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How Much Do Loan Signing Agents Make

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How Do You Get Started As A Loan Signing Agent

Start Up Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Become a Loan Signing Agent in 2021?

After my son told me about this line of work I had never even heard of, I did some research. I decided to take a course offered at

I followed the course, got my Notary Certificate in Virginia , signed up with as many signing services and title companies as possible, and got to work. There are some other details, like becoming an NNA member , obtaining E& O insurance, purchasing some supplies, etc. It is all covered in the course.

How To Get Started As A Loan Signing Agent

Brian Schooley is a father of 5 who works full-time in tire sales, yet hes bringing in $1500-2000 a month part-time as a loan signing agent.

In need of some extra cash, Brian started working a weekend job, but the long hours and low pay were taking a toll.

Around that time he started listening to The Side Hustle Show and discovered the loan signing side hustle. It was just something that made sense, Brian said. I went on Marks website, bought the course , and just went at it, and its been awesome.

Whats The Loan Signing Agent Side Hustle Really Like

Brain said he got off to a slow start while he was getting his name out there, but hit his goal of $2000 in monthly income only a year after starting.

He still works his full-time job from 7am-4:30pm, so he does all his signings in the evenings and on the weekends. Each gig pays $50-150 and rarely lasts more than an hour.

Brian does have to turn down some signings while hes working. He offers to do them later in the evening and sometimes the client will accommodate that.

You do need a reliable car to drive to your appointments, and while most signings are pretty straightforward, you never know who youre going to meet. Brian described an interesting encounter with a buyer way out in the desert, but added its just par for the course in any side hustle that deals with the public.

Mark added that a majority of signing agents are women and that buyers have gone through a pretty thorough loan application vetting process.

In fact, its been such a fun and lucrative experience, Brians wife is getting started as a loan signing agent too!

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What Is Your Day To Day Like

Its different every day! Just what I like I chose a job like this because I hated the monotonous lifestyle a regular job provided.

My hours of work vary. Some days Ill only work 1 hour. Some days, mainly Fridays, it can be 6-8 hours.

My signings can come as late as ASAP. These signings usually come from signing services because theyre trying to get any notary they can get. For my direct clients most of them will tell me the day of. Sometimes theyll also tell me a day or two before.

Is There A Market For Signing Agents

How Much do Notary Loan Signing Agents Make in Arkansas ...

A signing agents services are still in high demand. You will start taking advantage of these opportunities by becoming a signing agent. Building a network of customers and a good reputation is tasking, however, such investments will boost your income.

You can earn $50,000 annually if you do 6 to 7 loan signing jobs a week that pay an average of $150 each.

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How To Get Loan Signing Gigs

Loan officers and real estate agents need signing agents to sign off on home loans. Brain said there are two main ways they find their agents:

  • They call agents they have used before or have been recommended to them.
  • They use a signing service and find agents by location and send out a text offering them the signing.
  • Brians first signing was through the signing service. He received a text to sign off on a loan application and made his first $50 for an hour work.

    In those cases, the signing service handles the payment, so you receive the money by direct deposit.

    Whats A Loan Signing Agent

    Signing agents are notaries public, who usually have experience and/or training concerning the proper execution of loan documents and are hired by mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies, and signing services to identify loan documents, obtain the necessary signatures, and in some cases deliver the

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    I Love The Job Nature Of Being A Notary Loan Signing Agent

    Everything is very rigid and straightforward. You simply follow the rules and get the loan document signed. Then youll get compensated for your work.

    You dont need to sell anything, and your payout is not based on the signers perspective. Well, although you still need to promote your services to escrow offices. But once its the trusted-relationship is established, things will become a lot smoother.

    Earn More Money As A Notary Signing Agent


    Notary Signing Agents can earn between $50 and $150 per signing when notarizing documents like Jurats and Acknowledgements. This Notary Signing Agent course from Notary of America teaches you how to get started as a Notary Signing Agent, including:

    • How to market your signing agent services
    • How to develop a client base
    • The requirements for notarizing a signing
    • How to keep your Notary Journal
    • How to start your own business either full time or in your spare time
    • What supplies you’ll need
    • What’s involved in the typical loan signing process
    • Everything else you’ll need to get started as Notary Signing Agent

    The Notary Signing Agent Course is given completely online, which means you can take it at your leisure and even spend extra time on those more important sections.

