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Student Loans For Community Colleges

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Can I Get A Student Loan Without A Co

Webinar: Resources for community college students

Its possible to get a student loan without a co-signer, but the difficulty of doing so depends on your situation.

Nearly every type of federal student loan does not require co-signers. Because you dont need a high credit score to qualify for these types of loans, most students are eligible without a co-signer if they can meet a few basic requirements.

Private student loans, however, may be harder to get on your own. These types of loans require a high credit score of at least 670 to qualify for the lowest rates. If you cant qualify individually, you may need to add a co-signer to your application. However, some lenders offer a co-signer release after you meet certain requirements, so look for that feature as you compare your options.

Some private lenders specialize in student loans without a co-signer instead of reviewing your credit, they may consider things like your performance in school and field of study instead. While it may be easier to qualify for these loans, they typically come with higher interest rates.

Direct Unsubsidized Student Loans

With a Direct unsubsidized loan, you dont need to demonstrate a financial need, but the school will still decide on how much you can borrow. Rather than basing the amount off of your financial need, your school will look at the cost of attendance compared to the other types of aid youre receiving.

You are responsible for paying the interest, and the interest will accrue if you decide not to pay while youre in school.

Can You Use Pell Grants For Community College

Yes you can! For families with financial need, the Pell Grant is an amazing way to help pay for school. When you fill out the FAFSA, you will receive an EFC number which determines your Pell Grant eligibility.

As of the 2021-2022 school year, you can qualify for up to $6,495 per semester. All you need to do to check your eligibility is fill out the FAFSA.

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Applying For Financial Aid

The process of receiving federal student loans to go to community college is the same as it would be for a four-year institution. You need to fill out a loan application — specifically, the Free Application For Federal Student Aid .

The form needs to be filled out each year that you intend to apply for government loans and it uses information about you and your family to determine what, if any, government loans or grants match your needs.

Its important to note that not all two-year colleges accept federal student loans. In fact, according to the Community College Review, these loans are unavailable at around 20 percent of two-year public schools. With that in mind, youll want to check in with your community college before you apply.

Additionally, be aware that there is a limit to how much federal student loan assistance you can receive. The limit is $31,000 for dependent students, or those whose parents still support them financially, and $57,000 for independent students.

That limit stays the same throughout the course of your education, so be aware that if you do use some federal aid for community college, you will have less money to work with when its time to apply to a four-year school.

If youre ready to figure out how to pay for college, Credible can help you take the next step.

Advantage Education Private Student Loan

Community College and Student Loans: What you Need to Know

Min. credit score

Best for nontraditional or part-time students.


  • Forbearance of 24 months is twice as long as most lenders.

  • Loans are available if youre enrolled less than half time.


  • Loans may not be available depending on where you live or go to school.

  • Fewer repayment terms than other lenders offer.

  • You can’t see if youll qualify and what rate youll get without a hard credit check.


  • Typical credit score of approved borrowers: Does not disclose.

  • Minimum income: Does not disclose.

  • Loan amounts: Minimum $1,000. Maximum depends on creditworthiness and debt-to-income ratio.

Available Term Lengths

Min. credit score

Best for students who value working with a community bank or credit union.


  • Forbearance of 18 months is longer than many lenders offer.


  • You cant see if youll qualify and what rate youll get without a hard credit check.

  • Payment required while in school and during the grace period.


  • Typical credit score of approved borrowers: 748.

  • Minimum income: $24,000 per year.

  • Loan amounts: $1,000 up to cost of attendance, minus other aid received.

Available Term Lengths

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Direct Subsidized Student Loans

This federal loan is available to students who prove they have a financial need. You can borrow up to that needed amount, which is determined by the school. To qualify, you must be enrolled no less than half-time at an accredited community college.

The Department of Education will pay the interest on this loan while youre still in school and for the first six months after you leave school.

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What Other Policy Changes Should I Know About

The Department of Education said in its statement that it will continue to roll out and update its policies in the coming months as it attempts to get the PSLF program back on track.

Correction, Jan. 25: This article previously stated that private loans would be eligible for student loan forgiveness under the new waiver. That was incorrect. In addition to Direct Loans, only FFEL loans — which are federally backed, but often issued by private lenders — Perkins Loans and other federal loans may qualify for the PSLF waiver.

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Private Student Loans For Community College Students

Responsible Borrowing

Private student loans are another option if federal funding doesnt cover the entire cost of community college expenses.

Typically, most undergraduate students wouldnt qualify for private student loans without a consigners help. Thats because approval for private loans is based on your creditworthiness and other financial factors. Most undergraduate students havent had enough time to build up their credit history or meet income requirements.

Community college students who work full-time, though, might have a better chance of being approved. If you meet credit requirements, you might even qualify for lower interest rates than those offered on federal student loans.

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How To Apply For Student Loans

The following are general tips to consider before applying for student loans, whether federal or private.

1. Calculate your financial needs

Consider your schools cost of attendance and then factor in extracurricular living expenses. Moneys Best Colleges in America 2022 contains information about admission, costs, financial aid and graduation rate of hundreds of public and private institutions around the United States.

If youre considering private loans, take the time to evaluate your credit and whether you will need a cosigner.

Private lenders base interest rates on your credit score, income and employment history. Having bad credit can keep you from getting the best rates or even from getting approved at all. If you have a cosigner, lenders will consider their credit for approval as well.

If you need to improve your credit before applying for a private student loan, start with our guide or check out our best credit repair companies if you don’t want to DIY it

2. Look into federal loans

We recommend you consider federal loans first, as they have several advantages over private loans and there is a variety of options to choose from.

