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Strange But True Free Loan From Social Security

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How To Find Legitimate Loan Companies And Personal Loan Offers

Social Security: COLA Increase | $175 Per Month Boost & 20% Increase

To find legitimate loan companies, your best bet is to search directly on the official websites of banks, credit unions and online and peer-to-peer lenders. You can also fill out an online form on Lending Tree that acts as a handy comparison shopping tool, matching you up to five personal loan lenders depending on your creditworthiness.

Just How Play Everybody Do A Protected Together With Secure Payday Advance Online

It is actually simple, usage on line, become a remedy in as little as a quick second or two and there after staying actually linked to their capital planning appropriate a short while later . Dependant on the large lots of legit online payday advances youve got on the loan company, or they possess people, youll be able to complete the process that is actually complete the complete initiate to fulfillment in just 10-15 minutes in so much the times. That surely trumps generating about a storefront right after which see they could be ready perhaps not share with you the period. Including one dont reduce moment with fuel sum of money aswell.

Not All Of Course But Many If Not The Majority Walk This Program Down

I am not a statistician and don%26#039 t want to do the research, but I%26#039 ll guess that you must multiply the jobless claim rate by two. This is because in times of high unemployment, more people will look for more than 78 weeks and drop off the radar.

Still, our unemployment rate is historically low, so there are at least 12 million illegal aliens and at least that number of others working %26#039 off the record%26#039

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Strange But True: Free Loan From Social Security


The briefs key findings are:

  • An unconventional strategy allows individuals to use early Social Security benefits like a free loan, paying back the principal while keeping the interest.
  • If this strategy were widely adopted, it would cost Social Security $6 billion to $11 billion per year today and more in the future.
  • The strategy primarily benefits higher income individuals, who have the financial resources to invest their benefits and tend to be in better health.
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Tests The Installment Capability


Genuine finance companies inquire more with regards to your month-to-monthexpenses and revenue when you obtain a loan thats payday. These include lawfully bound to be assured that you can quickly manage the agreement. In situations where a finance company performs maybe not read this info this is certainly relevant providing you with a funding, these people probably might not be actually genuine.

Extra things to consider just before you employ

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If You Already Have Debts Ask Lenders To Reduce Your Repayments

For anyone struggling to pay household bills, essentials, or debt repayments, taking on an extra loan may not be the best idea. Instead, talk to your lenders and ask them to lower your repayments to an amount you can afford. There are a number of free and independent debt charities that can do this for you.

What To Do If You Think Youve Experienced Personal Loan Fraud

If you think youve been scammed, file a report with your states consumer protection office and the local police. You can also file a complaint online with the FTC or via 1-877-FTC-HELP. Youll be asked to provide your name and contact information, how much money you lost, how you were contacted and any details you know about the fraudster and why you think you were scammed.

Its also important to protect yourself against future personal loan scams, as well as identity theft. Here are the measures you should take:

  • Regularly review transactions on your credit reports from the major credit bureaus
  • Notify all the banks and financial institutions you deal with that you could have been exposed to a scam and, if possible, replace your bank cards with new ones
  • Add fraud alerts or credit freezes to your accounts

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How Do You Diagnose A Secure Cashadvance Along Withtrusted Loan Providers

When anyone thinks risk-free, it generally suggests secure. the fastest then safest treatment for use a net advance loan payday loan online is always to accomplishyour demand- you supposed it online. You merely add a 1-page funding want document on top of hit submit. Your entire information is anchored along with256-bit protect of encoding pc software. Your write-ups isnt provided to more company. Numerous on line site continue this nevertheless not genuine payday advance loan online simply loan providers which are likely over 100, will have the ability to finish for that financing. Most definitely few are obviously certified, but FaaastCashpossesses a record that will be great of, more than!

The Lender Does Not Require A Credit Check

Inflation Checks For Social Security Recipients | Everything You NEED To Know

Some lenders make it plain they dont care about credit checks, which is why the FTC cautions borrowers to watch for phrases like Bad credit? No problem, Get money fast, and We dont care about your past. You deserve a loan. A loans terms are almost always dependent on your credit history and , and a legitimate lender wouldnt offer a loan to an applicant without first understanding their ability to pay the loan back.

Be especially wary if the lender wont check your credit but wants personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account number. This could be a scam to debit hidden fees from your account.


