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Banks For Small Business Loans

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Best Small Business Loans Of 2022

Banks receive thousands of small business loan applications

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Bottom line: Lendio offers the best loans for most small-business owners.

As a lending marketplace, Lendio partners with more than 75 lenders. Just fill out its 15-minute application, and within 72 hours, Lendio will get back to you with a list of loan offers. Pick your favorite option, finalize your application, and enjoy your new loan.

With all the financing options out there, trying to compare business loans can feel overwhelming. You can borrow from traditional lenders to get the best deals, or you can borrow from online lenders for lower loan qualifications. You can choose from term loans, lines of credit, invoice financing, microloans, and more. Its a lot.

Which is why weve taken all those financing options and narrowed them down to the 10 best business loans out there. In this roundup, well tell you what makes these lenders great and help you decide which is the best fit for your small business.

Ready to find your funding?

Lendio partners with over 75 lenders, which improves your odds and efficiency to get the funding you need.

Data as of 3/28/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.*Does not represent the typical rate for every borrower, and other fees may apply.

Are Small Business Loans A Good Idea

Sometimes, small business loans are a necessity. Small companies are unique creatures, and sometimes they need creative financing to make it through a money crunch or to take advantage of a growth opportunity. A small-business loan often is the only way to make that possible. Though they come with a cost, that cost might be the difference between a small business failing or growing into its next phase.

Our Small Business Loans

Our team is experienced and can confidently guide you through the lending process. Together, well create a unique financing plan to help you and your business thrive.

Small Business Administration

Backed by the Small Business Administration, SBA loans typically offer lower down payments and competitive terms. Our Preferred Lender Status gives us the ability to get capital in your hands faster.

#1 SBA 7 Lender by dollar amount for FY 20211

US Department of Agriculture

Our lending team is comprised of USDA experts who are passionate about helping rural America thrive. Lets work to enhance economic opportunity in your community.

#1 USDA B& I Lender by dollar volume for FY 20212

Commercial Loans

We are well-known for our expertise in government-backed loans, but we also have the ability to fund larger opportunities with customized credit facilities to meet your needs.

Help us find the right lending team for you.

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How To Find The Best Small Business Bank Loan

Borrowing from a bank is different from going to an online lender. Its usually about more than just getting one loan, but developing a relationship. Instead of looking at rates and terms which can be difficult to find consider these factors:

  • Your businesss banking history. Banks prefer to work with current customers, and the longer youre with the bank the better deal youll get on financing. If you already have a business checking account start your search with that bank.
  • Other available products. Look at all of the other services that the bank offers and try to go for one that you and other business owners would be comfortable with as a go-to for financial products.
  • Industry specialists. Often banks have loan officers that are experts in a specific industry. They can provide valuable insights into your businesss operations and anticipate your financing needs.
  • Types of loans. If youre looking for a specific type of financing like an SBA Export Express loan make sure a bank offers it before reaching out.
  • Customer reviews. Look to sites like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau see what customers have to say about loan officers and customer service. But take it with a grain of salt customers generally write reviews in extreme situations.
  • Employee reviews. A bank with low employee ratings could be a warning sign, especially with local banks. Low morale can be a sign that you might not get top-notch service and have to switch loan officers frequently.

How Do You Apply For A Business Loan

Small Business Loan Special from an Indiana Family

When you apply for small business financing, its important to understand what information small business lenders need from you so you can gather the appropriate documents. Typically, you will need these documents:

  • Up to three years of financial statements or tax returns
  • At least three months of bank statements
  • Accounts receivable reports
  • Proof of ownership

Your credit score and history will be taken into consideration, so its helpful to have good credit, which usually means a score in the range of 690 to 850. Scores below 689 are considered fair credit, and those below 300 are considered bad credit.

Cash flow is another important factor for business lenders, because they want to ensure you have enough revenue and sales to pay them back. Your debt-to-income ratio is also vital the more debt you have, the more difficult it will be to get approved. For new small business loans, lenders prefer a 1.35 debt-to-income ratio.

Lenders want to see that you have a strong business plan and blueprint for continuous profit, showing them that you can repay the loan. This is especially important if your new business doesnt yet have steady cash flow.

Some lenders will request collateral. As mentioned above, collateral can take many forms property, vehicles, stocks or any asset of value but you must understand that if you fail to repay the loan, the lender will keep the assets you pledged.

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What Do You Need Out Of A Business Loan

Find a solution that fits the unique needs of your business from short-term operating loans to long-term financing to help secure the future of your business.