If you need to take out a private student loan, keep in mind that each lender offers different terms, rates and benefits.

Shop around and compare fees and APRs from multiple lenders before making a decision.

3. Seek expert help

4. Choose the right lender for you

Check what documents you need to apply

Why Student Loan For Community College In Usa

Community colleges offering two-year programs can be a wonderful option if you are seeking an opportunity to learn and save at the same time.

its also a great option if you are looking to save some money while improving your skills, preparing for a four-year university, or going for an associates degree.

Even if you are attending a community college instead of a four-year college to save cost, you will still require some level of financial aid to help pay for tuition costs. In that case, you may have to resort to a student loan.

The most important thing you should know about student loans for community college is that they can help you meet your financial and educational needs. Other reasons you should subscribe to community college students loan are

  • Applying only once to get the money needed for the entire school year
  • Community college student loans feature 100% coverage for all school-certified expenses like tuition, fees, books, housing, meals, travel, and even a laptop.
  • No origination fee
  • Multiple repayment options on loans for students

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What Is The Pslf Program

The PSLF program, first launched in 2007, was designed to help public servants pay off their loans faster. The program works by offering loan forgiveness to eligible public servants who have made 120 qualifying student loan payments. Yet almost 99% of borrowers who have applied since 2008 were denied prior to the October expansion.

The Best Student Loans For Community College Students

Student loan default threatens community colleges

The good news for community college students is that you arent left out when it comes to receiving help to pay for your education. With lower tuition costs than four-year schools, you likely wont end up burdened with as big of a total debt bill either.

Your first and best option is to take advantage of any federal funding available. Federal student loans come with extra benefits like access to loan forgiveness, income-driven repayment plans, and extended deferment and forbearance. Private student loans generally dont offer this type of additional support.

If you need assistance determining the best course of action for community college funds, you can book a pre-debt consult with one of our team members today.

1Sallie Mae disclosures. Lowest APRs shown for Sallie Mae Loans: The borrower or cosigner must enroll in auto debit through Sallie Mae to receive a 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction benefit. This benefit applies only during active repayment for as long as the Current Amount Due or Designated Amount is successfully withdrawn from the authorized bank account each month. It may be suspended during forbearance or deferment, if available for the loan.2Earnest: All rates listed above represent APR range. Rate range aboveincludes optional 0.25% Auto Pay discount. Earnest disclosures.

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Best Student Loans For Community College Of August 2022

Apply for free financial aid first, then use federal student loans before turning to private lenders if you need help paying for community college.

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While community college is less expensive than four-year college, you may still need help covering costs. Not all private student loans are available for community college, but you still have a lot of options.

If you need student loans for community college, max out federal loans first. Private loans should be your last resort, after using grants, work-study, savings, employer assistance and federal student loans. Here are lenders that can help you fill any gaps, as well as tips for affording community college and shopping for loans.

While community college is less expensive than four-year college, you may still need help covering costs. Not all private student loans are available for community college, but you still have a lot of options.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Community College

Community college programs tend to be significantly cheaper than four-year schools. The average cost of community college was $12,850 for the 2020-2021 school year, according to the College Board.

In comparison, heres how the average cost of college at a traditional four-year school breaks down:

  • In-state student: $25,890
  • Out-of-state student: $41,950
  • Private school: $52,500


If you decide to take out a private student loan to cover your community college costs, remember to consider as many lenders as possible to find the right loan for you.

How Can I Go To Community College For Free

Mounting student loan debt concerning college students in America

Each state has its own programs that help students pay for community college. California residents can attend community college entirely for free through the California Promise program. You must meet certain financial need requirements to qualify for this program. Illinois has a similar program for families below a certain income threshold.

If your state does not have these same programs, you might still be able to go to community college for free through grants. You can combine Pell Grant money, private grants, and institutional scholarships. This can bring your cost down significantly and even end up in you going to community college for free.

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Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan

Parents can borrow funds to cover educational costs for their dependent students. Students must be enrolled in and attend a minimum of 6 credit hours and meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan information. Parents can begin repayment when the loan is fully disbursed, with the first payment generally due within 60 days, or can choose to begin repayment six months after the student is no longer enrolled at least half time or graduates. There is no financial need required to be eligible however, total financial aid cannot exceed cost of attendance. The applicants credit history will be evaluated in determining loan eligibility.

Maximum award amount: Students costs not covered by other financial aid, subject to credit approvalEnrollment required: Students must be enrolled in, attend and maintain a minimum of 6 credit hours.Applications:

  • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request and Master Promissory Note. Please refer to the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Application Instructions.
  • for more information about the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan, including eligibility criteria, fees, interest rates, and repayment information.

    Federal Student Loans: Dont Miss Out

    The most popular, and accessible, student loan programs are administered by the Federal government. The Federal Direct Loan Program provides low interest loans to students at every stage of their college career. Federal student loans are funded by the U.S. Government, and administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Federal student loans offer low fixed interest rates, have no application fees, and offer the most student friendly repayment plans of any college loan. Community college students experiencing a financial shortfall should begin their search for college loans at the Federal level.

    The following student loans are offered by through the Federal Direct Loan Program, and are available to community college students, as well as students attending a traditional 4-year college or university.

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    How The Cares Act Will Affect Financial Aid

    Part of the federal government’s CARES Act was designated to provide additional aid to students. Of the $14 billion that was designated to go to colleges and universities, $6 billion will go directly to student financial aid for the coming school year.

    As for how this money will affect financial aid, it depends on the institution. Some are using the funds to provide extra assistance to the students most in need and others are using it to provide extra scholarships and work-study grants. Youll want to check in with your local community college to see if theyve received aid and how they are choosing to allocate the funds.

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