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What Is The Jumbo Loan Amount

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Qualifying For A Conforming Conventional Loan

What is a Jumbo Loan and what options do I have?

For comparison, well consider the general minimum requirements for a conforming conventional loan.

These include:

Your desired loan amount will also factor into your loan approval. For 2023, loan limits range from $715,000 $1,073,000 for a 1-unit home, depending on where you live. Also, conventional loans with a down payment of less than 20% will require private mortgage insurance.

Jumbo Vs Conforming Mortgage

Here are some of the main differences between conforming mortgages and jumbo mortgages to keep in mind:

  • Jumbo loans have higher closing costs.
  • Jumbo loans are harder to qualify for.
  • Jumbo loans and conforming loans both come in a variety of terms and interest structures.
  • Jumbo loans often have higher monthly payments.
  • Mortgage terms can vary greatly between different lending institutions.

If you have concerns or arent sure if a jumbo loan is right for you, talk to an experienced Home Lending Advisor.

Purchasing A Home With A Jumbo Mortgage

Because jumbo loans are generally non-conforming, lenders are free to offer loans according to their own terms and requirements. That means they can ask for higher down payments, set higher interest rates and require higher credit scores.

Rocket Mortgage® offers the Jumbo Smart loan, so well take a look at its features as an example, not as a sample representative of the loans most lenders offer.

The Jumbo Smart loan offers loan amounts up to $2.5 million.

Benefits Of A Jumbo Smart Mortgage

There are two main benefits to a Jumbo Smart loan.

We do not require private mortgage insurance , which represents a significant monthly savings if youre unable to put 20% down on your jumbo mortgage loan.

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Jumbo Loan Limits By State

Jumbo loan limits dont always vary by state they vary by the counties within those states. To determine whether you need a jumbo loan, start by looking at the state where you want to buy.

Keep in mind that what qualifies as a jumbo loan might look very different in the county just a few miles away, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, where the jumbo loan limit is the same no matter where you go.

Jumbo Loan Requirements And Qualifications

Jumbo Loans For Jumbo Amount! For more info click here
  • – To qualify for a jumbo mortgage loan, the borrower must have very good credit, which generally means a FICO score of 740 or higher. There are also established guidelines for income and other personal financial information.
  • Financial strength – The borrower must have a debt-to-income ratio below 45% to qualify for a jumbo mortgage loan.
  • Property appraisal – The property appraisal must support the purchase price for the home and the mortgage the borrower wants.

Compare your mortgage options to learn more, or contact a mortgage loan officer to find out whether a jumbo loan may be the right mortgage loan for your particular needs.

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Will Conforming Loan Limits Increase

The Federal Housing Finance Agency today announced that the baseline-compliant loan caps for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2022 will increase to $647,200 an increase of $98,950 from $548,250 in 2021.

What will conventional loan limits be in 2022?

In 2022, you can borrow up to $647,200 with a compliant loan in most parts of the US. In areas with a higher cost of living, you can borrow up to $970,800.

Will FHFA loan limits increase in 2021?

The Federal Housing Finance Agency today announced that the baseline-compliant loan caps for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2022 will increase to $647,200 an increase of $98,950 from $548,250 in 2021. The new ceiling on borrowing in high cost markets will be $970,800.

What If I Cant Find A House Within The Conforming Limits

If you want to own a home in one of the most expensive housing markets in the U.S., youll probably need a jumbo loan. Dont worry, though youre not alone. With the currently sizzling housing market, many people are finding that even modest homes require a jumbo mortgage in some areas.

Because of this demand, lenders are becoming more comfortable offering jumbo mortgages. Rocket Mortgage® offers the Jumbo Smart loan, which is available with 15-year or 30-year fixed interest rates or a 7-year adjustable-rate. The 7-year period of the adjustable-rate mortgage refers to how long the rate stays fixed at the beginning of the loan period, though all ARMs come with 30-year repayment terms. After the first 7 years, the jumbo ARM will adjust every 6 months.

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Va Jumbo Loans Vs Traditional Va Loans

The major difference between VA jumbo loans and traditional VA loans is that jumbo loans are non-conforming loans. This means that they are set way beyond the loan limits defined by the FHFA.

You can borrow high-end properties through a VA jumbo loan.

Regardless, they are more or less the same when it comes to claiming the VA benefits. You can qualify for lower interest rates, flexible guidelines and no downpayment requirements.

What Makes These Loans Different

What are Jumbo Home Loan guidelines?

Lenders consider jumbo loans riskier than regular mortgages.

Without the guarantee from the federal government, the lender isn’t as protected if the borrower defaults. The sheer value of the loan also creates greater risk. If the borrower defaults, the bank could lose much more money than on a conventional home loan.

