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Which Student Loan Is Better

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How Did We Pick The Best Private Student Loans

A Better Way – Student Loan Debt

Personal Finance Insider’s goal is to help smart people make the best possible decisions with their money. To do that, we combed through many student loans, comparing interest rates, terms, and fine print so you don’t have to. We looked for several factors in determining the best student loans, including:

      • Interest rates: The lower the interest rate the better, and we prioritized lenders with the lowest interest rates for both grad school and undergrad students.
      • Nationwide availability: We searched for student loans available in all or most US states.
      • Flexibility of repayment plans: There are four main options for repayment offered by most lenders: defer payments until after school interest-only payments in school small, fixed payments in school and full monthly in-school payments. We looked for lenders with the most ways to pay.
      • No or few fees: We prioritized lenders that didn’t charge fees, like origination fees or prepayment penalties.
      • Cosigner eligibility: All of the student loans we considered had the option to apply with a cosigner to help with chances for approval and lower interest rates. Several of our top picks also have the ability to release a cosigner Ascent and College Ave both offer this after 24 months of consecutive, on-time payments.

If You Still Need A Private Loan Shop Around To Find The Best Deal

First, make sure you need a private student loan. We urge you to be cautious because private loans are generally more expensive than federal loans and offer little flexibility if you have trouble making payments later on. Your private loan interest rate and monthly payment could change with little warning, and you will have fewer options for when and how much you repay.

However, private loans may be a reasonable option for some borrowers, especially if you have strong credit history. Private lenders may allow you to borrow larger amounts, depending on your need and credit history. If you shop around and can show ability to repay, you may be able to find low interest rates relative to certain federal loans.

Can You Transfer Private Student Loans To Federal Ones

No, private student loans cant be transferred to the federal government. Private loans are owned by your lender, unless theyre sold to another loan servicer or you elect to refinance them with a different private financial institution.

If you have one private student loan and three federal loans, for example, the only way to combine all four would be through student loan refinancing. However, refinancing would strip those federal loans of their government-exclusive protections, so it may not be the right move for every borrower.

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Commonbond Student Loan Details

3.74% to 10.74% with autopay
Undergraduate Variable APR 3.78% to 9.34% with autopay
Graduate Fixed APR 3.74% to 10.74% with autopay
Graduate Variable APR 3.81% to 9.34% with autopay
Refinance Fixed APR 2.26% to 6.74% with autopay
Refinance Variable APR 1.98% to 6.84% with autopay
Refinance Hybrid APR

Read the full review CommonBond Student Loans review

Best For Refinancing: Commonbond

Are Some Student Loans Better Than Others?
  • Min credit score: Not disclosed
  • Terms: 5-20 years

Specializing in refinancing student loans, CommonBond offers competitive rates for refinancing and multiple payment terms.

  • Option to refinance parent PLUS loans to the student

  • Refinance up to $500,000 in student loans

  • Not available in Mississippi and Nevada

  • Higher minimum borrowing amount of $2,000

  • Co-signer required for student loans

While CommonBond has some tough competition for student loan refinancing, it pulls ahead thanks to offering some of the best interest rates. Refinancing rates start at 1.98% APR on variable-rate loans, 2.26% on fixed-rate loans, and 2.97% APR for a hybrid rate option. CommonBond also offers regular undergraduate student loans.

The unique hybrid-rate refinancing loan offers a fixed rate for the first five years and then switches to a variable rate. This can be a great option for borrowers who want to prepay this debt or get a headstart on repayment with a lower rate.

CommonBond has a wide range of student loan refinancing terms, from five to 20 years, so you can balance time repaying the loan with affordable monthly payments. It also offers hardship forbearance. However, deferment is not specified on CommonBonds website .

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Can You Negotiate A Lower Rate On Private Student Loans

The rate youre awarded on private student loans depends on the creditworthiness of you or your cosigner, if you have one. To score the lowest advertised rates, you or your cosigner may need an excellent credit score , though a merely good score should at least help you qualify.

Lenders typically rely on their underwriting processes to determine each borrowers interest rate, so negotiation isnt usually possible. With that said, you could lower your awarded interest rate by opting for a variable rate over a fixed rate, or by scoring rate discounts for enrolling in autopay or making a certain number of consecutive payments. Rate reductions are also achievable through academic performance, or by graduating or opening a bank account with the same lender.

How Long To Get Approved For A Student Loan

Once you complete the loan application, depending on your lender, you may be immediately approved, or it make take a few days or longer. Even if you dont receive an approval right away, most lenders will confirm that your loan application has been submitted. Sometimes additional information or documents are required before a full credit approval can be provided. Or in some cases, the lender will encourage you to add a cosigner.

If you do not hear from your lender within one week, you may want to call and check the status of your loan application.

