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Can You Use Fha Loan For Investment Property

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Fha Mortgages For Investment Properties

How to Use FHA Loans to Invest In Real Estate

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FHA mortgages are a great option for investors.

  • FHA mortgages allow real estate investors to purchase multiunit homes with just 3.5 percent down.
  • If youre going to buy a multiunit home and live in it, using an FHA mortgage will minimize your upfront investment.
  • Another draw of the FHA mortgage program is its leniency for low credit scores. According to FHA mortgage guidelines, the agency will insure loans for which the borrowers credit score is 500 or higher.

How Much Income Do I Need For An Fha Loan

This depends on the cost of the home you plan to buy and how much down payment you have saved up. However, there is no minimum required salary to qualify for an FHA loan.

FHA loans have been approved for an income of less than $1,000 per month. However, you must prove you hold at least two lines of credit. Examples of these include credit cards and auto loans.

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Rental Equity Line Of Credit

All right, so RELOC may not be a term, but its still a thing. Landlords can take out lines of credit against their rental properties, rather than against their homes, if they have sufficient equity.

As with mortgages, expect the interest rates and fees to be higher on credit lines against an investment property compared to a HELOC. Thats because the risk to lenders is higher, as borrowers are more likely to default on investment property loans than on their home loans.

You can also expect the maximum LTV to be lower, with RELOCs compared to HELOCs. That means that lenders will lend you less of the propertys total value, again because their risk is higher.

Like HELOCs, rental property lines of credit make for flexible sources of financing for new investment properties if you have the equity.

You can also use LendingTree to compare quotes for rental property lines of credit.

Another option if you have equity in your home or other rental properties is cross-collateralization.

Wait, cross-collata-what?

You can offer to let your lender put a lien against your home or another rental property, as additional collateral. Say you apply for a loan to buy a new rental property, and they require a 20% down payment . You dont have enough cash, but lets say you do have another property with $100,000 in equity in it.

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What Is An Investment Property Loan

Investment property loans carry higher mortgage rates and stricter lending standards than standard mortgages, including higher down payment amounts. To qualify for investment property financing on a single-family home, youll need a down payment of at least 15%-20%. If you have good credit, you may qualify for the lower 15% down amount, depending on the lender. Rental property loans for multifamily homes require a 25% down payment.

An investment property loan is very different from taking out a mortgage on a vacation home. The loan requirements for vacation homes are less stringent than investment property loans. Your down payment on a vacation home may be as low as 10%. The cash reserve requirement on a vacation home can be as little as two months, whereas youll need at least six months set aside for an investment property.

Location also factors into a vacation home mortgage. If the property is too close to where you currently live say, within 50 miles or in the next town over the lender may view the purchase as an investment property, in which case the stricter lending requirements would apply.

K Loans For Investors: A Special Use Case

Can You Get an Investment Property Loan with Bad Credit?

The FHA 203k rehab loan can be an affordable way to buy or refinance a home and refurbish it with a single loan.

This might make the 203k loan attractive to investors and fix-and-flippers. But theres a catch.

These mortgages are limited to primary residences, meaning the borrower has to live in the home full time. So theyll only work for specific types of investment properties.

But there are ways to legally and ethically use a 203k loan for rentals and investments. Heres how.

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Guidelines For An Fha Land Loan

You may qualify for a Federal Housing Administration land loan if you plan to build a house on the property within a specific time frame. This loan is also known as the construction to permanent loan. The FHA, a division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, doesnât actually provide money to individual loan applicants. It insures loans made by its approved lenders.


The maximum loan amount available from the FHA is $625,500 in the countryâs costliest metropolitan areas as of 2015. In most parts of the country with overall low housing costs, the maximum loan amount is $271,050.

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I Have An Fha Can I Buy A Second Property With A Conventional Loan

Real estate continues to be one of the best ways to grow wealth and create financial stability. And that’s true for both single property owners and multi-property owners.

In fact, that’s one reason why the government insures certain home loans: they understand that owning property brings financial freedom for all who reside in the US.

One of the most popular government-backed loans is an FHA loan, and it’s specifically geared for lower-income or lower credit individuals. However, homeowners with FHA loans are likely to move up the income bracket and find themselves now able to get an investment property.

If this sounds like you, congratulations! You are living the American dream!

Since an FHA loan cannot be used to buy an investment property, a conventional is typically the answer for buying a second property. But there may be a caveat: can you get a conventional loan for an investment property if you have an FHA loan for your home?

**Want to skip ahead? Contact us today and know for sure which loan program is right for you and investing in your future.

