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How To Qualify For 0 Apr Car Loan

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Qualifying For 0 Percent Apr

Are 0% Interest Free Car Loans A Good Deal? Check this video out before you get one!

There are some requirements when it comes to qualifying for 0 percent APR. The main thing is that you need to have a good credit score. This means a long credit history and one that shows you have a good history of paying your bills. However, Edmunds explains that there is no magic number when it comes to and what qualifies will vary from dealership to dealership. To qualify for 0 percent APR, you might only need a score of around 700, but some dealerships have been known to require credit scores of up to 750.

Financing your vehicle with 0 percent APR might sound too good to be true, but in some cases, this can be a great way to buy a brand-new vehicle. Do your research on the terms and conditions of the 0 percent APR deal before you head to the dealership, to make sure you’ll qualify and meet all the requirements.

Is 0% Financing A Bait

Some dealerships use it to draw in buyers, but 0% financing is real provided you qualify. Most borrowers won’t be able to get a 0% car loan, but those with high incomes and impeccable credit could walk away with no interest due on their car loan.

Before you set foot on a car lot, you should know your credit score and already have an idea of the interest rate you could get by applying for preapproval. And even if you don’t quite meet the requirements necessary to get an APR of 0%, you may still qualify for a below-market rate. Just be sure you compare loans from banks and other lenders first. This way, you have more negotiating power with the dealership, which can potentially score you lower rates.

Check Other Special Offers

If you do qualify, before you say yes, check out any other special offers the dealer may have, like cash-back rebates, or try negotiating a lower price for the car. If you have a choice between 0% financing and dollars off the sticker price, do the math to see which is better. In many cases you will be better off to take the lower price. You can calculate this using an online loan calculator here.

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All 0% Finance Deals For September 2021

Below is a list of all the current 0% APR deals offered by each manufacturer right now.


What car dealers are offering zero-percent financing?

Buick, Chevy, Hyundai, Nissan, and more.

Can you get both 0 APR and no money down?

While it would be ideal to get both, typically you cannot get both 0 APR and no money down. Most times, you will only be able to get one or the other, and it would be highly unusual for you to find them both available together.

Is there a catch to 0% APR car deals?

Sometimes APR deals are tied to buying a car at a non-negotiable price or have a short loan term like 24 or 36 months. But if you look closely, sometimes you can find good deals without a catch.

Is a 72-month car loan bad?

72 and 84-month loans are worse than shorter loans. The longer the loan term, the more youll end up paying in interest over the life of the loan. However, if you have 0% APR, a longer loan can be good because youre not paying any interest at all.

What does 0 APR for 60 months mean?

Zero APR means you pay 0% interest on your car loan. 60 months is the duration of the loan .

Is it better to finance a car through a bank or the dealership?

You can get a loan through dealer financing or through your bank or credit union. Go with whoever offers you the best lending terms unless getting a loan is tied to a discount on the price of a car. Learn more about financing through a bank or dealership.

Does 0% APR hurt your credit?

How To Find 0% Financing

Apply Car Loan by SBI Yono App get 0.25% concession on ...

If a vehicle isnt selling quickly enough, the captive finance company offers 0% financing as a car-buying incentive to entice shoppers to choose that model. Usually, these no-interest offers are available for only a month at a time.

Most 0% financing deals are widely advertised in newspapers and on television. However, you can go to a carmakers website and search for terms such as incentives and offers or special offers. For example, Ford lists all vehicles that have incentives including 0% financing. Click on any car and youll see all the offers available: special finance rates, cash rebates and lease specials. Car site also lists incentives from all the manufacturers and provides some details on different loan terms.

If the car has several incentives available, such as 0% financing or customer cash back, how do you decide which is better? It depends on a number of factors, such as how long youre planning to finance the loan. To figure out which would save you more money, run each scenario through NerdWallets auto loan calculator.

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Who Can Get A 0% Auto Loan

Whether youre already shopping around for a new vehicle or have simply come across ads on television or radio, youll likely hear mention of 0% APR offers. These enticing promotions sound almost too good to be true, but are they?

Interest-free loans are typically offered by the manufacturers themselves. Its a hook intended to get potential buyers into the showrooms and frankly, it often works. It sounds great, after all: you can drive away in a brand new car, paying it down over a number of years without paying a penny in interest.

Unfortunately, very few people actually qualify for interest-free auto loans when it comes to the application process. A high credit score is required, excluding most car buyers from snagging this enviable rate. In fact, Tony Le of, says, Only one out of 10 consumers actually qualifies for 0% and there are many factors that come into play.