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Best Private Student Loan Rates

Now is a great time to take advantage of some of the best private student loans rates available. Variable APR rates start as low as 0.99% APR and fixed APR rates start at 2.99% APR.

Private Student Loan Rates


PLUS Loans

Qualifying for the lowest student loan rate will depend on your credit score and history and other factors, such as proof of income. You can review our lender lineup for a comparison of competitive private student loan rates offered by our top, participating private student loan lenders. The private student loan interest rates advertised are expressed as Annual Percentage Rates which could be either fixed APR or variable APR, and are subject to change.

It is important to understand that sometimes the lowest advertised student loan interest rate comes with conditions, such as agreeing to have your monthly payments automatically debited from your checking or savings account. So be sure to read the details . Again, the actual rate you may qualify for depends on your creditworthiness, and if applicable, the .

Best Cosigner Release Option

BBB warning about student loan scams

If your parents are willing to help you pay for college, they may have considered a federal Parent PLUS loan. However, depending on their credit score, your parent may be able to qualify for a lower interest rate by cosigning a loan with you.Some lenders offer a cosigner release option, which is ideal for parents who are willing to help you get a loan but may not want a long-term commitment. Here is a list of the student loan providers with the best cosigner release options.

ixWhile strives to keep the information up to date, the lender rates, terms and other information are subject to change at any time.ixWhile strives to keep the information up to date, the lender rates, terms and other information are subject to change at any time.

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Details: Best Student Loan Lenders In 2022

  • Ascent: Best student loan without a co-signer
  • Citizens Bank: Best student loan for multiyear approval
  • College Ave: Best student loan for quick application process
  • CommonBond: Best student loan for personalized mentoring
  • Earnest: Best student loan for flexible repayment terms
  • Discover: Best student loan for perks and rewards
  • Sallie Mae: Best student loan for part-time students
  • SoFi: Best student loan for no fees

How Much Do Student Loans Cost

The main cost associated with student loans is the interest. However, some loans may also charge origination fees, prepayment penalties, and late fees. Federal loans tend to have lower interest rates so its best to apply for them first. Currently, the interest rate on federal student loans for undergraduates is 3.73%.

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Best Student Loans Of January 2022

It’s best to exhaust all of your federal student loan options before even considering private student loans. Rates for federal loans issued between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, are just 3.73% for undergraduate Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans.

Before applying for a student loan, it’s smart to compare rates from several different lenders to ensure you get the best interest rate and loan terms. Instead of doing this process on your own, which can be frustrating and time-consuming, you can use a student loan marketplace to speed things up.

With Credible, you fill out a simple form and get rate quotes from multiple student loan lenders within minutes. Getting a quote doesn’t affect your credit score, and you can view multiple repayment options. Once you find a loan that works for you, you and your cosigner can complete the loan application online.

Using Credible is completely free. Credible gets a referral fee when you apply for a loan through a lender on its marketplace. Credible doesn’t include all private student loan lenders available, but it does have a range of top lenders, including Ascent, Citizens Bank, College Ave, and Sallie Mae.

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How Has The Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Student Loans

Forgiving Student Loan Debt Leads to Better Jobs, Stronger ...

Due to the pandemic, payments and interest accrual on federal student loans have been suspended by the CARES Act through May 1, 2022. Unfortunately, private student loans arent eligible for this suspension. However, many private lenders are offering various payment assistance options to help borrowers negatively impacted by the coronavirus.

If you need to take out federal or private student loans during the COVID-19 pandemic to pay for school, you can still do so the processes have remained largely unaffected by the pandemic.

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Paying Down The Principal On Your Student Loans Is Crucial

No matter which payment plan you choose for your student loans, you must start paying the principal down so you can repay the whole loan making minimum payments on accrued interest will not get rid of your student loan debt.

While you can work with your loan servicer to ease your financial burden by temporarily making only monthly interest payments, you will benefit more in the long term by finding ways to pay down the principal faster.

Be sure to claim any student loan interest over $600 on your taxes so you can ease your tax burden. This will help you stay financially solvent so you can continue to pay down the principal on your loan.

Are Student Loans Worth The Cost

Student loans can be expensive, with application fees and making monthly principal and interest payments. They can get especially expensive if you choose to go to grad, medical or law school in addition to a 4-year college. If you have an alternative way to pay for college, then its great to explore that first. Otherwise, student loans are generally worth the cost because youre investing in yourself and your education, which should help you land a higher paying job or acquire the knowledge and skills to start your own business.

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Which One Should You Pick

Generally, a lot of people prefer to go for Scholarships instead of Loans. Competing for a scholarship against over two dozen individuals and getting one will definitely feel good. The actual price, however, is that compensation is not necessary. Students often opt out of scholarships since it is tiresome to apply for them continually and continuously get rejected.

