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Current Auto Loan Interest Rates

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Best For Refinance: Autopay

What Car Loan Interest Rate Should You Pay in 2021? (Best, Worst, Average Explained)
  • As low as 1.99%
  • Minimum loan amount: $2,500

AUTOPAY offers several different refinance options, competitive rates, and has flexible credit requirements. Borrowers can easily compare offers from different lenders on AUTOPAY’s site and choose the best deal.

  • Considers all credit profiles

  • Excellent credit required for the best rates

While AUTOPAY’s rates start at 1.99%, only those with excellent credit will qualify. According to AUTOPAY, they can, on average, cut your rate in half on a refinance.

AUTOPAY offers more refinance options than many lenders. In addition to traditional auto refinancing, borrowers can choose cash-back refinancing and lease payoff refinancing.

AUTOPAY is a marketplace that makes it easy to shop around for the best deal. It caters to individuals who are rebuilding credit or improving their credit.

Who Is Myautoloan Best For

MyAutoLoan is best for individuals who want to explore multiple loan offers online in one place. It lets you use the simple application to view rate quotes, and loan offers are valid for 30 days. You will also find the platform useful if youre searching for the best deal on refinancing or lease buyouts.

Pick The Option Thats Right For You:

Summit Expresssm Auto LoanGet a Summit Express Auto Loan right at the dealer. Simply visit one of over 300 participating area dealerships, find the vehicle you want, check current rates and apply. Be sure to say you want The Summit Express Auto Loan.

Standard Summit Auto LoanPurchasing a car from a non-participating dealer or third party? No problem. Just apply for a standard Summit Auto Loan online or at a Summit branch. Once youre approved, pick up your check from your preferred branch and take it to the dealership.

Rates effective January 16 through January 31, 2022


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How Do Lenders Determine Your Auto Loan Rate

Much like insurance companies, lenders determine auto loan rates based on information about you and your vehicle. Here are some of the factors that can affect your car loan rate:

  • :By far the biggest influence on your rate is your credit score. People with the highest credit scores get the best auto loan rates.
  • Loan term:Generally, the longer your loan term, the higher your interest rate will be.
  • Vehicle age:Banks and other lenders often charge higher interest rates on older cars.
  • New or used vehicle: Most lenders save their lowest interest rates for new car loans. If you want a used car loan, you might pay a higher interest rate.
  • Down payment:Some lenders will adjust interest rates based on what percentage of a vehicleâs cost you put down when you buy it.

Be sure to compare auto loan quotes from lenders before making a decision. Some lenders may weigh factors such as your credit score differently than others. Do the math and look at the total cost of your loan over its lifetime, and not just the APR.

Can I Get An Auto Loan With Bad Credit

Car loan compared: Interest rate, EMI, processing fee

It is possible to get a car loan with bad credit, although having bad credit will raise the rates you’re offered. If you are having trouble getting approved or finding acceptable rates, try taking these steps:

  • Make a large down payment: Making a larger down payment will lower your monthly payment, but it could also help you qualify for better rates.
  • Consider a co-signer: A co-signer with good credit will take on some responsibility for your loan if you default, but they can also help you qualify.
  • Reduce existing debt: Before applying for an auto loan, pay down as much debt as you can and avoid opening new accounts, like credit cards.

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Compare The Best Auto Loan Rates

LightStreamBest Online Auto Loan 3.99%* with Auto Pay & Excellent Credit $5,000 to $100,000
Bank of AmericaBest Bank for Auto Loans 3.59%
Consumers Credit UnionBest Credit Union for Auto Loans 2.49%
Chase AutoBest for Used Cars Not Advertised
myAutoloanBest for Bad Credit 1.90%
CarvanaBest for Fair Credit Not Advertised Any Car They Are Selling 36 to 72 months

Interest Rate By Loan Term

The interest rate you get can also depend on your cars loan term. In fact, the average interest rate on a 60-month car loan from a commercial bank in the first quarter of 2021 was 5.21%, according to the Federal Reserve.

While some lenders may charge lower rates for a longer term, others like credit unions offer higher rates for longer terms.

How does loan term change the amount I pay?

The longer your loan term, the lower your monthly payment. However, it makes the total cost higher. For example, if you borrow $15,000 for a used car and your lender offers you a 10.5% interest rate, your monthly payments and total interest can vary greatly.

Loan term
$281.68 $5,281.29

As you can see, your monthly payments are lower the longer you borrow, but youll end up paying about $1,000 more in interest each year your loan is outstanding.

Moreover, lenders generally charge lower interest rates for shorter loan terms. If you want to get the lowest rate possible, calculate your monthly car loan payments and interest charges based on different loan terms. This helps you determine the minimum term you can afford based on your interest rate to save money.