Just how high does your credit score need to be before you can even think about qualifying for a 0% interest auto loan? Well, while theres no hard-and-fast threshold, Experian Automotive found that the average credit score for 1%-interest-or-less auto borrowers in 2014 was 748.

Is Zero Percent Financing Ever A Good Idea

Do your homework. Zero percent financing is always a bad idea if you cant afford the loan. Buying a car ONLY because the 0% financing sounds too good to pass up is NEVER a good move. Take your time, think about it, do your research, and make sure you are negotiating the best price. Dont let zero percent financing be the sole determining factor in your new vehicle purchase.

If you are unsure, talk to us. We can review your options and run some calculations to see if you are getting the best deal possible. Its ALWAYS a good idea to get pre-approved with Members Trust before you go shopping so you know exactly how much vehicle you qualify to purchase. This will help avoid buying more car than you can reasonably afford. And the pre-approval serves as a backup in case you dont qualify for the zero percent offer or you want to take the cash incentive instead. Remember, we also have a recommended list of dealerships that you can work with.

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How To Get 0% Financing On Your Auto Loan

If youve listened to the radio or turned on the TV, youve probably heard dealers offering 0% interest on a new car. Have you ever tried to take advantage of these offers? If so, you were likely told that you or your purchase didnt qualify. So how can you qualify for one of these offers?

Heres how to take advantage of 0% interest deals and how to know whether you actually should.

Make The Most Of Low Rates

How to Finance a Car at 0% Interest (The Right Way)

Often, car salespeople will tout 0% interest saying, Hey, its free money! While it reduces the financing charges, dont let it sway you to buy a car you cant afford or dont need.

Also, avoid assuming that, since you saved so much on interest, you might as well buy extras such as an extended warranty or additional car alarms high-profit items sold in the finance and insurance office, just before you sign the sales contract.

As always, follow smart budgeting and car-buying advice. Here are several key points to keep in mind:

  • Down payment: Make a down payment of 20% of the cars sale price so you wont be upside down on the loan.

  • Loan term: While longer loan terms are available, avoid stretching the repayment period beyond 60 months .

  • Extended warranty: If you want the peace of mind of an extended warranty, you can include the cost in your no-interest loan. But decide ahead of time if you really need a warranty in addition to the included bumper-to-bumper warranty.

About the author:Philip Reed is an automotive expert who writes a syndicated column forNerdWallet that has been carried by USA Today, Yahoo Finance and others. He is the author of 10 books.Read more

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Between Choosing A Make Model And Options Shopping For A Car Can Feel Overwhelming And Youre Not Done There Car Loan Shopping Is Just As Important And Knowing How To Calculate The Apr On An Auto Loan Can Help You Determine Whether A Loan Might Be Right For You

The more you know about how to calculate the APR on a car loan, the more informed youll be when its time to either sign on the dotted line or walk away if the loan doesnt fit your financial needs.

A car loans APR is the cost youll pay to borrow money each year, expressed as a percentage. It includes not only the interest rate on the loan but also certain fees. The interest rate, on the other hand, reflects only the annual cost of borrowing the money no fees included. When comparing loans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggests looking at APRs versus interest rates, because APR more accurately reflects how much youll pay to finance a car.

Lets take a look at how to calculate APR on a car loan using a computer spreadsheet program and some of the factors that could affect the APR youre offered.

Limits Of 0% Apr Financing

Interest-free financing might be a great deal for some borrowers. Still, there are a few potential pitfalls you should look for when considering this type of financing.

  • Limited selection: Interest-free financing may only be available for certain types of vehicles. First, the car you purchase will almost certainly need to be new. Auto manufacturers also tend to reserve special financing offers for vehicle models where theres a surplus in stock that they need to move.
  • Limited repayment options: Depending on the offer, your repayment options with 0 percent financing may be more limited. Often youll have less time to repay the loan than you might have otherwise. Of course, theres nothing wrong with repaying a loan quickly, but you should be sure that you can afford the higher monthly payment without straining your budget.