Websites such as ScholarshipApps and ScholarshipOwl focus on facilitating and promoting simple ways to browse through and apply for scholarships to fit various requirements.

Education is the backbone of the community, and with these reliable options, the chances of more students being able to afford college are higher. These will have a positive impact on our society.

Can I Get A Student Loan With A 600 Credit Score

BBB warning about student loan scams

If you have less-than-perfect credit, you might still qualify for either a federal or private student loan:

  • Federal student loans: Most federal loans dont require a credit check, which could make them a good option if you have poor credit. While youll have to undergo a credit check to get a federal Direct PLUS Loan, this is only to make sure you dont have an adverse credit history no specific minimum credit score is necessary to qualify.
  • Private student loans: Youll generally need good to excellent credit to get approved for a private loan. However, there are several private lenders that offer student loans for bad credit though keep in mind that these loans typically come with higher interest rates compared to good credit loans. You could also consider applying with a cosigner to improve your chances of getting approved.

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Best For Borrowers Without A Cosigner

When shopping for undergraduate loans, you may find that some lenders require a cosigner. A cosigner is typically a parent or other adult who shares equal responsibility for your student loan. Even if you dont have bad credit, you may still need a cosigner if you dont have a steady income or solid credit history.If you prefer to take out a loan without a cosigner, or you simply dont have one, consider one of these best private loans for borrowers without a cosigner.

ixWhile strives to keep the information up to date, the lender rates, terms and other information are subject to change at any time.ixWhile strives to keep the information up to date, the lender rates, terms and other information are subject to change at any time.

Paying Off Student Loans Early

This can work, but you need a high enough and steady enough income from your first job. You will have a lot of trouble paying off your student loans early if youre already struggling with rent and utilities. Get a roommate or live at home for a year or two if you want an easy way to cut expenses and use the money to pay off the student loans.

Also, you should have an emergency fund stashed away in the amount of 3-6 months of your income before tackling your student loans. Its tough to get to work if your car breaks down and you havent put any money away to fix it.

With that all settled, its time to whip out the budget. The more you can bolster your required payment the better. The key here is to allocate as much as you can, without depriving your life of all joy and meaning. Its OK to eat out now and then, but picking up restaurant tabs five or six times a week is a step backward financially. And that two-month-long African safari? Put that one on hold. If youre having trouble establishing a balanced budget, consider calling up a nonprofit credit counseling agency for some free advice on how to make ends meet.

Another possibility is to get in touch with a lender and see if youre eligible to refinance that student loan. Car loans, mortgages and credit cards can all be refinanced. Student loans are no different.

Lets say you find a lender offering you a rate of 3.5%. After crunching some numbers, you figure you can throw an extra $200 a month toward your payment.

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Best Private Student Loans For Your Situation

If you peruse a list of the best private student loans that are general in nature, you could miss out on lenders that cater specifically to your needs. Different lenders serve students attending certain types of schools, for example, or pursuing specialized degrees.

To check out the banks, credit unions and online companies that we think are best for your situation, click away here:

For more details, see our federal vs. private loan comparison

Federal student loans offer income-driven repayment plans, deferment and forbearance, as well as forgiveness program options. Some private school loans do offer hardship options in case your income hits a snag, but not all have them available.

Plus, private loans for college much like federal direct unsubsidized loans start accruing interest immediately. This contrasts with subsidized federal student loans, for which the Department of Education will pay the interest until you graduate and during any deferment.

Keep in mind, too, that youll likely need a cosigner thats because private student loan offers are based on your creditworthiness, and most college students are too young to have much of a credit history.

If you do get a loan with a cosigner, make sure all your payments are on time. If not, your cosigner will be responsible and missing payments or going into default can damage their credit as well as yours.

What Stands Out Among The Best Student Loans

Parent PLUS loans vs. private student loans: Which has ...

A variety of factors differentiate the best private student loans, though the main ones to focus on are interest rates and fees.

The amount of money you take out on your private school loans is only the beginning. Give yourself the best chance of maintaining a manageable level of debt by keeping your rates and fees as low as possible.

As you review different interest rates, remember that you can apply for more than one loan to see which one will give you your best deal. There are two ways you can do so without your credit score taking a hit:

  • Many private student loan lenders do a soft pull on your credit, which enables you to see what you might be approved for without negatively impacting your credit score.
  • If you were to file a formal application with more than one lender, you could avoid dinging your credit by rate shopping within a two-week window.

Besides looking for offers for the best private loans for college, also look out for beneficial perks. For example, some lenders offer college students a lower rate for good grades, while others provide the ability to release your cosigner.

Once youve narrowed down your list of options, use a monthly payment calculator to estimate what your regular dues might be.

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