Short-Term and Operating Loans

For Businesses With Everyday Borrowing Needs
  • Looking to cover short-term gaps in their cash flow
  • Planning to make significant business purchases or improvements
  • Looking for easy access to extra operating funds
For Businesses With Substantial Financing Needs
  • Looking to purchase equipment or property
  • Aiming to expand operations

How Do Small Business Loans Work

Small business loans help companies make large purchases and cover the cost of doing business. Loans generally are issued as a lump sum that can be used to make a specific purchase or manage cash flow and then repaid with interest. However, there are other types of small business loanslike lines of credit, merchant cash advances and invoice financingthat can be used to access cash more quickly and on an as-needed basis.

The best loan for a business depends on a number of factors, including its creditworthiness, how much it needs to borrow, what the funds will be used for and how quickly it needs access to loan proceeds.

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Best For Partnering With Your Business

Mulligan Funding

Work with Mulligan Funding to get fast approval on your small business loan with a simple online application.

Mulligan Funding has been partnering with small and medium-sized business owners to provide access to working capital since 2008. Their business lending team of experts is proud of building close relationships to facilitate the funding needed to grow small businesses.

Upfront Costs To Take On New Jobs

Local banks process staggering number of small business loans

Business owners create job openings in their companies to address rising demand, new issues, and other factors. However, the initial costs of finding, recruiting, and training new employees can stall those efforts. Business owners can pull from their line of credit instead of waiting to generate enough earnings and allocating them for each step of the process. You can repay the line of credit over time and benefit sooner from a talented worker.

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Best For Choice Of Lenders

National Business Capital

With a simple, quick online application process, you get access to over 75 different lenders all in one place.

National Business Capital can save you time comparing and submitting multiple applications to different business loan lenders. As a loan marketplace, you can see applicable loan products from over 75 different lending partners after submitting a simple application.

Types Of Banks That Offer Business Loans

The type of bank you go with makes a difference in the experience you have with a lender. These are the main types of banks youll find in your search.

Large national and international banks

Big names like Wells Fargo and Chase fall under the category of large national banks. The benefit of working with these banks is that theyre available in most states and have the budget to invest in new technology that smaller banks might not access.

These might benefit businesses that operate in multiple states. But large banks approve the lowest number of applications and have a lower level of customer satisfaction than smaller counterparts, according to the Federal Reserve’s 2021 Small Business Credit Survey .

Regional banks

Regional banks typically offer services that are a little more tailored to the industries in the states that they serve. They also typically have multiple branches and offer a wide range of online services and tools. These are generally a good option for businesses owners that want a personal touch but also would like to manage their accounts virtually.

Community banks

Community banks specialize in financing the local businesses in their areas. Loan officers are often experts in the local market as well as popular industries in their area. They often have a high level of customer satisfaction and approve a larger portion of applications, according to the SBCS.


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Small Business Bank Loan Faqs

To get a business loan from a bank, its important to first understand the requirements of the bank and determine whether you meet those requirements. If requirements are met, you will need to follow the banks application process, which may be completed online or may require you to visit your local branch.

The lowest interest rates for small business loans vary by financial product. While the top banks in the nation offer competitive rates, its possible you may find lower rates at your local small bank or credit union, so make sure to shop around.

Most banks and credit unions offer business loans, although the types of products offered may vary. Make sure to compare your options to find the best products, rates, and terms for your business.

The best place to get a small business loan is a bank or financial institution that offers multiple products, low rates and fees, long terms, easy application processes, and good customer service and support. Start your search with your own bank, and make sure to compare your options to find the best fit.

When seeking a loan from a bank, the cost will vary depending on the type of loan product you apply for and the risk profile of your business . Thats why its impossible to say which bank offers the cheapest business loan, though you should definitely shop around to find the best rate.

What Types Of Business Loans Do Banks Offer

Bank of America Gets Approval for $24.9 Billion in Small

The exact loan options will depend on the bank, but many offer a combination of these:

  • Term loans. Most banks offer simple term loans to improve cash flow or cover a large expense. Terms are typically three to five years, and interest rates may be fixed or variable.
  • SBA loans. Banks may work with the Small Business Administration to offer loans backed by the federal government. This allows them to keep interest rates low and accept businesses that might otherwise not qualify for funding.
  • Lines of credit. Business lines of credit allow you tap into cash as needed for ongoing expenses or as an emergency fund. Your business only repays what it borrows and some banks may allow your business to increase its credit limit over time.
  • Equipment financing. Banks commonly offer loans to buy equipment with amounts and terms based on your purchase. Usually you can get up to 110% to 120% of equipment’s value with a term based on how long it’s expected to be useful to your business.
  • Real estate financing. Banks may offer commercial real estate financing as term loans or lines of credit, and youll find options with either fixed or adjustable rates.