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Auto Approve: Top Choice For Refinancing

Non-Prime Auto Loan Interest Rates | NewRoads Auto

Starting APR:2.25%Loan amounts: $5,000 to $85,000Loan terms: 12 to 84 monthsAvailability:50 statesMinimum credit score:580

Unlike the other lenders on this list, Auto Approve doesnt finance new car purchases. Instead, the company specializes in refinancing auto loans. However, when it comes to the type of vehicle you can refinance, Auto Approve offers much more flexibility. The company works with a network of lenders to offer refinancing for motorcycles, ATVs, boats and RVs in addition to the standard cars, trucks and SUVs.

Auto Approves auto loan refinancing rates begin at 2.25% APR, which is toward the lower end of the rates we saw in our research, but note that only the most qualified borrowers will likely get a rate this low. The company doesnt charge an application fee or a prepayment penalty.

Borrowers can select terms of 12 to 84 months to refinance their vehicles. Auto Approve is also accessible to those who dont have the best credit history since it has a minimum credit score of only 580. However, borrowers with lower credit scores should expect to pay higher rates than the minimum APR featured here.

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What Determines Average Car Loan Interest Rates

The most important factor that decides your car loan interest rates is your credit score. The better your score, the lower your APR will be. The best rates are reserved for those with credit scores above 800, but according to Equifax, any score above 670 makes you a low-risk borrower and opens the door to lower average auto loan rates.

To give you an idea of what average auto loan rates you can expect based on your credit score, see the table below. These outline average auto loan rates for new and used cars based on information from the second quarter 2022 Experian State of the Auto Finance Market report.

Consumers Credit Union: Best Credit Union Used Car Loan Rates

  • New Car Loan Starting APR: 2.74%
  • Used Car Loan Starting APR: 2.99%

Consumers Credit Union is another great option for low rates on auto loans. Based out of Illinois, the credit union offers membership for anyone in the country who can pay a $5 fee and keep at least $5 in a savings account. The credit union has an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB. Consumers Credit Unions auto loan products are available for people with good to excellent credit, meaning from the mid-600s and above.

Like PenFed Credit Union, Consumers Credit Union partners with TrueCar to help shoppers find vehicles from across the country. One difference is that buyers can still get the same interest rates whether they shop with TrueCar or not.

At this time, rates start at 2.74% for financing newer vehicles. Consumers Credit Union offers a 0.25% discount on this rate for using autopay and an extra 0.25% discount when that autopay is linked to a Consumers Credit Union account.

Consumers Credit Union Pros and Cons

Below are some of the benefits and downsides of opting for Consumers Credit Union:

Consumers Credit Union Pros
Starting APRs are relatively low Requires good to excellent credit
Flexible loan terms and limits Must become a member to get a loan
Generous autopay discount

For more details on Consumers Credit Union, head to the companys website.

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Paying Off Your Car Loan Early: Things To Consider

Thinking of paying off your car loan? While theres the benefit of reducing your debt, take time to assess your personal financial position before making a decision. In this article, we highlight some of the important considerations to keep in mind.

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Auto Loans Interest Rates Wef 05092022

Best Used Car Loan Rates In Arizona
Scheme Interest Rate w.e.f. 05.09.2022

i) SBI Car Loan, ii) NRI Car Loan, iii) Assured Car Loan Scheme

SBI Car Loan, NRI Car Loan

From 7.80% to 8.60%

SBI Green Car Loan From 7.95% to 8.30%

Certified Pre-owned Car Loan Scheme

From 10.45% to 13.95% .

SBI Two-Wheeler Loan

16.95% p.a. to 18.70% p.a.

Finer pricing for New Car Loans based on CIC scores

CIC Score
700-730 and 10.75+1yr MCLR

Mean Rate for Auto Loans : 8.00%

Interest Rates

Upto 1 lakh

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Bank Of America: Top Choice For Bad Credit

Starting APR:2.29% for new vehicles, 2.49% for used vehiclesLoan amounts:$7,500 purchase minimum Loan terms: 12 to 75 monthsAvailability:50 statesMinimum credit score:580

Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the world, so its no wonder it offers a wide range of vehicle loan services. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank offers competitive rates to borrowers with a range of credit scores, with some of the best auto loan rates for people with less-than-ideal credit.

Rates start at 2.29% APR for new vehicles at Bank of America, which is about average for the industry. Unfortunately, the purchase minimum of $7,500 rules out using the company to finance some budget-friendly used vehicles. With loan terms limited to 12 to 75 months, Bank of America auto loans are slightly less flexible than some of the other providers we reviewed. The company does not have an option to allow you to get preapproved for a loan like some lenders do.