    Note: You must have an active Notary commission to act as a Notary Signing Agent.

    The Notary Signing Agent course is not a requirement to become a Notary. But if you want to bring out the true earning potential of your Notary stamp, it’s the best online tool you’ll ever use.

    Register now and get started today.

    Note: This course is written for general applicability. Notaries should be aware that some states have specific regulations concerning loan signings. It is your responsibility as a Notary to understand the laws and requirements of your state.

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    Case Study: New Immigrants Making Over $10000/month As A Loan Signing Agent

    I just finished watching the full 37 minutes interview of a former student from Mark Wills. It was such an inspiring case study, so this should give you more insights into what the loan signing profession could benefit a family.

    Her name is Melina, and she immigrated to the U.S. about two years ago. She came to the country in her 40s with her family, including her husband and a daughter.

    I dont think she mentioned where she came from in the video. But I did some Google search and found that she came from Venezuela.

    Before she started as a loan signing agent, she worked really hard on four jobs. She was working as an assistant in a law firm during the daytime and did babysitting in the evening.

    I could sense that she was really trying her best to provide for her family and release the financial burden. But as you could imagine, it would be difficult and stressful for anyone to work at so many jobs in the long run.

    So one day, she came across Marks training program and knew about the loan signing profession. Although she was skeptical at first, she decided to give it a try.

    Melina spent 42 days to go through the course, and obtain the notary public commission certificate. I truly admire her determination. Many people have excuses not to do something and said they dont have time for it. In Melinas case, she was able to accomplish all these while working at multiple jobs.

    The lady in this photo is not Melina.

    Note this is not a photo of Melina.

    Learn How To Bundle Documents For Loans

    The packaging of loan documents essentially separates the documents so that the various loan parties get their respective documents correctly. But more importantly, its the secret to being every escrow offices first choice.

    If you know how to package documents , you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition and maximize the chances of a good future credit signing flow.

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    Why Did You Decide To Go Into This Business

    My name is Amanda, Im 25 , and a human being. I know, identifying as human being might give off cringe-linkedin-humblebrag- vibes. I say that because I never want to box myself in as one identity. Thats also kind of what led me to this business. I felt like I could do this job and it wouldnt become my whole identity. I think that was something I feared during post grad.

    A little background on me I became a notary in 2016. At that point I wanted to become a bartender during winter/summer break but my mom insisted on becoming a notary. So I did, and I didnt use my commission for a while. I had just transferred to UCLA, my dream school! All of my focus was on school so I left being a notary on the back burner. Upon graduating in 2018, I had a few job offers. However none of them felt right. Then I thought I finally found my dream job in influencer marketing. I hated it. I felt like there was no work-life balance. The culture felt very mean girls. I woke up dreading each day. Thats when I realized that I couldnt sit under fluorescent lights for 8 hours a day. I need to be out and about, meeting people, creating, and helping others.

    Thankfully the pandemic gave me that opportunity. I honed in on loan signing, made a business out of it, and now Im at a place where Im financially comfortable. All compartments of my life are flourishing. I truly want this life for everyone.

    You Get To Make Your Own Schedule

    How Much Money do Signing Agents REALLY Make? in 2021 ...

    As a signing agent, you can be your own boss and set your own work hours. You are free to pick up as much work as you can handle, and you get to decide which clients to accept. Some people get certified and work part time as a source of side revenue. But if you market yourself well and network often, you can easily work as a signing agent full time.

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    The Cost To Start A Loan Signing Business Is Minimal

    You just need to pay for the notary public commission registration fee, surety bond, notary stamp, and journal. All these in total should cost less than $200.

    Yet, there would be other expenses such as E& O insurance, travel expenses, business supplies. But I believe the earning potential is good enough to justify them.

    Optional : A Training Program

    And last but not least, the training program that really helped me get started was the Loan Signing System Course.

    Nicks Notes: Thats my affiliate link use promo code sidehustle for 10% off.

    There are three options, ranging from $197 to $497, which Ill cover in more detail below.

    I know of other signing agents whove started without a course, but this was crucial for me. Even the National Notary Association recommends taking a training course:

    All in, my total startup costs were about $800. This included everything I needed including getting your LSS certification as well as the printer and associated supplies.

