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How To Get First Home Loan

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What To Do If You Have Poor Credit

Home Mortgages 101 (For First Time Home Buyers)

It takes time to build good credit but you might not have the patience to wait for that. This doesnt mean you should give up on home ownership. Dont let a poor credit rating lock you out of the housing market this year. Here are some tips to help you face the mortgage journey with low credit score.

What Does 3 Years Or More Of Contributions Mean

To be eligible for the First Home Loan and/or the First Home Grant, you must have been contributing to your KiwiSaver for 3 years or more. A few ways people are caught out on this can be:

  • contributing but not the minimum 3%. This often happens to self-employed people who are contributing the standard $20 per week to receive the Member Tax Credit.
  • note that a self-employed person can make a one-off deposit of 3% of their salary. It does not need to come in regular deposits
  • non-earners not contributing. The test for non-earners is 3% of the minimum wage of an adult.
  • The contributions don’t need to be consecutive. You might have contributed for 2 years in 2009-2010 and then had a contribution holiday. As long as you contributed 3% of your salary in one other year, you will be eligible. Talk to your KiwiSaver provider for confirmation of this.

    How Do I Prepare For My Mortgage Application

    When you apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to provide your income and asset information. Here are a few things you can also do now to help prepare:

    • Get your credit reportYou can request a free copy of your credit report from all 3 major consumer reporting companies. Read them carefully and notify the companies of inaccuracies as this may negatively affect your credit score. Your provide lenders with information about your financial background
    • Don’t make any major purchasesHold off on making any big purchases, such as a car or furniture, until after your closing. Taking on significant new debt now can impact your mortgage loan decision and how much you can borrow
    • Start saving pay stubs along with bank and retirement statementsStart collecting these documents as you may need to provide them to verify your application details when you apply for your mortgage

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    Income And Job History

    One of the first things that mortgage lenders consider when you apply for a loan is your income. There is no set dollar amount that you need to earn each year to be able to buy a home. However, your mortgage lender does need to know that you have a steady cash flow to pay back your loan.

    Your lender will want to look at your employment history, your monthly household income and any other forms of money you have coming in, like child support or alimony payments.

    No Down Payment: Va Loans

    How to Prepare for Getting a First

    The VA loan is a nodownpayment mortgage available to members of the U.S. military, veterans, and surviving spouses.

    VA loans are backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. That means they have lower rates and easier requirements for borrowers who meet VA mortgage guidelines.

    VA loan qualifications are straightforward.

    Most veterans, activeduty service members, and honorably discharged service personnel are eligible for the VA program. In addition, home buyers who have spent at least 6 years in the Reserves or National Guard are eligible, as are spouses of service members killed in the line of duty.

    Some key benefits of the VA loan are:

    • No down payment requirement
    • Belowmarket mortgage rates
    • Bankruptcy and other derogatory credit information does not immediately disqualify you
    • No mortgage insurance is required, only a onetime funding fee which can be included in the loan amount

    In addition, VA loans have no maximum loan amount. Its possible to get a VA loan above current conforming loan limits, as long as you have strong enough credit and you can afford the payments.

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    Understand What You Can Borrow

    Before you apply for any loan and before you even begin your property search you should always have an understanding of how much you can borrow. The easiest way to do this is to use a mortgage calculator.

    While a mortgage calculator isnât exact, it will provide a reasonable estimate of how much a lender will let you borrow and therefore what your budget is when it comes to buying.

    You should also take time to make sure you know the criteria lenders will take into account when assessing your loan application, such as your credit history and ability to service a loan.

    Homeready Mortgages From Fannie Mae

    HomeReady mortgages from Fannie Mae are another loan option for low-income buyers. Borrowers are eligible with a 3 percent down payment and a credit score of 620 or higher.

    Home buyer education is required if all borrowers are first-time home buyers. All residents may submit their income for consideration and improve chances of approval.

    There are also no minimum personal contribution requirements for the down payment. This investment can be covered by gifts, grants, and other DPA programs.

    HomeReady loans require mortgage insurance that can be canceled once the buyer reaches 20 percent equity.