Look for legitimate lenders and banks who check your credit before they make a firm loan offer. If the lender doesnt, its probably a scam.

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How You Can Use Your Social Security Benefits As An Interest

If you claimed Social Security benefits early, but are having second thoughts, or if you need a short-term interest-free loan, you may be able to get a do-over from Social Security.

If you start taking Social Security benefits before your full retirement age, your benefits will be permanently reduced. In general it is better to wait until your full retirement age or beyond. However, many people begin taking benefits early, either because of necessity or because they do not understand the full consequences.

Local Elder Law Attorneys in Your City

City, State

One little-known Social Security retirement benefits rule is the so-called do-over rule. Under this rule, an individual 62 years or older can start collecting benefits but stop the benefits within 12 months of the start, repay the benefits collected, and then still be eligible for their higher benefit amount when they collect at full retirement age or older.

What if you are unable to pay back the benefits after the 12 months are up? You may still be able to suspend your benefits and increase your ultimate pay-out amount. For example, if you start collecting at 62 but no longer need the income at 66, you could suspend benefits until 70. Then, between the ages of 66 and 70, you would earn delayed retirement credits which would increase the ultimate benefit amount when you collect at age 70.

An Income Of $800 A Month Can Qualify For Cash Advance Loans

Short-term loans for Social Security and SSI recipients are available from several sources, including cash advance payday loans, personal loans, and credit card advances. The required income amount may be modest.

For example, our top-ranked lending network, MoneyMutual, requires an income of only $800 a month to prequalify for a cash advance loan. Keep in mind that most loans for folks with bad credit are expensive and can be pretty risky.

If you have trouble living on your Social Security income, consider seeking out a nonprofit credit counseling organization for free help budgeting your money. You can also contact a local social worker for additional information about your various options.

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What Is A Cash Advance Loan

A cash advance loan is a short-term loan, usually tied to your income schedule, and the income may come from a job or another regular source. A payday loan is one type of cash advance, but you can borrow money via several alternatives, including short-term personal loans and credit card cash advances.

Payday loans are the most expensive form of a cash advance because they come with triple-digit APRs and very short repayment periods. You dont need to pass a credit check to get a payday loan, which you repay in a lump sum. The Consumer Financial Protection Board cautions consumers about the safety of payday loans.

An online short-term personal loan requires a credit check and usually has an APR no higher than 36%. You repay the loan in a series of installments.

Most credit cards allow you to take cash advances up to a set limit with APRs no greater than 36%. While you may undergo a credit check to obtain a credit card, cash advances from the card require no further credit inquiries.

Five Things You May Not Know About Social Security But Should

Federal Reserve Notes From Social Security Insurance Pays U S Debt ...

In my fifty years on the planet, I cant recall ever hearing of an income producing strategy that did not involve at least some kind of market risk or require some kind of capital upfront in order to get a higher return. But there is one that, of all places, comes from the federal government! Simply maximizing your Social Security benefits doesnt involve any additional savings or sacrifice. It doesnt involve worrying about risk or asset allocation to achieve the perfect risk/reward ratio on your portfolio.

Done right, this strategy could result in an increase of tens of thousands of dollars of additional income in retirement, and all you need is knowledge to get it. Lets face it, both you have paid plenty into Social Security through payroll taxes, so you might as well take advantage of strategies that will give you the highest income possible.

Here are five strategies for increasing your Social Security benefit with no risk and no out-of-pocket cost:

Your higher-income spouse files for Social Security and gets $1,200/month. At your full retirement age your own benefit is $500, so you collect a spousal benefit starting at $600/month, and you collect spousal benefits for the next 4 years. At age 70, you then switch to your own benefit, which would then be higher, since your original $500 a month benefit has increased by 8% a year to $680.

Here is an example:

Resource: Center for Retirement Research Strange but true, claim and suspend

Here is an example:

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Current Withdrawal Requirements For Social Security

The 2015 law still enables retirees to stop taking Social Security payments if they desire. For instance, if you get a new job or inherit money after you start taking Social Security, you may want to suspend your benefits.

Delaying taking your Social Security benefitsand your spouse’s, if you are marrieduntil you reach the age of 70 will allow you to receive a larger benefit at that time.

If you delay taking Social Security benefits until after your FRA, you are eligible for delayed retirement credits that increase your monthly benefit.