    In the video, Doug mentioned a similar initial investment in the $1000 range to get started.

    Of course, this will vary based on the specific items you choose to purchase as well as your state.

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    What Are The Requirements To Become A Loan Signing Agent

    The most important requirements to become a loan signing agent are:

    • Knowledge of the various loan documents borrowers will be signing.
    • Errors and Omissions insurance.
    • Reliable transportation.

    If you have a background in real estate, you may already be familiar with the documents and contracts. If not, it might make sense to take a course like Loan Signing System.

    Heres our full Loan Signing System review.

    Loan Signing System Is Not For You If:

    • You live OUTSIDE of the United States. This training is specific to real estate transactions within the US.
    • You are looking for a quick fix or get rich quick opportunity. This is a legitimate business and career opportunity… the more you invest time learning this skill, the more you get out of it.
    • You are NOT willing to invest time learning a new skill.
    • You are looking for a regular job with with set hours. Being a notary public loan signing agent is an exciting and legitimate career where you own your own business. It offers much more flexibility and control of how much money you can make than a typical job.

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    Can You Give A Run Down Of The Steps To Become A Loan Signing Agent

    First step, become a notary. The best thing to do would be to visit the NNA website. This easily breaks down your states notary laws. Then they offer a package deal . Also, your states Secretary of State website will disclose this information. From there you can hunt down courses or whatever else your state requires for a significantly cheaper price than the NNA.

    After you receive your notary commission, then youre ready to start studying to be a loan signing agent. Believe it or not theres no law that requires you to take a loan signing course like your notary commission. However, this is extremely important! You need to study these documents because theres so much money, homes, and jobs at stake if you make an error. Your knowledge on documents is the most important thing along with knowing your states notarial laws.

    I recommend finding free document training on YouTube if youre being cost effective. If you need more studying or have any questions I offer mentorship. You can book a call with me here.

    The money that you invest at the beginning is so worth it! I made my investment back in less than a month.

    Top 4 Reasons To Become A Notary Signing Agent

    People become notaries public every day, but few choose to take their career to the next level by becoming a notary signing agent. With additional training, notaries can get certified to execute loan documents for mortgage companies, title companies, and banks.

    Getting certified as a signing agent is a great way to increase your earning potential, and it offers numerous other benefits. It provides you the flexibility to work part time for extra income or fully commit to the career and launch your own thriving business.

    Read about some of the top reasons why notaries are advancing their careers through signing agent certification.

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    Do You Need To Take A Course Like Loan Signing System

    Of course not! Theres always a way to figure things out on your own. I view courses as a way to shortcut your learning curve and that shortcut and mentorship is what youre paying for.

    William, a Side Hustle Nation member in Florida, described his experience:

    Ive been a mobile notary in Florida for over a year. I recently relocated to an area with tons and tons of construction, and was looking for a way to capitalize on this. Loan closings caught my attention.

    I did listen to episode 286 when I was researching the gig, but didnt take the course. In Florida, you have to take a free course to get your actual notary certification. That part is easy.

    I took the National Notary Association exam to be NNA-certified for Loan Closings . I failed the test the first time, but passed the second time. Theres no extra fee for the retake.

    I looked over all of the information I could so I could talk the talk and start looking for gigs. Ive since done work at multiple levels.

    What Is The Most Challenging Part About Becoming A Loan Signing Agent

    How Much do Loan Signing Agents Make? (Full Analysis with ...

    Becoming a signing agent is incredibly easy. Becoming a Great signing agent is challenging because there is a ton of information to learn. Knowing how to complete an RTC or 1033 correctly, let alone what they are, how about the 4506-T?

    The best part is that 90% of the documents in each closing are the same. Once you have it down, it is almost like being on auto-pilot.

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    What Does A Notary Public Loan Signing Agent Do

    A notary public loan signing agent is a notary public who walks a borrower through a set of loan documents when they purchase or refinance their home. A loan signing agent ensures that the borrower has filled out their mortgage paperwork properly making certain each document is signed, dated, or notarized appropriately.

    How Steady Is The Workflow

    Ive come to learn how the mortgage industry flows, and its simply based on that. The beginning of the month is busy because theyre trying to close on loans from the month previous. Then the end of the month is super busy because thats when they need to close these deals.

    Where Im at right now, Id say my work flow is steady.

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