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    What Are The Benefits Of First

    First-time homebuyer programs, grants and loans are a form of financial assistance for buyers, usually those who meet certain income restrictions and have strong credit scores. They can apply to those who have never owned a home, or those who owned a home in the past, but havent owned one in the previous three years.

    Here are a few different ways you could benefit from these programs:

    • Grants: Some areas offer cash to put towards home-related costs, such as your down payment or closing costs.
    • Assistance with closing fees: Some loans place a cap on how much is charged for closing costs.
    • Deferred payments: Some loans wont charge interest and wont need to be repaid until the homeowner sells the home, or refinances or pays off the mortgage.
    • Savings on interest: Some organizations offer to pay for or subsidize the interest on the mortgage, or help borrowers qualify for loans with lower interest rates.
    • Loan forgiveness: Homeowners who stay in the home for a certain period of time will have a portion of their debt cancelled .
    • Down payment assistance: Some programs allow homebuyers to put down a small down payment, or none at all.

    Not all of these programs will be available in your area or for your situation. There are also certain restrictions, such as financial need, so do some research or speak with a mortgage professional to see if you qualify.

    State And Local First

    First-time Home Buying Series Ep 3: Prequalifying and Getting Preapproved

    Many states and municipalities offer first-time homebuyer grants and low-interest mortgage programs. Check your states housing finance authority website or contact a real estate agent or local HUD-approved housing counseling agency to learn more about first-time homebuyer loans in your area.

    • Strengths: Down payment and closing cost assistance lower-interest mortgages
    • Weaknesses: Income limits buyer education course usually required

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    What To Consider With First

    Before seeking out a first-time homebuyer program, make sure you meet the definition of a first-time homebuyer. Many nonprofit and government programs consider you a first-time homebuyer if you havent owned a home within the last three years. This includes investors who own rental or investment properties, whether or not its considered your primary residence.

    Some government-backed programs, such as an FHA or USDA loan, require that the property meets certain standards before qualifying. There could be income restrictions for local and state programs, as well.

    Regardless of what programs you may qualify for, purchasing a home is a major financial decision and shouldnt be taken lightly. That means look at what you can afford, which includes factoring in maintenance costs. Once you figure out a realistic budget, speak to a lender with experience with first-time homebuyers. This might not be your bank it could be a credit union or other type of lender.

    Lenders who have ample knowledge about first-time homebuyer programs in your area and knowing what you might qualify for can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, says Diego Corzo, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas.

    How Much Mortgage Do You Qualify For

    Before you start shopping, its important to get an idea of how much a lender will give you to purchase your first home. You may think you can afford a $300,000 home, but lenders may think youre only good for $200,000 based on factors like how much other debt you have, your monthly income, and how long youve been at your current job. In addition, many real estate agents will not spend time with clients who havent clarified how much they can afford to spend.

    Make sure to get pre-approved for a loan before placing an offer on a home. In many instances, sellers will not even entertain an offer thats not accompanied by a mortgage pre-approval. You do this by applying for a mortgage and completing the necessary paperwork. It is beneficial to shop around for a lender and to compare interest rates and fees by using a tool like a mortgage calculator or Google searches.

    Mortgage lending discrimination is illegal. If you think youve been discriminated against based on race, religion, sex, marital status, use of public assistance, national origin, disability, or age, then there are steps you can take. One such step is to file a report with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and/or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development .

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    How To Find Firsttime Home Buyer Programs

    As a firsttime home buyer, coming up with cash for the down payment and closing costs is one of the biggest hurdles.

    Luckily, there are grants and loans available to help home shoppers become homeowners.

    The best way to determine if youre eligible for a firsttime home buyer program is to reach out to the housing authority in the town or city where you want to purchase a home.

    Down payment grants and closing cost assistance generally are not advertised, so be sure to ask around.

    • Your real estate agent could help you find local grant programs. An experienced Realtor has likely worked with other borrowers who need a little help to get into their new home
    • Your loan officer can also help you find down payment and closing cost assistance. In particular, they can suggest programs the lender is willing to work with and has used in the past
    • If you work in the public sector, ask your employer. In some areas, nonprofits have grant programs to help law enforcement officers, teachers, or emergency medical technicians, for example

    Many grant programs are incomebased, and many require borrowers to take a homebuyer education course to learn about homeownership and mortgage borrowing.