Why This Can Be A Potential Problem

Given that FHA loans are typically for borrowers who may be less financially stable, some lenders may be hesitant to greenlight financing a second property.

Even if the second property is for commercial purposes, you must still prove that you can support the second mortgage without the additional income it may bring.

Proving Eligibility

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How Do You Apply For An Fha Loan

You apply for an FHA loan the same way youd apply for any mortgage. Work with a lender that offers FHA loans and fill out an application to get started. Youll have to supply documentation about your finances, including items such as pay stubs, W-2 forms, tax returns. Youll also give permission for the lender to pull your credit score.

Learn About Property Requirements And Limits

How To Buy An Investment Property with an FHA Loan

Many homebuyers use FHA loans to buy single-family homes. FHA loans are popular with homebuyers because they have lower down payments and more generous credit terms, which make homeownership more affordable.

You can also use FHA loans to buy an investment or rental property. There are two important restrictions to understand however. The first is that the property can have no more than four rental units total. The second is that you need to occupy one of the units in the property as your primary residence.

Youll also need to meet your lenders credit, income, and financial standards to get your loan application approved. Read on to learn more about buying a rental property with an FHA loan.

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Ways To Come Up With A Down Payment For An Investment Property

Not scared away yet? Good, because despite the high cash requirements for buying investment properties, you have plenty of options to come up with the cash for a down payment on a rental property. You may even be able to buy your next rental property with no money down!

Before we dive in, its worth pausing to note that the best source of funds for a down payment was, is, and always will be cash from your savings. When you borrow a down payment from someone else, you leave yourself vulnerable to overleverage, to slimmer cash flow margins and returns, and to possible rate hikes or called loans.

This is why were so big on boosting your savings rate and cutting your spending, and even going so far as living on half your income. The more of your own savings and cash you can invest with, the better position youre in to earn high returns from your rental properties.

All right, Im finished proselytizing, lets dive into some alternative ideas for coming up the down payment for an investment property!

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Exceptions To The Fha Owner Occupancy Requirement

Some exceptions to the FHA Owner Occupancy Requirement do apply.

One has already been mentioned: if the owner purchases a duplex, tri-plex, or four-plex and lives in one of the units as their primary residence, they can earn the income from the other properties

Second, if your job relocates you to another area that is beyond reasonable commuting distance or where affordable rental housing is not available, you may be able to rent out the first home if you lived in it as your primary residence for over a year.

Third, if your home has become too small for your growing family, and youve passed the one-year residency requirement, you can rent it out while living in a second home.

Fourth, if you become disabled or otherwise incapacitated, you may be able to make up your lost wages by renting out rooms in your home to boarders

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How Do You Get Rid Of The Pmi On An Fha Loan

FHA borrowers pay an upfront mortgage insurance premium, then continue paying monthly insurance for the life of the loan. The exception is if you are able to put down 10% or more when you buy the home. In that case, after 11 years, you will no longer have to make insurance payments. PMI will be stopped automatically by the lender, or it may be stopped at the borrowers request, once the home equity reaches a certain percentage.

Understanding The Guidelines: An Example

Can you use FHA loan for investment property financing?

To make this more clear, lets break it down in a specific example. Suppose you have a job that requires a significant amount of time in another city. Perhaps you work primarily from a regional office in San Diego, but the main corporate office, where you have to travel monthly, is in Phoenix. Instead of staying in a hotel for a week every month, you decide to purchase a property in Arizona.

In this situation, you would have to demonstrate that you cannot find an affordable rental property that would meet your needs in your desired area. How you demonstrate this lack of affordable renting is often the most complicated phase.

To be eligible, you must be purchasing a secondary residence because of seasonal employment, an employment relocation, or another situation whereby the purchase is not for recreational use or investment purposes.

As we noted above, youll have to show a lack of affordable rental housing in your desired area. This can be demonstrated with an explanation for the need of a secondary home in the new area, as well as a lack of rental housing. Written evidence can be provided by a local real estate professional who can verify that there is not acceptable housing in the new area.

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Can You Do A 203k Loan For An Investment Property

An FHAsection 203 loan enables you to either buy or refinance a home and use the mortgage proceeds to make needed repairs. However, you can only use 203 funds for your primary residence. Still, since the Federal Housing Administration insures the products, they may be more accessible to some consumers with credit or income limitations than other rehabilitation loan options.

FHA loans are typically thought of as being intended for first-time homebuyers, but that isn’t the only target demographic. The loans may allow you to make a down payment as low as 3.5%, and you may qualify with a less favorable credit score than some conventional loan products. The lenders that the FHA allows to offer these loans make the final decision about the borrower, but since the FHA backs the loans, there is more room in the lending guidelines. However, because of the lenient qualifications, all FHA loans require the borrower to maintain mortgage insurance as long as they hold the loan.