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Recap: Best Small Business Bank Loans

  • SmartBiz: Best for comparing bank loans
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    Stock Up On New Products

    Retailers have limited inventory and continue restocking products to keep customers happy. If a potential customer does not find what they are looking for in your store, that prospect may never revisit your store. Prospects can see you as an unreliable retailer if you have inventory issues. Stocking up on new products allows you to keep up with consumer demand and reduces the likelihood of unhappy customers.

    Not every business has enough funds to stock up on new products adequately. However, these companies know that these same products can provide high-profit margins. A business line of credit gives you the money to buy additional products. You can repay the line of credit after profiting from the sales.

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    Wells Fargo Business Loans

    If you are a small business seeking a Small Business Administration 7 loan, Wells Fargo is the first bank youll want to look at. When compared to other banks, Wells Fargo is the largest lender of SBA loans. Additionally, Wells Fargo makes applying for an SBA loan a simple process.

    Wells Fargo offers two different types of small business loans: Wells Fargo unsecured business loans and equipment express loans. Assuming you meet the SBA requirements, you can apply for loans with Wells Fargo using the SBA program.

    Here is a quick summary of Wells Fargo business loans:

    • Wells Fargo Small Business Loan
    • Lowest rate: 6.25%
    • Loans sizes up to: $100,000
    • Equipment Express Loan
    • Loans sizes up to: $100,00

    To apply for a Wells Fargo business loan, you will need to provide the following:

    • Tax ID number
    • Financial statements
    • Government-issued identification and proof of income
    • Personal and business bank statements

    You may be asked for further information if you have a startup or newer business, such as your cash flow projections, your business plan, and maybe even a lease agreement.

    How Much Can I Get For A Startup Business Loan

    Small businesses say banks standing in the way of emergency loans

    Startup business loans typically range from $1,000 to $250,000. However, the loan amount you receive depends on your and the business creditworthiness. Most lenders require businesses to have been in operation for at least six months to two years and meet minimum annual revenue requirements. Be sure to check with your desired lender to ensure your startup is eligible.

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    Business Lines Of Credit

    A business line of credit is traditionally a preferred financing option for many small businesses. Rather than getting a lump sum, you can access the credit line as you need it, repay what youve borrowed, and access it again. Whats more, you only pay interest on the part of the credit line you use.

    A business line of credit may be a good way to augment occasional cash flow challenges. It has the flexibility of a credit card that you can borrow against whenever you need it. Just stay below your established credit limit, make on-time monthly payments, and watch your personal and business credit scores soar!

    Youll pay anywhere from 7 to 36% for this type of financing. Just like credit cards, it will depend on your business credit profile, personal credit score, and how big the credit line is.

    Our Top 5 Banks For Small Business Loans

  • Wells Fargo is best for businesses needing an SBA 7 loan because they approve more SBA loans than other banks.
  • Chase Bank is best for business term loans and business credit cards because they offer the best rates overall.
  • US Bank is best for lines of credit because they offer flexibility and great rates.
  • Bank of America is best for businesses with good credit because they have no set limits on how much you can borrow and rates are low.
  • Live Oak Bank is the best online bank because they offer multiple guaranteed loans and make accessing capital easy.
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    Failure To Shop Around

    Finding a lender can feel so daunting that it might be tempting to sign up with the first one that comes along. But blindly pursuing one loan provider without exploring your other options is a mistake. Take the time to research a variety of traditional and alternative lenders to find the best fit for your business.

    Financial institutions in the community where you plan to do business are an ideal place to start looking for a business loan, according to Logan Allec, a CPA and founder of the personal finance site Money Done Right. Start with a community bank or credit union that is more invested locally, as they may have certain programs to be able to work with new local businesses.

    The SBA also provides federal backing for some businesses to receive loans through partner financial institutions. This can be an excellent avenue to explore if you are having trouble finding a traditional lender for your business, Allec said.

    Other alternatives to traditional lenders are online lending platforms, peer-to-peer lending sites, and your own network of friends and relatives. If you pursue this last option, Allec suggests working up an official, notarized agreement to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts down the road between all the involved parties.

    When shopping around, you can also request that each lender help you calculate the annual percentage rate of their loan offer.

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