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To Recap: Key Takeaways

  • 0% APR car deals can be worth pursuing, but they wont always net you the most money.
  • Cash incentives from auto manufacturers will sometimes save you more than 0% APR. Always compare offers of bonus cash with 0% offers to see which is best.
  • When accepting a 0% APR deal, watch out for inflated prices in other parts of the agreement. Sellers sometimes use these to recoup the money their affiliated financing company wont make on the loan.
  • If 0% APR is your best option, make sure your credit score is excellent. If it isnt, you might have to settle for something less ideal when buying that new or used Audi, Volkswagen, or Chrysler.
  • Though 0% APR deals are most common on new cars, used car dealers determined to make a sale may be willing to pay your loan interest for you. So you can get 0% APR when buying a used car.
  • Be sure to compare how much youll ultimately save from 0% APR or bonus cash with alternative car loan and personal loan options. Automaker rebates and 0% APR might not be as profitable a way to buy that SUV as youd expect.

Is A 0% Apr Car Loan Really Interest

Can I Get 0 Financing On A New Car

0% APR auto loans are what they say they are. If approved, you can make payments on your new car over a set term without paying anything beyond the purchase price. One catch, though, is that you have to get approved.

Companies giving out these loans only approve well-qualified buyers with premium credit. If thats not you, you wont get the zero-percent deal meaning youll spend more money financing your new Chevrolet Silverado, Nissan Altima, or Volkswagen Jetta.

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Shop For A Refi Lender

You should apply for an auto loan refinance with several different banks and lenders, including your current bank, online lenders and other local and national banks and credit unions. You can often leverage one banks offer with another bank to get a better rate.

When you apply for an auto loan refinance, it will show up immediately on your credit report and count as a hard inquiry. A hard inquiry can cause a five-point drop in your credit score, so every auto loan refinance request has consequences to your credit.

However, if you submit all the applications within 14 to 45 days of each other, those multiple applications will only count as one inquiry. If you wait too long, you may miss the shopping window. In that case, each application will be treated as separate hard inquiries, and will have a greater negative impact on your credit score.

Dos And Donts Of 0% Apr Deals

If you review your options and decide that a 0 percent APR auto loan is the right choice for you, these dos and donts may help you navigate the process.

  • Negotiate the purchase price before you ask for the 0 percent APR offer.
  • Get preapproved for an auto loan before you visit the dealership.
  • Confirm that you can afford the monthly payment.
  • See if the manufacturer offers a cash back incentive program that you can combine with the special financing offer.


  • Accept a short-term loan with a large monthly payment amount you cant afford.
  • Opt for a long-term loan to lower your monthly payment if it will cost you more overall.
  • Choose 0 percent financing over a cash back incentive without comparing the potential overall savings.
  • Skip the down payment if you can afford one.

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Who Offers 0% Apr Auto Loans

Its generally car manufacturers finance companies that offer this type of financing deal. Toyota Financial Services is an example. Even if they dont make money on financing, manufacturers make money on car sales, so they still earn a profit.

Sometimes manufacturers partner with third-party dealers, as well. Being able to make 0% financing offers gives dealers an effective way to attract prospective buyers.

What Is Zero Percent Interest

Does the 20/3/8 Car Buying Rule Apply to 0% Auto Loans?

When you take out a car loan, youre borrowing money to pay for the car, so the lender is charging you interest on that loan for the opportunity to use their money, for a limited time. Basically, zero percent interest lets you pay the same amount of money as a cash buyer, even though youre spreading your payments over a longer term.

Sometimes the 0% is available for a limited time and then after the promotional period, the balance must be paid at a much higher rate.

Some people believe that zero percent financing tempts people to buy things that they cant immediately afford.

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What Is 0% Financing

When you see a dealership advertising zero-percent financing, it means the car dealer is offering to lend you money for a new car without charging any interest fees over the life of the loan.

At first glance it may seem like a charitable act, because with traditional loans, lenders make the money back through repayments, plus some as a result of interest fees made over the life of the loan.

A 0% car loan, though, offers no reward to the dealership. But before you go applauding them for their selflessness, know this the automaker earns the same amount it would earn on any car deal, but now the money is earned over a longer span. They make money on the car itself, not through financing. Dealers advertise 0% interest to sell slower-selling models, help clear out stale inventory, and to spark sales when the public isn’t buying .

% Car Financing Sounds Too Good To Be True Whats The Catch

At first glance, 0% car financing is exactly as it appears: You purchase the car at the agreed-on price, and then make monthly payments on the principal of the car with no interest for a set number of months. However, keep these points in mind:

  • 0% interest may only be offered for part of the loan term.
  • To be approved, youll need spectacular credit .
  • Negotiating the car price will be difficult.
  • 0% interest car financing is only available to certain models.
  • You may not get as much money for your trade-in vehicle.
  • The loan structure will likely be set in stone.

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