You Dont Have To Live There

One of the drawbacks of house hacking a multifamily property is that you have to move into it yourself, personally, for at least one year after buying.

Which poses several constraints. First, what if you dont want to live in a multifamily property? Or what if you love your current home, and dont want to move anywhere?

Second, if youre interested in building a rental portfolio, it restricts you to a maximum acquisition rate of one new rental property per year. And even then, conventional and FHA lenders will stop lending to you if you have more than two or three mortgages on your .

By house hacking kiddie-condo-style, you dont have to move. Your child fulfills the owner-occupancy requirement for you, and even then, theyre only required to live there for one year.

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Ways You Can Get An Fha Loan For A Second Home

First, know that the FHA forbids having two mortgages with active FHA mortgage insurance at the same time except under certain circumstances.

Job Relocation

You may be able to finance a second home with an FHA loan if you relocate of find a new job that is at an inconvenient distance for commuting purposes. The FHA guidelines use 100 miles at the minimum distance but if your commute is shorter than that but other factors such as intense traffic make it difficult, you may get approved.

If you can get an exception to have a second FHA approved while maintaining your current home, you may rent out the existing home. There is also no expectation that you must return to the first home at any time. Even if you relocate back to the area where your first home is, you can still buy another home but quite possibly not with an FHA loan.

Family is Growing and You Need a Larger Home

If you have out-grown your current residence and need something larger, then you can get approval for a second FHA insured loan. You may need to document the additional family members and detail how the size of your current home is not sufficient.

If you can get approved for this FHA family size exception, they will require that your current FHA mortgage be paid down to 75% of the home value before approving your new loan.

Borrower Vacating a Jointly Owned Property

There are a couple of scenarios where this may occur:

Non-Occupying co-Signer for an FHA Home

Fha Investment Property Loan Requirements You Dont Want To Miss

FHA Loans for 2 to 4 Unit Properties | real estate investing

While most investors favor the speed of implementation and cash benefits associated with private money loans, there is a time and a place for alternative forms of financing. In fact, there are a myriad of real estate financing options made available to investors and homebuyers, not the least of which is the FHA loan. That said, are you aware that there are investment property loan requirements that must be met before a loan can be granted to a buyer? FHA loans are a great source of financing, but you need to know everything about them before you proceed.

Are you aware of the that accompany an FHA loan?

Its not uncommon for a property acquired by a loan to serve as collateral, and FHA loans are no exception to the rule. That said, any borrower that stops making payments on an FHA loan runs the risk of losing the property to foreclosure and the lender taking possession of the house. And since lenders arent in the business of holding on to nonperforming assets, you should know that they will sell any property they foreclose on to recoup as much money as they can from the defaulted loan. Thats why its so important to know the investment property loan requirements that come with an FHA loan.

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Can You Buy A Duplex With Fha Financing

Do you dream of having your tenants make your mortgage payment for you each month? Have you ever thought of making your first home, an investment home as well?

Do you dream of having your tenants make your mortgage payment for you each month? Have you ever thought of making your first home, an investment home as well?

FHA allows you to buy a duplex, live in one unit, and rent out the other side. FHA also allows 3 and 4 unit properties as well, but the requirements are a little more strict. We will talk more about that later.

The 203k Loan Process

Limited 203k loans are pretty straightforward. Indeed, theyre easier than most to qualify for and set up.

But a Standard 203k isnt like that. It may be your best path to your dream home. But there will be some extra hoops to jump through compared to a traditional mortgage.

Heres the basic process to apply for and close an FHA 203k loan.

  • Find your best lender You can save thousands just by comparison shopping among multiple lenders. They arent all the same! Make sure the ones you consider offer FHA 203k loans and are experienced in delivering them. Youll want a lender familiar with the specifics of 203k loans to make sure the process goes smoothly
  • Get pre-approved Pre-approval shows you your exact budget as well as your future interest rate. And youll get a chance to resolve any issues that arise in your application
  • Find the home you want This is the fun bit. But download the Maximum Mortgage Worksheet PDF from HUDs website because that will help you assess whether your plans are affordable
  • Find a 203k consultant A 203k loan consultant will visit the home site, inspect the building, and then prepare a document outlining the projects scope and specifications, along with a detailed cost breakdown for each of the repair tasks. He or she also prepares lender packages and contractor bid packages, along with draw request forms for stage payments
  • Have the home and project appraised The lender will set this up for you
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