To withdraw your application to receive Social Security payments, you must:

  • Have reached your FRA but not yet be 70 years old
  • File form SSA-521 within 12 months of your request to receive the benefits
  • Repay all the benefits you and your family received based on your initial application

Repayments must include money withheld from your Social Security check for Medicare Part B, C, or D premiums voluntary federal income tax withholding for closed tax years and any garnishments, such as for child support. Once your withdrawal application has been approved, you have 60 days to change your mind.

You can withdraw your application for benefits only once in your lifetime.

Warning Signs Of Personal Loan Scams

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authors opinions and recommendations alone. It may not have been reviewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

Personal loans can be a big help if youre looking to cover an unanticipated expense. However, you must make sure youre working with a legitimate lender and not a scammer looking to take advantage of your situation. If a lender approaches you first, doesnt require a credit check or gives you an offer thats too good to be true, you could be facing a personal loan scam.

Scammers can be hard to detect, whether theyre out to steal your money, your identity or both. Before you sign on the dotted line, look for these eight red flags of personal loan scams.

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From Saving Too Little To Claiming Social Security Too Early There Are Plenty Of Ways Retirees

As more and more baby boomers start eyeing retirement, thoughts turn from worry over the workday slog to concerns about how to fund the golden years.

How prepared are you? How much money do you really need to retire? Do you know the ins and outs of your pension ? How about your 401, IRA and other retirement accounts that make up your nest egg? Do you have a good handle on when to claim Social Security benefits? These are some of the questions to contemplate as retirement approaches. But long before you punch out, make sure you are making the right choices.

We’ve compiled a list of the biggest retirement planning mistakes and how to avoid making them. Take a look to see if any sound familiar.

The lure of warmer climates has long been the siren call of many who are approaching retirement. So you’re cooking up a plan to head south to Florida or one of the many other great places to retire if you hate the cold. Our advice: Test the waters before you make a permanent move.

What do you do if you suspect a scam? The FTC advises running the company or product name, along with “review,””complaint” or “scam,” through Google or another search engine. You can also check with your local consumer protection office or your state attorney general to see if it has fielded any complaints. If it has, add yours to the list. Be sure to file a complaint with the FTC, too.

How Do I Prove Income For A Cash Advance Loan

Why retire and collect social security at 62?

Your lender may require documented evidence of your income before approving a loan. The evidence may include any of the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Unemployment benefits
  • State or local assistance based on need

You can contact Customer Service at the Social Security Administration and your state or local governments for detailed information about resources available to you.

The Direct Express Card may be useful to folks receiving federal direct express emergency cash. The Direct Express Card is an SSI debit card designed for direct deposits of federal benefits. Unlike a prepaid debit card, the Direct Express Debit Card requires you to have a bank account to receive your direct deposits.

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The Lender Is Not Registered

The FTC requires lenders and loan brokers to register with the attorney general in the state where they do business. If you cant find your lender on a government registry, its likely youre dealing with a scammer.


Verify that the lender is registered in your state before proceeding with a loan application. You can do this by checking the website of the National Association of Attorneys General and looking for the office of your state attorney general.

You may also check online at a site for your states department of banking or financial services. Keep in mind that being registered doesnt mean youll like the lender, but it does mean the lender has passed background checks and isnt a criminal.

I Know Plenty And They Are Just Moochin

I dont see how these numbers are fake when theres multiple reports that have these but we all know the media is republican right? HA|||its a true 9 percent.. im on the front lines, im in sales, i hear it all..|||The statistics are misleading. If you don%26#039 t get a job in a certain amount of time or your unemployment benefits expire, you are removed from the official unemployment list.

But you%26#039 re still out of work. Except to the statisticians.|||Well one example of how wrong the official unemployment figure is that once you are unemployed for over 6months you are considered unemployable, therefore not a part of the unemployment statistic, also if you just entered the age to get a job and haven%26#039 t found one yet, or if you can only find a temporary/part-time job, etc.

Sadly, I think the scariest part is that our household incomes are 1.3% less than they were 30years ago after factoring in inflation except now we have 2 adults bringing in a household income Woohoo for voodoo economics!|||It is not the Republicans, it is the unemployment number for public consumption, approved by the govment, and it is total BS. The number is always much higher. The program is XX weeks of unemployment compensation and when it ends abra-cadabra you are no longer unemployed. It is assumed you have been employed whether correct or not. You are simply not counted anymore.

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