The general qualifications are similar, though stricter. For example:

  • Debt-to-income ratio: Lenders look for borrowers with a DTI ratio of 36% to 43%. This shows banks your ability to pay your debts.

  • Qualified mortgage: A qualified mortgage is a mortgage meeting certain characteristics the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau determines as less risky.

  • Cash on hand: You must prove to the bank that you can meet your mortgage payments. While the required income and cash reserves will depend on your particular loan amount, most lenders will require 30 days of pay stubs and tax forms from the last two years. Requirements are more stringent if you’re self-employed .

  • Other requirements: Lenders require documentation of all other loans, and proof of ownership for certain assets.

  • Down payment: Lenders of jumbo loans historically required borrowers to put down at least 30% of the purchase price. However, more lenders now accept as little as 10% to 15%. Putting more down will reduce your monthly payments.

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Benefits And Considerations Of Jumbo Loans

Higher purchase limits

Jumbo mortgages can exceed the conforming loan limit, currently $647,200 in most parts of the United States.

Competitive rates

Jumbo loan rates have reached historic lows in recent years, and interest on the first $970,800 of the mortgage may be tax-deductible.2 U.S. Bank offers 15-, 20- and 30-year options. Check out todays 30-year jumbo rates.

How Your Va Entitlement Affects A Jumbo Loan

Before we get into this, heres an overview of VA loan entitlement.

Factually speaking, the US Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees a part of the loan you borrow under this program. Meaning if you default to pay back the loan in any way, the department will pay back a specific amount to the lender. This allows the lender to freely provide VA loans, even if you have a low credit score or not-so-good credit history.

The specific amount is either 25% of the loan amount or $36,000. Simply put, the VA will pay $36,000 to the lender if you fail to pay back the loan.

Your VA Certificate of Eligibility would state your VA entitlement. If your entitlement is $36,000, you have full entitlement.

How does all this affect your loan application?

If you have full entitlement, you will not be subjected to any limits. This means that you can borrow any loan amount even if you dont want to make a downpayment.

How would I know if I have full entitlement?

Your VA COE would state your VA loan entitlement. If it is stated, This Veterans entitlement is $36,000, you have full entitlement.

You might also have full entitlement if any one of the following conditions is true-

  • You have never borrowed a VA home loan
  • You have paid the previous VA loan in full and sold the property.
  • You had a foreclosure but repaid the department in full.

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Jumbo Vs Conventional Loans: How Much Do They Cost

In the past, interest rates for jumbo loans were much higher than those for traditional, conventional mortgages. They still tend to be slightly higher, although the gap has been closing, You may even find some jumbo rates that are lower than conventional rates. A mortgage calculator can show you the impact of different rates on your monthly payment.

Jumbos can cost more in other ways, though. Down payment requirements are more stringent, at one point reaching as high as 30% of the home purchase price though it is more common now to see jumbo loans requiring a down payment of 15% to 20%, higher than the 10% to 15% that some conventional loans require . The higher interest rates and down payments are generally put in place primarily to offset the higher degree of risk involved with jumbos because they are not guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Jumbo mortgages often have higher closing costs than normal mortgages.

What Is A Jumbo Mortgage Loan

What Is A Jumbo Mortgage Loan Amount

Jumbo mortgages are home loans that exceed conforming loan limits. A jumbo loan is one way to buy a high-valued or luxury home. Borrowers are required to have a low debt-to-income ratio and a high credit score.

The limit on conforming loans is $647,200 in most areas of the country, but jumbo mortgages can exceed these limits. If youre considering buying a high-valued or luxury home, a jumbo loan may be right for you.

Keep in mind that if the home you are considering is in a high-cost area, you may still be able to obtain a conforming fixed-rate mortgage or adjustable-rate mortgage for up to $970,800.

Contact a mortgage loan officer to determine which mortgage loan is right for your particular needs and to learn more about jumbo loans and jumbo mortgage rates.

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Jumbo Vs Conventional Mortgages: An Overview

Jumbo mortgages and conventional mortgages are two types of financing borrowers use to purchase homes. Both loans require homeowners to meet certain eligibility requirements including minimum , income thresholds, repayment ability, and down payments. Both are also mortgages issued and underwritten by lenders in the private sector, as opposed to government agencies like the Federal Housing Administration , the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs , or the USDA Rural Housing Service .

Though they may serve the same purposeto secure a propertythese two mortgage products have several key differences. Jumbo mortgages are used to purchase properties with steep price tagsoften those that run into the millions of dollars. Conventional mortgages, on the other hand, are smaller and more in line with the needs of the average homebuyer. They also may be purchased by a government-sponsored enterprise such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

What Is The Va Jumbo Loan Limit

The average VA jumbo loan limit for the year 2022 is $970,800 for high-cost counties and $647,200 for low-cost counties.

But, heres the catch.