    You may have to do some digging on your own to locate resources available to you and for which you qualify.

    Down Payment Assistance Grants

    How to Get a Home Loan for the First

    The down payment is the initial upfront payment you make when buying a home. It is seen as your investment in the mortgage, since you stand to lose it if you default on the monthly payments that come after. While many conventional loans require a down payments as high as 20 percent of the total purchase price, FHA loans make things a little easier by requiring 3.5 percent down.

    Either way, saving for a hefty down payment on a home can be a burden, so its a smart move to look for available assistance that will help lessen some of that cost. Many state and local government agencies offer assistance programs such as Down Payment Grants to eligible, first-time homebuyers in order to help them meet down payment and closing cost requirements.

    Make sure to take advantage of any Down Payment Assistance Programs offered by your county, municipality, or state to help lower your upfront mortgage costs. Find a Down Payment Assistance Program in your area.

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    How Much Mortgage Can You Afford

    A common rule of thumb used by lenders in determining mortgage affordability is for the estimated mortgage payment to be no more than 28% of a borrower’s monthly after tax income. Mortgage lenders take into account things like annual income, total monthly debts, down payment, debt to income ratio along with loan factors like the interest rate, term, estimated taxes and insurance when calculating how much they will lend to a given borrower.

    Freddie Mac Home Possible Mortgages

    Freddie Macs Home Possible loans offer low down payment mortgages with a minimum 3 percent down payment. Down payment funding is flexible with no personal cash requirements.

    A credit score of 660 or higher is required for approval. Borrowers income cant exceed 80 percent of the area median income , which is available on the Freddie Mac site.

    Home Possible mortgages may require mortgage insurance and buyers can cancel their policy when they reach 20 percent equity.

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    What Is The Tax

    Join millions of Canadians who have already trusted Loans Canada

    Saving up for your first home can be a tough financial goal to meet, especially with home prices skyrocketing these days. As part of the 2022 Federal budget, the Liberal government announced plans to create a unique tax-free savings account available for first-time homebuyers to help save up for that hefty down payment.

    The Tax-Free First Home Savings Account will be available starting next year and offers some of the best of both a TFSA and an RRSP.

    Lets take a closer look at the upcoming Tax-Free First Home Savings Account to help you understand how it works and how it may help you get one step closer to buying your first home.

    When Should You Get Preapproved

    How to Get Approved for a First-Time Home Loan

    The best time to get preapproved is a few weeks or months before purchasing. You shouldnt get preapproved too early. In most cases, a preapproval will expire after about 90 days.

    You should also get preapproved before meeting with a real estate agent and actively looking at homes. If you dont know your budget, you could potentially make an offer on a home that you cant afford.

    Plus, a preapproval provides additional information to help you prepare for a purchase. Youll not only receive information about loan amounts, but also estimates regarding interest rates, down payment amounts, and monthly mortgage payments.

    To prepare for a preapproval, gather your documents early and submit these to a mortgage lender in a timely manner.

    Borrowers typically need to submit the following documents along with their mortgage application:

    • Tax returns and W2s from the past two years
    • Recent pay stubs
    • Bank statements for savings accounts and other assets
    • A copy of your drivers license
    • Employment verification
    • Rental history

    Depending on your circumstances, you might also provide a gift letter, a yeartodate Profit and Loss statement , as well as courtordered information about alimony or child support, if using this income for qualifying purposes.

    If you have alternative sources of income, issues in your credit history, or unusual deposits in your bank account, you should be prepared to explain these anomalies to your loan officer.

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    Think About Using A Mortgage Broker

    When youâre applying for a loan, it may be tempting just to speak to the financial institution you already bank with. But it usually pays to look around. The mortgage market is competitive and you may be able to get a much better rate by going elsewhere.

    Better still, consider using the services of a mortgage broker. A good mortgage broker has access to a large number of lenders and knows their lending application processes. This should save you time and money and give you the best chance of getting your mortgage when you need it. They also should be able to advise you on which home loan is right for you given your own personal circumstances.

    You can read more about finding a mortgage broker here.

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