or construct a residence, including a condominium or cooperative unit, to be owned and occupied by the veteran as a home.

The loans can include the land where the home will be situated and may also be guaranteed for the construction of a residence on land the borrower already owns. Its also possible to use the funds to refinance a purchase money mortgage or contract for the purchase of the land.

How Does A Va Loan Work

Can I Use A Va Loan To Buy Land

The VA home loan is considered an unconventional loan. Theyre different than conventional loans because VA loans are specifically guaranteed by the government.

This just means the government agrees to repay a portion of the loan to the lender who gave you your VA loan if you dont make your mortgage payments and they have to repossess your house .

Since your lender takes on less risk compared to a conventional loan, VA mortgage loans are relatively easy to get.

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Planned Use Of Land: Build Immediately Improvements Needed Speculative Investment

The terms of the loanssuch as down payment and interest ratetypically hinge on the intended use of the land, since this is directly linked to the bank’s risk exposure. In this way, getting land loans is always trickier than buying an existing house, since an existing house gives the bank immediate, tangible collateral, whereas new construction has more moving parts that can go awry.

From existing homes, the next step down on the bank’s confidence ladder is buying a build-ready lot with the intention to start construction of a primary dwelling right away. There are things that could go wrong, cause delays, or increase costs along the way, but the timetable is still manageable in the bank’s eyes. The required down payment will typically be in the 15% to 25% range.

Finally, there is raw land with no specific plans to build anything, which is basically a speculative investment. For example, a project in this vein could involve buying land in anticipation of the completion of a new freeway nearby. The hope would be that, when the freeway is completed, the land would be attractive for a developer to build a new subdivision with a convenient commute into the city. The land could then be sold to the developer for a tidy profit. These loans may require a down payment of up to 50%.

Unimproved lots are ones that do not yet have the basic required services. It is common to run into unforeseen problems and cost overruns, which can add months to the purchase timeline.

Are There Loan Limits For A Va Mortgage

There are currently no loan limits for qualified veterans. The VA lifted the loan limits in 2020 and will issue a loan guaranty regardless of the loan amount when the veteran has full entitlement benefits available. Veterans with full entitlement do not have to make a down payment.

Your COE may shows that you have full entitlement benefits if:

  • You meet all military service requirements and were not dishonorably discharged
  • Youve never used your home loan entitlement benefit
  • Your entitlement was restored after paying off a previous VA home loan
  • You sold the previous home and paid off the VA home loan

But just because you dont have a loan limit doesnt mean youll be approved for any loan amount. Lenders must determine how much you can borrow based on your income, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio .

VA guidelines give lenders flexibility in their loan decisions, so you may qualify even if your credit score is on the low end.

But generally speaking, the higher your credit score and income, and the lower your debts, the more youll be able to borrow.

What if I dont have a full entitlement?

If you have some remaining entitlement, but not the full benefit, you can still get a VA mortgage. However, you may need to make a down payment if you borrow more than $144,000.

Youll also be subject to loan limits, which vary based on where youre buying. You can look up the loan limits in your county on this Federal Housing Finance Agency list or via this FHFA map.

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What Va Loans Can Be Used For

VA home loans can be used to buy, build, improve, or refinance a home intended to be the borrowers home address, or as the VA Lenders Handbook says, the primary residence. Primary residence requires the owner to live in their homes. Primary residences cannot be a timeshare, vacation home, bed-and-breakfast, etc.

VA Loans can be used to buy properties with as many as four living units. The borrower is also permitted to consider the purchase of a mixed-use or mixed-zoning property as long as the non-residential use of the home does not compromise the residential nature of the property.

If you purchase one-to-four unit real estate with the help of a realtor, broker, or real estate agent, regardless of your intent for the unused living units in your new home, you MUST occupy the property as a condition of loan approval.

Va Land Loan Option : Simultaneous Purchase And Construction

How to buy a multi-family unit property with a VA loan

According to VA guidelines, eligible borrowers can use the VA loan to purchase land and property together not land alone. However, a minor caveat to this rule exists that lets VA borrowers buy land directly with their VA loans. Borrowers can use the VA loan to purchase land so long as they have plans to immediately build a property there. In other words, a buyer couldnt buy a plot of land, hope for it to appreciate in value, and resell it in the future. He or she needs to purchase it with an immediate plan to build.

If eligible borrowers work with a VA-approved builder, they can apply for a combined purchase/construction loan. Theyll need to submit the formal construction plans and, upon completion, have the finished property inspected. Furthermore, the building plans must meet certain criteria. Here are the major requirements:

  • As with buying a property, you cannot build a home with more than four units. And, each unit must have its own utility connections, with the borrower/owner occupying one of them as a primary residence.
  • The property needs to be built on and affixed to a permanent foundation.
  • The property needs to conform to the VAs MPRs, or Minimum Property Requirements. Related, the property needs to meet federal and local building requirements.
  • The land cannot be located in a flood or noise zone, near a landfill, or vulnerable to major natural disasters .

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How Do I Use A Va Loan For A Mobile Home

The VA doesnt lend money. All it does is guarantee loans. So your lender will be a private company that can set any standards it likes. True, it has to observe the VAs rules as a minimum, but it can build its own on those.

And that means not all VA-approved lenders are willing to lend on manufactured/mobile homes. In fact, many wont. So youre going to have to search out one that will help you. Dont worry, there are some around. Indeed, we list a few, below.

Once you find a lender, get pre-approved for the loan. The lender will verify your income and finances and run a credit check. And it will then give you a letter confirming how much its willing, in principle, to lend you. That puts you in a powerful position when youre buying a place. And it should see off even the most high-pressure park salesperson.

You can use a VA purchase or refinance loan to:

  • Buy a mobile home that will be professionally affixed to a lot you already own.
  • Purchase a manufactured home and lot at the same time when the home is already affixed to the lot.
  • Buy a mobile home and lot at the same time if the home is not yet affixed, but will be.
  • Refinance an existing loan on the mobile home and purchase the lot at the same time.
  • Use a VA streamline refinance to lower the rate on a mobile home and lot you already own .
  • Lower the mortgage rate, pay off a non-VA loan, or obtain cash from your mobile homes equity through a cash-out refinance.
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