If you have full entitlement, i.e., if you had never used your loan benefit before or borrowed the loan, sold the property and repaid the VA in full, you would not be subjected to any loan limits. This means that applicants with full entitlement can borrow any amount they may qualify for.

However, if you have partial entitlement, you would be subjected to the limits stated above. If you wish to borrow more than that, you would have to make a downpayment to make up the difference.

Why are Jumbo Loan Limits Necessary?

VA jumbo loan limits help lenders to mitigate the risk involved in borrowing the loan. This allows the borrowers to easily qualify for the loan and make loans widely available.

Jumbo Loan Limit by State


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Qualifying For A Jumbo Loan

To account for their larger loan amounts, jumbo loans have more rigid requirements for borrowers to meet before they can be approved. Jumbo loans most often require:

  • A credit score of at least 680
  • A DTI ratio no higher than 45%
  • A down payment of 10.01% 25%
  • Up to 12 months of cash reserves

As non-conforming loans, jumbo mortgages have no certain loan limits, and they can be good for up to several million dollars. LTV ratios on non-conforming loans should be less than or equal to 89.99%.

For an easy comparison of the typical requirements and features associated with conforming conventional loans and jumbo loans, review the chart below. Please note, however, that these numbers can vary depending on your lender, your unique financial situation and other factors.


Required if down payment is under 20%

Required by some but not all lenders

Understanding Jumbo Loans In California

What Is A Jumbo Mortgage?

Conforming and jumbo loan limits in California were increased for 2022 in response to rising home prices. In many counties across the state, the new jumbo loan threshold for 2022 is set at $647,200 . So if you were to borrow more than that, youd be crossing from conforming into jumbo territory.

Higher-priced real estate markets, like San Francisco and Orange County, have jumbo loan thresholds set at $970,800 in 2022. See the table below for more.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the two government-sponsored enterprises that purchase mortgage loans from lenders, and then turn around and sell them to investors through the secondary mortgage market.

Federal housing agencies limit the maximum size for mortgage loans that can be sold to Fannie and Freddie. And those restrictions are precisely what distinguish a California conforming loan from a jumbo.

  • Anything that falls within this range is called a conforming loan, because it conforms to the size restrictions set by the government. It can therefore be sold to Fannie and Freddie.
  • Anything above the limit is considered a jumbo loan and is not eligible for GSE purchase. These products often come with stricter criteria, due to the larger amount being borrowed.

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Who Can Benefit From A Jumbo Loan

Jumbo loans are an excellent match for two types of borrowers: those who are looking to finance homes that are above the conforming loan limits in a certain region and those who live in regions where average home prices far outpace the rest of the nation . Jumbo loans may be taken out for single family homes/primary residences, second homes and investment properties.

What Is The Disadvantage Of A Jumbo Loan

Higher closing costs Jumbo mortgages often come with higher closing costs than conforming mortgages. For example, its not uncommon for jumbo mortgage lenders to require an extra appraisal on homes needing jumbo financing to ensure that their values are high enough to support that level of borrowing.

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How Jumbo Loans Work

Because jumbo loans are considerably larger than conventional loans, its logical that they have stricter borrowing requirements. This way, lenders can have some confidence in borrowers ability to keep up with higher-than-average mortgage payments. Although jumbo loan interest rates have decreased in recent years, they remain higher than those associated with conventional loans.

In the same way, the required down payment percentage for jumbo loans has decreased over the years and is now around 15-20% of the homes purchase price. Borrowers can apply for jumbo loans through institutions like banks, credit unions and mortgage companies.

How To Qualify For A Jumbo Loan Mortgage

What Is A Jumbo Mortgage Loan Amount

Not everyone that wants a jumbo loan can get one.

Jumbo mortgages are difficult to procure because not every lender offers them. The bigger the loan, the longer it takes to pay off, and the extended timeline presents more risk than most lenders allow. It is still possible to get a jumbo loan, but your interest rates will be higher than the traditional home mortgage, and it could be extremely difficult even to qualify.

Lynch gives us an exclusive inside look at PCMAs average client for a jumbo mortgage.

  • Loan Amount: $1,004,302.89
  • Co-Borrower Age: 59
  • Years in Home: 16

Lenders look for a higher credit score for jumbo loans than they do for a conventional mortgage. Your debt-to-income ratio is also important, and lenders tend to prefer anywhere from 43% to as low as 36%.

The higher loan amount of a jumbo mortgage can make some banks uneasy, so to quell anxious nerves, they may ask for proof of reserve funds, such as savings or jewelry. This can go a long way in proving to a lender you are capable of repaying your loan.

The down payment is larger, too. Many lenders will accept as little as 3% for an average home loan, even though personal finance experts typically recommend aiming for 20%. On jumbo mortgages, lenders will look for anywhere from 15% to 30% down on loans. Additional appraisals may also be required.

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