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Average Car Loan Interest Rates By Credit Score

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If youre in the market for a new or new-to-you vehicle, average car loan interest rates by credit score may give you an idea of what rate to expect from a lender.

Auto loan rates are provided as an annual percentage rate, or APR, and are based on several factors, such as your income and debt, as well as your credit score.

But your is likely the biggest factor in determining which rate youll get. The higher your credit score, the lower your car loan interest rate will probably be, because lenders perceive you as less likely to default on the loan.

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What Are Current Auto Loan Rates

An auto loan rate is the annual cost of borrowing money for a vehicle purchase or refinance. Itâs shown as a percentage, and itâs usually fixed for the duration of the loan term.

Auto loan rates are highly dependent on your credit report. Borrowers with higher credit scores tend to receive lower interest rates than those with poor credit. The age of the vehicle being financed also has an impact, as rates are higher for used cars than for new cars.

The table below shows the average rates for new and used cars based on buyersâ credit scores, according to Experianâs State of the Automotive Finance Market Q4 2021 report.

Should I Get An Auto Loan From The Dealership Or The Bank

Auto loan refinance rates?

Choosing between a dealership and a bank for an auto loan is complicated. In general, dealerships may offer higher rates than banks but this may not be the case for used cars. Regardless, it is important to get quotes from a few banks or online lenders first that way you can come to the dealership prepared. Ask for a quote from the dealership as well, comparing rates, terms and any additional fees.

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The Higher Your Credit Score The Less It Will Cost To Borrow

are a numerical representation of your credit history. They function as a grade for your borrowing history ranging from 300 to 850, and include your borrowing, applications, repayment, and mix of credit types on your credit report. Companies use credit scores to determine how risky they think lending to you would be.

A lower credit score makes borrowing more expensive. In the data above, the cheapest borrowing rates went to people with the best credit scores. Meanwhile, those with the lowest credit scores paid about 10 percentage points more to borrow than those with the highest scores.

The interest rate also has a big effect on monthly payment. Using Bankrate’s auto loan calculator, Insider calculated how much a borrower paying the average interest rate would pay for the same $30,000, 48-month new car auto loan:

Super Prime 2.40% $656

With the interest rate as the only factor changed, a person with a credit score in the highest category will pay $656 a month, while a person with a score in the lowest category would pay $831 a month, or $175 more for per month for the same car.

Tip : Conduct A Detailed Car Inspection

Buying a used car comes with additional risks. You dont know how the previous owner handled the vehicle and unforeseen issues could be looming.

To be sure you arent driving away with a stealth fixer-upper, request a vehicle history report. Along with an initial test drive, it is wise to get an independent mechanic inspection to check for any issues under the hood.

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How Do You Get Prequalified For An Auto Loan

You can get prequalified for an auto loan online and without ever leaving your home. All you have to do is select one of the lenders on this list and choose its online option to get prequalified or apply for a loan. Many lenders let you get prequalified for an auto loan without a hard inquiry on your credit report.

Penfed Credit Union: Most Cohesive Process

Current Car Loan Rates For 72 Months

Starting APR: 4.24% for new vehicles, 5.04% for used vehiclesLoan amounts:$500 to $150,000Loan terms: 36 to 84 monthsAvailability:50 statesMinimum credit score: 610

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, or PenFed, is a military credit union that offers competitive auto loan rates. We name it Most Cohesive Process for auto loans because of its car buying service and availability.

While PenFed is primarily for military members and their families, it is also open to people who work for certain government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Even if you donât fall into any of these groups, you can join by making a donation to an approved charity.

At 4.24%, PenFedâs starting APR for new vehicles is one of the lowest weâve seen from any of the auto loan providers we researched. To get that rate, however, youâll need to buy a new car through PenFedâs car buying service. Like with most credit unions, PenFed members are eligible for special deals, such as discounts and reimbursements for shopping at partner dealerships.

However, qualifying for a PenFed auto loan might be hard for some. The credit union only accepts borrowers with credit scores of 610 or higher. In addition, PenFed has a steep $29 charge for late loan payments.

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Interest Rates And Terms

MyAutoLoan offers low interest rates to well-qualified borrowers, but your cost of borrowing will likely be higher if you have a lower credit score. As of April 2022, the rates are as follows:

Loan product

When applying for auto loan financing with myAutoLoan, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a FICO score of at least 575.
  • Have gross annual earnings of at least $21,600 for a non-refinancing purchase.
  • Have gross annual earnings of at least 18,000 for auto refinancing.
  • Choose a vehicle no more than 10 years of age with under 125,000 miles.

The qualification criteria could be more stringent with some lenders.

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